“Good morning, Towa.”

On my way to school. Runa was leaning against the wall as if she was waiting for me. She was there as usual.

“G-Good morning….”

Yesterday’s events came to mind and my voice rose. Seeing this, Runa laughed.

“Mouu, Towa, you can’t tell me not to worry about what happened yesterday–you can’t tell me. I care about it too. Well, I hope you always remember at least my confession.”
“Haha, well, I’m glad you’re taking your time and thinking about it. I’m used to waiting.”

I felt the weight of her words.
How long has she had a crush on me? Since childhood? More importantly…

Don’t keep on complaining. Don’t keep asking Runa to help you, don’t take advantage of her. Change yourself.

“…… I will give you a proper answer. I will also look at Runa not as a childhood friend, but as the opposite gender because ……”

As I was about to continue my words, I felt Runa’s index finger pitter-patter on my lips.

“Yeah, I’m glad to hear you say that. Now, let’s go cheerfully as usual.”

Runa smiled at me with a big smile.
I turned my head forward and started walking next to Runa.

Under the scorching sun that made my skin glow, I was working out. Not in an obscene way, but for physical education. It was outside today.

I do not like exercise itself, but I hear that I am quite physically fit as a matter of fact. Take said that.

It’s true that I haven’t done anything barbaric like fighting for a long time, but I haven’t lost in a long time, and I’ve always done pretty well in physical measurements.

What I’m doing now is playing soccer. It has already been 10 minutes since it started.

I’m in the middle of kicking the ball and dribbling the opponent.

“S-Somebody stop Amachi!”
“Hey, don’t get dragged out!”

Normally, I would have done it normally, but today, I felt like I had to move my body with all my might.

“Ah, he pulled it out!”
“Damn it. I didn’t hear you were this good!”

That and the frustrating lines are pleasant.

“Amachi! Pass pass pass!”

A teammate waves and tells me to pass.
Three guys behind me and two in front of me were trying to crush me, so I made the pass.

This was the end of my turn.
Take came running next to me and started talking to me.

“Towa can do anything, even though he doesn’t participate in club activities.”
“Ah …… well, I did play a little volleyball in elementary school”
“It’s got nothing to do with soccer.”

(Runa POV)

Next door, boys are also playing soccer.
They wear identical bibs as the girls, and the two teams, red and blue, are tangling and kicking the ball.

As expected of the boys. Unlike the women’s game, the expressions on their faces were extraordinary. The way they fought for the ball and the way they clashed with each other were so passionate that it was more like a tournament than a class gymnastic event.

They tangle, fall down, stand up in a standoff, and look as if they are about to grab each other. I guess many boys are very aggressive when it comes to physical education.

When I took a break, the ball was turned to Towa.

“Tss ! So fast!?”

He pulls one out with a brilliant dribble.
The boys immediately look back to get him back, but Towa has run far away.

“Towa, I knew he had been slacking off.”

Towa is athletic by nature.
One by one as part of his preparatory exercises, he was lifting a ball when he was handling it, and the soccer ball bounced off his shoulders and toes like a living thing.

“Ugh! I didn’t know Amachi was that athletic!”
“Somebody stop him!”

He seems to anticipate this and makes a pass.
The surface of the ball hits the shell of his foot, and when he swings it away, the ball flies in line with its trajectory.

“Nice pass Towa! I’ll take care of the rest!”

The ball moves to Aoba kun in a parabolic pattern. It is a wonderful loop pass.
Aoba kun receives the ball and with a lively sound of kicking, he shakes the goal net.

“I didn’t know Amachi kun could move like that.”
“That’s surprising. He’s kind of cool.”

The girls are amazed at how much Towa has changed. They are all fascinated by his appearance.

The sight of it – I was a bit jealous.

Until now, I was the only one who knew what he looked like. ……

“Haaaa haaaa…… hot.”

Towa wipes sweat from his gym uniform.
The moderately muscled body can be seen through the gap. The back view is also cool.

I love everything……. –everything about him is fascinating.

Then, just as I was getting my second of many assists, I was replaced.

I walked slowly to the shade of a tree at the edge of the field. Then I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder from behind.

“Eh, What is—Mu!”

When I turned around, I found a finger propped up just there, and it poked me in the cheek.

“Ah, I fell for it.”

Runa was there.

“Why are you here …… across your ground?”

Not strange, though, since the boys and girls use separate and adjacent grounds. However, coming out this way could be a warning to the teacher.

“No problem, no problem. Take sensei can’t see.”

It will certainly be a blind spot from here.
I’m on break and the rest of my teammates are there to watch the women’s game.

“So be quiet and let me poo-poo your cheeks. Ei ei!”

Runa is enthusiastic about poking me on the cheek. What is so interesting about poking my cheeks?

“I’m going to have some barley tea, so please stop.”
“Ehh, so boring!”

But she stopped

I drink barley tea with a gulp.
After running around in the blazing sun, the cold barley tea helps my sweat to subside. A refreshing breeze cools me down.

“Oh, I want one too.”
“Didn’t you bring it?”
“I gave it to Sachi and it’s gone.”
“She’s inconsiderate. ……”

I handed the water bottle to Runa. I thought she was going to drink it by mouth, but she didn’t care, just put her mouth on it and started to drink.

……Well, that’s about it.

“Hnnn Puaah….Thanks, it was delicious”
“Well That’s great.”
“Well, I’m tired, so I’m going to lean for a minute.”

She then wrapped her own arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. This position is very bad for my mental health because Runa’s b***s are pressed against my chest. ……


I am a boy, too, after all. I was so embarrassed that I involuntarily stiffened my body.
She looked at me with mischievous eyes.

“Are you getting shy? It’s so cute.”
“S-Shut up …… and, you’re in the wrong position!”
“It’s fine. Think of it as light skinship. I used to do it all the time.”

She smiles and presses her big t*ts against me as if to show them off.

“It’s not like in the past. It’s …… your body …..”
“I’m glad to hear that. You’re aware of me as a girl, in a way.”
“It’s obvious.”
“Hmmmm I don’t think you were that shy when we slept together when we cuddled like this.“
“I didn’t have time for that at the time, and ……”

Then the chime rang.
Frankly, it was a relief.

“Hey, you guys! Clean up your mess and get dressed and go back to class!”

“Uwaa, Take sensei!”
“Oh bad”
“I’m coming back, I’m coming back!”

With a single word from a middle-aged man who will turn 46 this year, the boys, who had been admiring the women’s game, rushed to their feet.

We hurriedly got up and ran after them.

“Towa. Let’s go home together after school.”
“Eh, Ah, it’s fine though…”

It’s only the second period and you promised to leave already. Are you in such a mood to go home today?

“I made a prior commitment! you promise!”
“Okay, okay.”

(TL/N : Take Sensei is not Take)

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