We stare at each other’s faces in silence.
The noisiest part is the rain that falls in torrents.


Still silent.
Unable to bear the awkwardness of the silence, I opened my mouth.

“…… where have you been?”
“Karaoke with friends.”
“What about Dinner?”
“No need”

That was the only conversation we had.
Moreover, she played with her fingers in her hair while she was talking and didn’t even look at me.

It becomes quiet again.

…… Why did I bother coming?

I Exhale deeply.

A moment later, my vision was enveloped in a flash of light.


A short scream. My little sister covers both ears and squeezes her eyes shut.

[Oni chan~~!!]
[Yes, yes…You’re afraid of thunder]
[hn, Hyii! Another one….]
[You’ll be fine because your big brother’s here!]

Speaking of which ……

“……You’ve always hated lightning.”

I was thinking it in my mind, but apparently I was saying it out loud.

But we don’t speak to each other.

The sound of sniffling mingles with the sound of rain.
My sister’s gaze wanders as she wriggles her hands, which are a size smaller than mine, together as if they are chilly.

I guess her body must have cooled down from being here for so long.

“…… if it’s cold, do you want to go someplace to warm up?”
“I won’t go”
“…..I see”

The conversation breaks off again.

I guess we siblings are done after all. ……

Once you step out of the swamp, it’s a bottomless pit. But it is possible to get out of the swamp.

“……I’m leaving because it’s getting cold.”

And I turn my umbrella a little toward my sister.

“…… not going home?”
“It’s not that….”
“Will you reject me again like you did that time?”

My sister’s mouth was tied shut.
Silent again. But unlike before, her mouth moved quickly.

“…I’m going in”

I don’t want her to catch a cold. That’s why we go home together.

“Come on… put it over here.”
“Whose umbrella do you think it is?”
“I can’t even ask such a simple favor. …… stingy.”
“a fussy little sister, as always.”
“Even you”

We haven’t argued in a long time.
Normally I would be annoyed, but I feel nostalgic.

We had no choice but to walk side by side.
I wondered how long it had been since I had returned home in this fashion.

It taught me that the shoulders that touch each other are not what they used to be, but reality.

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