(The title was supposed to be “Older sister has a fever” but yeah I did that and changing url is a pain)

I arrived home and while my sister was taking a bath, I wiped the wet flooring with kitchen paper at random.
It’s a hassle to take care of this kind of thing on rainy days. If I don’t take care of it, the floor gets sticky or moldy, so I do it properly.

Then, hungry, I opened the refrigerator to cook something light.

“……It’s not enough”

I’m often in the kitchen, and I try to keep the fridge mostly stocked.
But right now there are only a few extras. The same goes for the bottom shelf.

The garbage bags were filled with lunch boxes, prepared foods, empty cup noodles, etc. bought at the supermarket. There were also an unusually large number of white bags. The contents were foodstuffs that had been cut or burnt. Perhaps they tried cooking once, but it didn’t go well, and they ended up relying on the bento boxes and prepared foods.

“I guess they’ve been eating a lot out of order while I was gone.”

I’ve been doing the cooking all this time, so I knew this would happen. ……

It’s a pain in the ass to walk 20 minutes to the supermarket to buy something in the heavy rain. ……

I have some sausage, green peppers, cabbage, and eggs that might be enough for one person, so I’ll make fried rice with them.

Then, as soon as possible, I put on an apron and make it.

I Crack an egg into a hot frying pan and throw in the thawed rice before it sets. Then add chopped ingredients and stir-fry.

The next thing I knew, it smelled good. All that was left was to serve and eat.

“Could I even make soup …… hmm?”

Suddenly, there is a clang from the front door, and fluttering footsteps approach.

Sumika is taking a bath, and my older sister has come home…


The sound of something falling to the floor. When I thought I heard such a noise, my footsteps stopped.

“…..No way!”

I rushed to the scene and sure enough, there was my older sister lying on the floor.

“…are you okay?”

When I called out to her, she slowly raised her face, which was covered with long silver hair.
The entire area is wet, but there is sweat on the forehead. It is hot to the touch.
Her face is stained red, her gaze is somewhat dazed, and she is breathing heavily.

…… This is fever

Upon seeing my face, my older sister lets out a surprised, “…… eh? Is it because I didn’t tell her I was coming home today?

Shaking my head in a panic that this is not the time, I ask again.

“…Are you okay?”
“Hnn….I’m fine. I just got a little dizzy. ……”

My older sister responded with a pained look on her face and slowly stood up, placing her left hand on the wall. But her position was soon shattered.

She must also have a headache, as she is holding her head with her right hand. It is a fever, after all.

“Come on, get on my back. I’ll take you to your room.”

I crouch down and offer my back.

“….It’s fine”
“Either way, it’s not nice to have you fall down here, so hurry up.”

I say strongly in anticipation of not pulling out.

My older sister replied in a small voice, put her hands on my shoulders and let herself go. I stood up with a piggyback.

“O-Onee chan!”

Then my younger sister at the right time. She seemed to rush over here before she had time to dry her hair.

“Sumika, I’m going to take Arika nee to her room now, please ask her to change her clothes. I’ll prepare medicine and food.”

Thinking about it, I hadn’t called two names in a long time.
But that doesn’t matter now.


I arrive at my older sister’s room and put her on the bed.

My older sister is limp, both eyes are loosely pinched shut. She looks as if she is in pain. I had to take the medicine as soon as possible to get some relief.

“Please, take care of the rest.” 
“Yeah I’ll take care of it. ……!”

I went downstairs and prepared medicine, a fever sheet, and a towel to wipe the sweat from her body.

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