Episode 22 – Why she entrusted the job



Fifteen minutes to the end of lunch break. I was doing paperwork in the student council office.

In front of me is the long, shiny, silver student council president with glasses. Yes, it is my sister.

“Do you have the budget application forms that came up from the various departments?”
“Yes, this way.”
She looked over the documents I handed her and nodded her head.

“You’ve put it all together in a way that is easy to understand. Thank you.”
“I didn’t do much.”
“Oh, don’t be so modest. Can I ask you to …… again?”

Arika takes a sigh of relief at my reply.
The next moment, she turns serious and starts working aggressively.

Why am I being called out for not belonging to the student council? That’s not …… clear.

However, I do organize the materials that are used for the meetings to determine the budget for each activity in the student council office after school so that they can be brought out smoothly.

It is the job of the student council to review and approve the budget based on the applications submitted by each activity. Although it is not a must to belong to a club, there are still more than 40 club activities.
Today seems to be its third meeting.

I would like to take a breather, but it is hard to take a break when I see Arika…… keeping quiet.

I mean, why does she call me ……?

“Towa, did you trip over something?”
“Eh, Ah…”

Apparently, she had a naturally difficult look on her face.

I decided to face it. Let’s be honest about it.

“Why are you making me help you with your work?”

Arika looked down awkwardly. However, she soon opened her mouth.

“I work more efficiently when I’m with Towa,…… and I wanted to be with him.”
“Does that have anything to do with the fact that you like me?””

Arika nodded her head.

“I knew Towa didn’t like me. I made it that way. But I also didn’t want to stay far away from you…….”

Mixed feelings because she fell in love with a sibling. Hence the indecision to keep me away or bring me closer?

……Aaah, mouu! That’s so complicated! 

“…… you don’t like it?”
“No, It’s better than being forced into something you don’t like.”
“……, yeah.”
“But I can’t help you all the time.”
“O-Of course! If Towa’s schedule doesn’t work out, you can always say no!”

After completing the whole process, I went back to my classroom.

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