“–Amachi kun, read the next paragraph.”

The teacher asked me to get up from my seat.
I then read aloud the assigned paragraphs.

“Thank you, that was good.”

The female teacher smiled at me.
I bowed my eyes and sat down once again in my seat.

I’m in the middle of a modern literature class.
Usually, Take and the rest of the classmates (especially the boys) are asleep on their desks. Especially after PE, they would have used up all their energy and fallen asleep. But today was different.

“I’m sure you’re all doing a great job of listening to the class today. I assume this is also because we have a test the week after next.”

The teacher is right.
After the test the week after next, we will be on summer vacation. However, if we get a red mark on the test, we will have to make up the test, which will reduce our precious vacation time. This is a blow to students who are in sports clubs or have part-time jobs, or even to all students. No one would want to bother studying at school during summer vacation.

Besides, this year we are 2nd year high school student.
We have to take a little bit of time to think about the examinations that are coming up in the next year or so.

“Everyone knows what the red marks are, don’t you?”
“Yes, sensei~! 30 points!”
“You are correct, Aoba kun. Keep up the good work, and let’s get it right on the test, too.”

Classmates giggle as the red score holder, Takeshi, is told so.

…… test, I should do my best too.

–Lunch break.

I was eating my bento with Take, who was sitting at a desk with me. Runa and Yoshida seemed to be in the cafeteria.

“Well, I guess the test is coming up soon.”

Suddenly remembering the test, I mutter.
Our school has a two-semester system, so we have four tests in the first and second semesters, one test less than other schools.

Take reacted to my mutterings in an easy-to-understand manner.

“…… Hey, Towa. After school at Mogdonald’s–“
“The make-up period is two weeks starting this year, right? And if you got a red mark on your last test, it’s an extra week. ……”

I interrupt Take’s words and confront him with reality.

“W-What is it, Amachi kun?”
“What did you get in your last test?”
“You ask with such a big smile on your face! ummm. …… blablabla.”
“Please clarify.”

Let’s see, the number of graders is 260. Take is ranked 245th. It is much faster to count from the bottom.

“W-What about you, Towa?!!”

Oh well, you were in a hurry to swing this way.
That’s naive, Take. Asking for the ranking first means I am smarter than you.

I put my hands on par in front of Take

“Ah? 100th ……?”
“Then the 1,000th?”
“There are 260 people in the grade. Where did the other 740 come from?”
“Correct. By the way, you know that Runa is in first place.”
“Yeah, I know that. That’s great. I mean, I’m surprised Towa got such good grades! How are you so smart?”
“Well, that’s ……”

I-It’s not that I wanted to be popular, or that I wanted to be ranked, or that I could always win, or that I was ever jealous or anything……

“…..B-Because I wanted someone to admire me.”

It goes full circle
I’m sure you’ve had a few experiences in your life where your friends and parents praised you when you got a good rank. That made me happy. Such a childish reason.


I don’t know what he thought, but he put his hand on my head

“Great, great”

He praised me. Gentle, yet hearty stroking, as if he were soothing a child.

“Hey! What are you stroking!?”
“No, it’s just such a cute reason, I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t resist!!”

I brushed his hand off and was utterly …… disgusted ……. I was kind of happy though. I’m definitely not running for BL, though.

“Hey Towa, let’s study for the test together.”
“I’ve got to be realistic for that. Of course I’ll do it.”

Take is happy to hear my reply. Avoiding red marks depends on his own motivation, though.

Aside from that, the problem is where to hold the study session.
School libraries are good for self-study, but you have to refrain from conversation, which is not good if you want to teach all the time. The same conditions apply to town libraries, family restaurants, cafes, and ……, but these places are noisy and it is difficult to concentrate on studying.

“What about the place?”

When I said this, Take looked a little thoughtful before saying.

“Located at …… Towa’s House!”

There’s nothing interesting about coming to my house, though. ……

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