It’s a beautiful full moon tonight.
I go out on the balcony and look at it while drinking barley tea.

I like to catch the night breeze while looking at the moon like this.

The surroundings are quiet and peaceful.
In a relaxed atmosphere, I reflect on today’s events and think about what I will do tomorrow.

After a while, I stretch my arm out with a gulp.

“Shall I go inside now?”

I entered the house and suddenly shifted my gaze to the TV that I had left on.

What’s on TV right now?


The cup that fell to the floor made a high-pitched noise and broke.

“Lies. ……”

A press conference being broadcast live on TV. I was astonished to see the words that appeared on the ticker.

[The prime minister intends to enact a law that allows marriage between blood-bonded Siblings]

The broadcast always switches to something that looks like a press conference.

“Sibling-to-sibling …… marriage ……”

So, those sisters are Towa’s and ……


I hug my trembling body and stare at the floor.

“It’s okay, it’s okay …… I still have the privilege of fiancee……”  

Telling myself that it is none of my business, I grit my teeth and rub my shoulders until my jaw aches.

I won’t forgive them if they are that cold to Towa and now that they are able to get married, they try to get along with each other.

The emotion that came right in the middle of it was anger.
No wonder. They did terrible things to Towa.

There are other reasons for this seething anger.

–If I don’t do something, they’ll take Towa away from me.

There was also impatience.
It was my own fault for letting my guard down. It was obvious that the sisters had feelings for Towa that went beyond siblings. But they could never get married, and they rather gave up on their own.

Yes, even though I was winning. ……

It was a big miscalculation to allow for a siblings marriage.
Absolutes don’t win out all of a sudden.
Those sisters are the most troublesome. They have the longest contact time with Towa, and if they wanted to, they could attack him forcibly.

So why don’t I just move on with the relationship?

However, considering what Towa is going through right now, he must be confused about the siblings marriage. I can’t even bring myself to ask him to go out with me at a time like that.

Love. I love you. I want to go out with you. I want to be a lover.
But I still want to enjoy the relationship with my childhood friend.

It was my decision to do so, but anxiety and fear attacked me.
Will the sisters take Towa away from me? Is Towa safe now?

Impatience and worry mingle.

After all, what I think about Towa is usually a mixture of two emotions.


Thinking about it only makes me more anxious.
I look back every time to see if I did the right thing.

To calm down a bit, I go out on the balcony again to catch the night breeze.

In contrast to my blurred and cloudy emotions, the full moon shone beautifully without a single cloud.
Without thinking, I reach for the moon.
It’s so close that I can grab it, but I can never grab it.
Even the siblings marriage was that kind of distance. ……

“I can’t stop thinking about those people. Let’s think about myself.”

What should I do now? ……. 

— let’s make him more dependent on me.

If I, the one who understands, appear dashingly, he will surely depend on me. Even if he doesn’t, I will make him depend on me.

This would not be a burden on him since it is a decision that Towa has chosen for himself, and the sisters would be willing to give up.

But I don’t know what the sisters will try to do to him. Because they definitely see me as an enemy.

Hmmm, I wonder if I have a better idea. ……

–destroying the sisters.

I’m not going crazy.
It was rather a result of calm thinking, and something I had planned all along in a corner of my head. If I did that, I risked being considered suspicious and disliked, but if I didn’t change little by little, I would be completed as ‘just a kind childhood friend.’

I’ll take my time to figure out which way to go. If I do, I win.

This isn’t a trick question. It’s a wait-and-see.

Now let me play rock-paper-scissors


I look up at the full moon again, just a little refreshed.
The moonlight faintly illuminates my face.

What do I look like now? I wonder if I am smiling.

“I’ll be there for you more than anything.”

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