The chime for the end of sixth period rings, and it’s the last homeroom time

Today I was tired from putting too much pressure on my shoulders in a strange way. The chilly, air-conditioned space makes me sleepy.

“Okay, we’re going to start homeroom. But first, I’m going to give you back your last test.”

It is Shimamon, a math teacher and homeroom teacher in his mid-forties, who forces such a slight slumbering consciousness back to reality.

By tests, it is not the regular tests. it’s about the quizzes that are given at the beginning of every class.

“Ehh-, there were 20 questions. The average was 15, so-so. Only one person got a perfect score. I don’t have to tell you, it’s …… Naruse.”

Everyone applauded.
When I looked at Runa, she looked embarrassed and said, “You don’t have to announce that every time~”

Then after handing out the answer sheets, and after a little chatting, homeroom was over.

“Okay, well, let’s stop somewhere–“
“Sorry. Can Towa and I be alone today?”

Runa interrupted Take

“………What, wait, what do you mean!? Does that mean the relationship is progressing?
“No, I don’t know. But that statement by Naruse is ……”

They look at each other and whisper. I can’t hear them.

What are you doing ……?

“Well We promised to go home together, right?~”
“Y-Yes, that’s right, Sachi! I’m going home anyway! Naruse, Towa, see you later!”

He looked flustered and slunk away.

“What’s up with those two?”

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that Runa said she liked me.

“What are you going to do when you get home today?”
“Maybe cook dinner and play video games.”
“Before the test?”
“It’s the next year before the test. It’s like the end of the game.”

We headed for the shoeboxes, chatting lightly.

“Then I’ll confiscate the game when it’s over~”
“Please. And Take’s please”

I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Sumika.

“Ah, Sumika chan, are you also ……?”
“S-Sumika was thinking of going home with onii chan, too.”

She puffed out her mouth and looked up at me.
Her friends who are always there are…..watching from somewhere far away.

“Hee, let’s ask Towa which one of us he wants to go home with. Of course, it’s me.”
“O-Onii chan…”

Two people stare at me.
I’m kind of getting a lot of attention from the students around me, and I can’t help but decide quickly …….


I promised her that during PE.

“Well, I guess I deserved it~”
“Gunnu…… Ah, Sumi will be going home with you tomorrow!”
“Yes yes, then we will go. See you later, Sumika chan”

“Unlike yesterday, you were very casual with her.”
“I thought it would be easier for Sumika chan to get involved with you if I started with you.”
“I see.”

Runa is so kind

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