The night was getting late as we watched TV and chatted.
It’s time to get ready for bed.
Runa lives alone, so she will have an extra room. I will be allowed to use uncle’s room as well. Of course, I was going to sleep in the bed alone. ……

“Um, ……Runa san? Really, what’s wrong?”
“I’m going to sleep with you. We haven’t slept together since elementary school, right? Ehehe, it’s a little embarrassing. ……”

For some reason, Runa had crawled into bed with me.


The quilt and the thin but warm body heat of two people make it a little hotter.

After this conversation, there is a sudden silence between us.

Staring at the ceiling, I wait for sleepiness to come. However, no sleepiness comes.
The breathing sound of Runa, who sleeps next to me, is constant, and she may have already fallen asleep.
As I listen to the sound of her breathing, the heat gradually becomes unbearable, and I find myself squirming.

“After all, I can’t sleep with someone next to me?”

“I wonder about [people.] ……”

I think anyone would be embarrassed and awkward to sleep with a girl of their age, no matter how much they have known her since childhood.

“…… Hey, Runa. I’m a boy and you’re a girl.”
“Well yeah”
“So you can’t sleep with me so casually—”
“Towa, is it …… annoying for me to be next to you?”

I can’t say anything back to Runa’s sad tone of voice that interrupted my words. Moreover, it’s not fair to be beside her. ……

It was heartbreaking to see her anxious expression on her face in the unlit room.
For some reason, this defenseless attitude makes me nervous
It’s not that she’s my girlfriend, she’s my childhood friend, and it doesn’t matter how she acts or how careless she is, she has nothing to do with me.

“There is absolutely no such thing as a nuisance. Even though we’ve been friends since …… childhood, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this to someone you haven’t even been in a relationship with. I mean, don’t you like someone?”
“—I do”
“Then !”

I can’t help but think out loud.
Even though we are childhood friends, we are not together 24/7.
I don’t know everything.
She is just the most understanding person.
So I wouldn’t be surprised if Runa has found someone she likes without my knowledge.

“……Towa has always been insensitive.”

With a chuckle, the hug grows stronger.

“I’m letting you stay here, so you can at least indulge my cute little whims.”
“Ugh, It’s not fair to say that. ……”
“Nishihi, then it won’t be a problem if we sleep together…”
“Come on, stop sticking around!”

The feel of her very soft limbs and the sweet smell that tickled my nose. Runa, who buried her face in my chest, let out a happy sniff.

Runa has always been a sticky, clingy girl.

[Wait, Runa. It’s not safe for you to run and stick to me! What if I can’t support you?]
[Nishiishi, it’s all right! Because it’s Towa. I know Towa better than anyone else, so I’ll be fine!]
[That’s not a good reason.]
[No problem! Come on, come on, we’re going to play!]

And this is still the case today as a high school student. 

She is relatively easy to get along with, but from her side, I am probably treated as one of her many friends. Runa is friendly, and her skinship is intense. Sometimes, she even lightly jumps over the boundary line that should exist between men and women.

In fact, even now, because she is leaning her body against me, something soft is hitting me.

But Runa, who rested her body against me with ease, was more defenseless than when she was with anyone else.
I am happy that she trusts me that much.

I’ve heard that some boys try to keep it away from in situations like this, saying that it’s embarrassing if people gossip about him, but, well, this is also a childhood friend. This kind of thing has been tolerated for a long time.

“Hey, you thinking?
“Well, that’s about it. Remember the old days.”
“Hmmm, so what do you think?”
“Do I have a thought……? Well, you’ve always been a great help to me, haven’t you?”
“It’s questionable, so we’ll start over.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“Yeah, good! Good night then.”

Then Runa closed her eyes.
My situation remains being embraced.


…… I wonder if I’ll sleep okay.


(Runa POV)

[When we grow up, we’ll get married!]

Promises marriage with siblings
Surprisingly, it seems, there are people who said such words when they were in kindergarten or second grade.

It’s a sweet, tender memory from childhood.

The adults around smiled and watched, some of them making fun of him, saying, “You have to ask your father’s permission for that kind of thing.”

But such things are toddler’s nonsense.
Usually, as they grow up, they only look back and say, “That happened to me,” and it becomes an embarrassing old story told by their parents.

And so did they–

“When I grow up, I’m going to be oni chan’s wife!“

The four of us were good friends and played together at Towa’s house.

Then came Sumika’s innocent comment.

“No, Sumika. I’ll marry Towa myself.”
“Eeeh, If onee chan gets married, Sumi can’t get married!”

Towa lowers his eyebrows in annoyance as the sisters argue.

“Then how about you’re both wives?”

He suggested that.

“Yay! onii chan’s wife!”
“I’m your wife too!”
“Wait, Don’t all hug me at once!”

Unable to support themselves, they all fall to the floor.

The siblings are as friendly as ever.
There was one person who was mixed in with such a close-knit group of siblings

[I’m going to marry Towa too!]

———–yes, it’s me

The sound of the alarm jolted me back from my dream world.

“It’s morning already,……, and it’s a school day when you wish you could sleep in a little longer.”

Fuaaaah, I bite out a sigh of relief and press the alarm switch to stop the alarm.

“Towa. hey, Towa.”

Birds chirping and dazzling sunlight streaming in from outside the window.
Today is another weekday and school. So it’s time for Towa to wake up, but he doesn’t wake up …….

He sleeps smoothly and regularly, with a beautiful face.

“I thought he’d be a little more aware, but he fell asleep right away. ……”

I wanted to watch his sleeping face forever, but I was annoyed, so I pecked him on the cheek.


Soft and pliable feeling.
Regardless of the boy’s skin, it has a delicate texture.

I chuckled and put my face to Towa’s ear.

“Towa, I love you.”

Are you having a good dream?
Towa smiles a careless smile.

“I can’t let another girl see his face like this.”

What a thought for me, a childhood friend.

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