“You’re always asking me to stay over because it’s awkward.”
“Well yeah”

I went home once to get a change of clothes and now I was visiting Runa’s house.

There are three of us living in that house, me and my sisters.
Dad is in a neighboring prefecture on a solo assignment starting this school year. Mom must have gone to make out with him – or perhaps to take care of him.

My parents are very close.
I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary, but they get along so well that it wouldn’t be strange to say that I had a younger brother or sister.

So why is it that only siblings are not getting along with each other?

“I haven’t seen Towa stay over like this since elementary school.”
“Didn’t I stay that many nights?”
“Yes, that’s right. After entering junior high school, you suddenly became distant, perhaps because you were in puberty. …… I’m glad we’re getting along so well now, though. I’m not sure if it’s too early, but do you want to take a bath first?”
“I see. I’m going”

Middle school. Just about the time my relationship with my sisters started to get complicated.

In junior high school, Runa and I were in different classes. If we passed each other in the hallway, we would at least have a little conversation, but I never went out of my way to get involved. To be honest, my relationship with my sisters became strained and I kept my distance from Runa.

“That was a long time ago. …… I miss it.”

With this in mind, I undressed in the changing room and washed my hair and body.

It’s kind of nerve-wracking when it’s someone’s house.

Then, as I sank my body into the bathtub, I could feel the fatigue dissolving from every knot in my body into the hot water.
Apparently, I was more tired than I thought I was.

“I knew I still love the bathtub.”
“Towa, how’s the hot water? Is there anything missing?”

I heard Runa’s voice coming from the changing room.

“Just right~”
“Okay, I’ll leave the bath towels here.”
“Ah, but if I had to say, maybe I’m missing some bath salts or something.”

I am the last one to take a bath, so I enjoy a different bath salts every night.

“Our bath salts are ……there, there! is Yuzu fine?”
“Yeah. I’m sorry for being so selfish. Did you want me to put in the bath salts in the first place?”
“I also thought it would be nice to have a different kind of hot water than usual, so I’m totally fine with that. If it’s that cute and selfish, you’re more than welcome.“

(Runa POV)


The sound of water running as the shower hits his body.
Now, Towa is on the other side of the wall.

On top of the washing machine provided in the changing room is a uniform that has been taken off. Among them, I pay attention to the shirts.

“The shirt Towa was wearing earlier……”

The moment I pick it up, the desire in me is uncontrollable.

“hmm hmm…… smells good……”

I Bring my nose close and smell it.
It smells like fabric softener.
I don’t have a fetish for smells, but I can smell Towa’s scent all the time.

“The shampoo is—”

With a rattling sound, the door to the changing room opens and Towa, with a towel wrapped around his lower body, comes face to face with me.

Time froze.
I had Towa’s shirt in my hand and no normal excuse for the situation. Still, when I managed to think about it.

“I’m glad you came to pick up my uniform. Thanks.”
“….Ah, yeah”

Good, you interpreted it in a good way.

“Ah, I was going to tell you that I had a problem during the shampooing.” 
“Aah, I’m sorry. I’ll get you a new one right away.”

I hand him a new container of shampoo from the shelf, hand it to him, and leave the changing room.

“Haaaa…… surprised me.”

If he had found out I was sniffing his shirt, he would have hated me.

But still…

Thinly split abdominal muscles.
Overall muscular and bony, with the body of a fine man.

It’s different from when he was a kid.
Towa is getting cooler and cooler.

22:00 at night.
Even though I had an early supper at a family restaurant, I was naturally hungry at this time of the day.

“Sorry, I had to borrow some stuff.”
“No, it’s totally fine~”

I rented a kitchen and made myself a bowl of spicy takana (spicy mustard) to fill my small stomach.

Takana, sesame oil, chili pepper, and garlic.
It’s got to be the best.

“I envy you for eating so much and not gaining weight.”
“Runa, too, right?”
“I’ve been gaining weight lately~”
“Bullshit, you don’t look any different. No, it’s your b****s that have gained weight. ……”
“How’s that kind of delicacy?”
“I’m sorry. I’ll make breakfast tomorrow.”
“Eh, it’s fine!”
“It’s because you’re letting me stay here.”
“Yeay! I’ve not had a home-cooked meal from Towa for a long time.”
“I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”
“Your lunch looks good and I have high hopes for you. Are you sure you’re only staying for the day?”

Just because it’s been a day doesn’t mean the awkwardness goes away. ……

“I might have to stay here for three days.”
“I don’t want it to be three days, just as long as you feel like it. Then we’ll have to share the chores.”
“I’ll make you dinner all three days.”
“I won’t allow that.”
“Uh, so one day shifts?”
“That’s all right. Ah, mouu, You’ve got a grain of rice in your mouth.”

She takes care of me as if she were my mother.

‘Thank you for the food.”
“here, tea.”

After I finished my bowl of spicy Takana rice, she offered me an after-meal cup of tea. The cold barley tea is delicious.

From there, we both went silent.
Perhaps it is because we are childhood friends, or maybe it is because we are mellow and don’t feel pain even if we don’t talk much.

Ah, I feel at home here …….

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