Episode 2 – Childhood friends are cute, right?



“Next time it’s PE, hyahhhh!”

The moment the class was over, Take, who stood up vigorously, shouted loudly to express his happiness.

“Shut up …… can’t you hold out a little longer ……”
“It’s P.E., Towa! It’s a reward time after winning a drowsy and tedious ancient literature class. …… It would be weird if it wasn’t adrenaline-pumping!”

He’s not exercising yet, but he’s on adrenaline.

“You were sleeping with your textbooks on the floor the whole time. And you’re saying that knowing the teacher is still in the classroom?”

Take hardens and slowly turns around.

The teacher doesn’t leave immediately after class. Some stay for a while after class is over to put away teaching materials, answer students’ questions, etc.

And, Take, foolishly and honestly exclaimed that he was sleepy and sluggish in front of a teacher ……

When I looked at the teacher standing at the teaching table, he was shaking slightly.

“I’m feel sorry about that teacher. I’m actually a tsundere who can’t be honest. …… The truth is, it’s the best class that doesn’t make me sleepy~”
“Aoba! Come to the staff room during lunch break!”

Why is it this way?

“I love you sensei! I love you! So forgive me!~”
“Come on, you. Follow me.”

Not even the slightest of Take’s heartbreaking excuses went through, and he was taken to the staff room.

The third period is ballet.
I’m leaning against the wall with Take, taking a break after my team’s game.

I heard that Take came back safely. According to what I heard, after school, he had an intensive one-on-one remedial class with a classical literature teacher. He didn’t mind, and was positive to the point of saying, “I’m lucky to have one more thing to do after school to pass the time.”

And now ……

“Hey, hey, Towa, Naruse’s bs are shaking……!” “I mean, she’s got such huge bs, she’s got to be shaking. Oh, they’re shaking so much.”

— again, b****s appreciation.

We both watched Runa, who jumped lightly and made sharp spikes with her t*ts.

“wow~, brilliant spike. I didn’t realize it was a three b***s, three shadows. …… I’d have missed it if it wasn’t for me.”
“It was hard to tell which one was the ball, but if it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.”

Then I laugh with Take.

What a silly time.

“Haaaa, I laughed and laughed. Well, joke’s over. …… Towa, from what I can tell, she’s a D. As a childhood friend, how do you see it?”
“Uh, ……D?. She said her bra has been tight lately, so I’m guessing she’s on the verge of an E.”
“Towa is more observant of such things than I thought he would be. And you were on board with the conversation we had earlier.”
“I’m just a healthy high school boy.”

I’m a healthy boy who hides his erotic books by the strongest means possible, which is properly electronic purchase, so that they can’t be found. My childhood friend found out immediately though.

As I looked at it, it occurred to me.

“I knew Runa was cute after all. ……”

Runa is cute, even if I take out my childhood friend’s favoritism.

She has a healthy body with no slenderness and two volleyball-sized twin hills that push up her gymnastics. They are bouncing and swaying with every movement.

The power of the game had the boys chasing the two balls on Runa’s body with their eyes instead of looking at the ball.

“Hey, boys! Don’t just stare at Naruse san’s bs, you perverted monkeys!” “That’s right! You guys are good enough to have two volleyballs in your own clothes!” “Don’t you dare underestimate my bs! They’re easy to move around with no resistance when they fly!”

A very bad rant.
And boys, really don’t play with two ballet balls in their gym clothes. ……
The last one is …… yeah, let’s just leave it alone for now.

“…..jiii-” *Staring

My gaze met Runa’s.
She quickly covered her b****s with her hands and looked at me suspiciously with a stern look.

I don’t know why she suspects me first. Oh dear.


That’s what she says

“I receive a “Hentai” from my childhood friend”

I’ll see it just in case.

“Ha ha ha. I never get tired of being with you, Towa.”
“Me too, Take”
“Well, as I said in the morning, you’re a very lucky man, Towa.”
“Hmm? Where?”
“you got a cool, beautiful older sister and a devilishly beautiful younger sister. At this point, you’re on the winning side, and then there’s your beautiful girl childhood friend who is even more flirtatious and affectionate……. I’m so jealous! I’m so jealous!”

Then Take slaps me on the back.

Leaving aside my older sister and younger sister, I am very happy to have met my childhood friend, Runa.

“Well, I guess that’s normal.”
“No, no, no! You need to reevaluate your environment! If you say that to anyone other than me, you’ll get killed for sure.”
“Yes, yes, yes. Then I’ll look again.”
“You should do that. And by the way, you should double-check your childhood friend’s bust.”
“I’ll take care of it. Next time, I’ll secretly ask for Runa’s bust size.”
“To~wa~? A~oba~kun~?”
“Oh my goodness, Runa san.”

After that, we had two bumps on our heads.

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