Episode 1 – I have normal friends even though I’m like this



I, Amachi Towa, an ordinary male student at a private school, have an older sister and a younger sister.

Arika, the older sister, has long, lustrous silver and slitted light blue eyes. She is popular for her cool beauty appearance with a dignified voice and attitude. She is the president of the student council at the school and is the object of admiration throughout the school.

The younger sister Sumika has silky hair braided into a pale yellow bob. She is petite and cute at 145 centimeters tall, but her large b***s are out of proportion to her slender body. In a word, she has big loli tts. She is very hands-on with everyone, regardless of gender, and many boys misunderstand her and keep confessing their feelings for her.
The person in question is not interested, so I shake it all off, and she is a picture-perfect little devilishly beautiful girl.

Beautiful girl, good grades, popular.
These are words that immediately come to mind when I look at the two of them. I, on the other hand, am not specialized in anything, nor do I have any talents or special skills.
There are probably more than a few people who think in their hearts that I am the fall guy of the Amachi family.

But I no longer care what others think of me.

As long as I have a kind childhood friend and a trustworthy friend, I can do my best every day.

June is just around the corner. The rainy season has passed and temperatures are gradually rising. In another week, it will be as hot as midsummer.

Unable to stand the hot and humid weather, I rolled up my long sleeves, opened two buttons on my shirt, flapped it back and forth, and looked up, sending a breeze through my body.

“It’s so hot… I can’t wait to get into summer clothes. ……”
“I know~. Runa chan is going to melt~.”

Next to me, as usual, was my childhood friend Naruse Runa, whose name I could read from either side, looking hot and flapping her hands up in the air.

“Runa, I can almost see your bra”
“Hee~I was surprised to hear that even Towa kun, who doesn’t seem to be interested in girls, is interested in bras.”
“I’m trying to warn you so that you won’t be mistaken for a pervert walking around flaunting your bra. You should be grateful.”
“You are so rude to call me a slut. Hmmm…you would say such a thing to a childhood friend who knows so much about things. If that’s the case, maybe I should tell aunt where you hide your erotic books…”
“Hmph, I will not yield to your threat, Runa. Erotic books are electronic, so it can’t ne found–“

I suddenly realize it here.
My mouth loosened involuntarily.

Runa, next to me, is grinning as if I had just fallen for a trap.

“Hmm, even though you call me a slut, Towa kun is the one who strictly hides erotic books so that they won’t be found. Ah, I didn’t know you were such a childhood friend.”
“Ugh, Kill me! I have no more regrets!”
“Well, well, well. A healthy boy has a pornographic book or two, and I won’t withdraw them.”
“As expected of a childhood friend. Also, don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Okay. As a reward for my silence, you’ re going to buy me a chocolate pie at Maldonald’s.”
“Phew, that’s a small price to pay.”

I enter the classroom with a trivial conversation and exchange appropriate greetings with my classmates. 

“Good morning, Runa! And that childhood friend!”

It was Yoshida Sachi who hugged Runa vigorously and treated me like a pickled sub. Also known as “Sachi.”

She has a loose, short bob of brown hair and red eyes. Her height and limbs are smaller than Runa’s, and her face is still very young. Although she is smaller in height and chest, she is often adored as an energetic younger sister.

If she talks, she’s an old man. Quite an old man.

“Ahhh, this fluffy ttty cushion is unbearable today! Ghee……” “I don’t think you should be rubbing girls’ b**s so early in the morning, Sachi.” “Because, because. I can never get the same feeling out of my poor tts. Of course I would touch them!”
“You talk about it like there’s a mountain there to climb.”
“Stop acting like a perverted father and get away from me.”
“I don’t like it~! If you have that much, give me some of it.”
“What? Oh, God! If you touch me in a strange way, I’ll make a strange sound.”
“Oh, oh ……, Naruse san is really big!”
“Ah, this is Everest level.”

Yoshida squeezes Runa’s b***s. Every time Runa’s big tts sink and change shape, the boys’ gazes heat up.

Me? I’m – of course I’m eyeing the gun.

“Oh, stop it!~”
“Here I come!”

The one who opened the classroom door with a bang and appeared with a smug look on his face, along with Runa’s voice, was Takeshi Aoba, a representative of the idiots with short hair. He is also known as “Take.”

He is the class chairman. How does he keep the class from falling apart?

Take’s voice stopped Yoshida’s hands from rubbing her b****s.

even though It was a nice place to visit….

I was not the only one who thought so, and the boys who had gathered there returned to their original positions one after another. The girls saw this and pulled back slightly.

“Good morning, Towa and Naruse. And …… ueee~iii Sachi!!”
“Ueeei Take!”

When Yoshida and Take, the top two rowdiest students in the class, are involved, the class atmosphere becomes more cheerful, though noisier.

After all, we need this kind of enlivening role.

“Hey Towa. You were staring at my chest just now, weren’t you? ……”
“Well? What are you talking about?”
“……I’ll forgive you if you give me your honest opinion.”
“I loved the way your big t*ts changed shape every time she rubbed them.”
“Ouchhhh, Ouchhh!!!”

She pulls at my cheeks silently.
Why do I get a peck on the cheek for expressing my opinion?

“It hurts, Runa.”
“Towa, I’m the one asking for help, and you’re the one gracefully admiring my b****s. …… I won’t allow it. I’m adding a big surprise hamburger from Maldonald’s.”

What? hamburgers are ridiculously expensive, costing 1,000 yen each.

“you don’t have veto power. Okay?”

Well, think of it as paying 1,000 yen to appreciate b***s.

“Yes, there, why don’t you do a couple comedy act! Amachin! Runa is mine! We are in the middle of pledging our love to each other.”
“As friends.”
“Don’t say Amachin! No one is doing marital comedy. It’s against the law for girls to marry each other, remember?”
“Don’t be serious! me and Runa are going beyond the legal barriers. Bek!”
“That’s not what I’m told. ……”

Have them fight the country.

“I’m not going to marry Sachi. We will remain friends forever.”
“Honey! Oh, no!”

So Runa is in the wife position.

“I feel sorry for Towa, too. She can’t marry such a pretty sister.”

You can’t marry a sibling.
It’s common sense that everyone knows.

“Even if I wasn’t family, I wouldn’t marry those sisters.”

For some reason, they don’t like me and they rub me the wrong way. …… The word “unfriendly” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I envy normal siblings relationships.

“Hmmm. Then I’ll marry you!”
“If you can do it, do it. But if we really get married, I’m going to be Take’s brother. I don’t like that……”
“Onii chan♪.. it’s your adorable little brother-in-law.”
“Oh, good, good. There’s some food scraps over there, so go eat them~”
“Woof!……, what the hell are you feeding me?”

Today, too, being a good comedy act

“Amachin, do you dislike your sisters? Or rather, are you avoiding them?”

I froze for a moment at his words, but then I replied, “Well? I wonder,” I reply delicately.
I can’t involve my friends in my situation. Runa is a childhood friend of mine and naturally she will know about it, but please don’t let these two people find out. ……

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