“…..Ah, I’m tired.”

Fourth period classes are over and it’s lunchtime.
As I was untying my slightly stiff shoulders, Kasumi arrived with a friend.

“Kazuki, let’s go to the cafeteria.”

Usually there is my mother’s lunch box, but it was not prepared today because she was busy. The same was true for Kasumi who came to stay with me.

“Are you sure you want me with you?”
“Yeah. I’d be happy if Mai was there. Considering all the attention I’m getting in the morning.”
“I’m like a wall?……Well, that’s okay. Is it ok with you too?”
“Of course. …… it would be helpful.”
“Ahaha. Roger ♪”

This girl who smiled at my words is named Asahina Mai. She is a little bit girly with her trademark light brown hair and twin-tail hair, but she is also quite a popular girl.

She is very friendly, and she was the one who waved to me earlier.

“Come on, let’s go.”

I got up and left the classroom as Kasumi hurried me out, followed by the two of them.
On the way to the cafeteria, Asahina san nodded happily as she looked alternately at me and Kasumi.

“I’ve never seen you two together before today, but …… what a good fit you two are.”
“Of course, we’ve known each other since childhood.”

[Right?] Kasumi looked at me with an unusually strong gaze, and I nodded.
Seeing me like that, Asahina san laughed even more.

“I’m really glad. Kasumi had been asking me for advice. She told me that she and her childhood friend, who used to be very close, have grown apart.”

I really feel tremendous guilt for Kasumi when I hear about it.
I’m sure Asahina san heard many stories, but that’s how much Kasumi wanted to go back to the way things used to be.

“…… really, I was just being an idiot.”

When I muttered this in a small voice, Kasumi mouthed that it was not true.

“don’t say that, We talked yesterday and we are back together. That’s the end of this conversation, me and Kazuki will never leave each other……. Right?”
“Well, isn’t it too much to say….. never leave?”
“We will never be separated……!”
“Oh …… this is the untold face of Kasumi!”

Let’s just get to the cafeteria quickly.
I was in front of them, and Kasumi lined up next to me to keep up with me. I know it’s a sight I don’t usually see around me, but having Kasumi next to me like this reminds me of the old days.

I’ve had some strange remarks made about me doing this.

[You guys are together all the time, are you married?!]
[I heard that Rindou loves the small Shirasagi!]
[I see shirasagi also loves Rindou!!]

It really was all a bunch of little brats back in the day.
That included me, but it wasn’t uncommon for me to get annoyed by it and fight about it. We arrived at the cafeteria reminiscing about the good old days.

“I’ll have Neapolitan. What about you two?”
“I’ll have the meat udon.”
“I’ll have the spaghetti”

We all have a thing for noodles.
We found an open seat for three and sat down with our prepared lunch.

“We usually sat next to each other.”

Kasumi and I sat next to each other and Asahina san sat across from us.
Then we had lunch and chit-chatted. I thought that Asahina san has a very caring personality.

“I’ve always seen you by Kasumi’s side, and you really cared.”
“Of course. Kasumi is my best friend.”

There was no lie in that beautiful smile.
Looks like Kasumi has made some good friends without my knowledge. I can’t help but think of it from a slightly protective perspective, but I’m deeply moved when I think of …… that Kasumi.

“That’s why Rindou kun”
“What is it?”

With a serious expression on her face, Asahina san continued her words.

“Don’t go away from Kasumi again, okay? I don’t want to see that Shirasagi again, and I don’t want her to spend her time worrying.”
“……….Aah. Of course”
“Yeah! That’s good!”

At least I will not compare myself to Kasumi and leave.
I thought at the time that it was not appropriate for someone like me to be by Kasumi’s side,…… and that the idea was definitely for Kasumi’s sake. But in reality, it wasn’t. I only made my childhood friend Kasumi sad with my selfish idea.

“Mai is right. Now that’s a contract, and you must never, ever, ever go against it.”
“I know. You can slap me if you do.”
“No. if it happens……No, just no.”
“…..I see. I get it.”

If that happens, I’m afraid of a lot of things.
Somehow, Mom seemed to be concerned about Kasumi from this morning’s exchange, and if I were to leave her again, that could be the lightning that strikes.

“But …… really, good for you, Kasumi.”
“Yes. Thank god.”

I slurp my udon with their exchange in the background.
The well-dressed lady made udon noodles, and they were really good. It was when I was slurping my noodles with such a relaxed mind.

“Kasumi is going to stay at Rindou kun’s house from now on right?”

How did she know? I was surprised, but I guessed that Kasumi might have told her best friend about it. I was so choked up that noodles almost popped out of my nose, but I managed to drink some water to calm myself down.

“Did Kasumi tell you that?”
“Yes, she seemed happy to talk about it. Of course, I’m the only one who knows about it, so don’t worry, okay? Everyone loves Kasumi, so I won’t tell anyone about it.”
“I just let it slip away.”

I don’t remember her being such a forward-thinking character, Kasumi

“…… well, I think the most important thing is to keep you in check.”

No I’m curious, hey …….
I took my gaze away from Asahina san, who was laughing, and began to sip my udon again. Then, Kasumi stared at me.

“What’s wrong?”
“Tomorrow I will make lunch for you. So I want you to eat it.”
“…… eh, really? But are you sure?”
“Yeah. I’ll make my own, so I’m fine. Besides, I want you to eat …….”

I appreciate and am glad she is making me lunch, but is it really a good idea? I feel like I might be burdening her in many ways.

“Don’t mind it. I’ll make it then.”
“O-Okay…..Thanks, Kasumi.”
“No, not at all.”

Thus, Kasumi decided to make me a lunch box.
……Yes, that’s right. I can’t have her do that much for me and me do nothing. I have to think of something to give back and to repay Kasumi.

“Kasumi’s been making her own lunches since high school, you know? Did you know that?”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah, It’s part of my training to be a bride, according to my mom.”
“…… I see, that explains why dinner tasted so good last night.”
“Was it that good?”
“It was really good. I think I said that yesterday.”
“Yes, …… but it’s nice to be told that over and over again.”
“…… this exchange makes me want a cup of coffee just watching it.”

I think I have witnessed many changes in Kasumi since yesterday.
I guess I’ve stopped thinking about this …… like I’m the only one who hasn’t changed and only Kasumi has changed a lot.

“Thank you, Kasumi.”
“…… yeah. Please pet me more.”

By the way, Asahina san was holding her chest at our exchange.
What’s wrong? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?

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