I thought I heard some noise. Then a sign of someone coming in. I could hear the sound of something being done with the jostling, but then it became quiet.

It’s Sunday, still sleeping……

“….Nnnshoo. Okay”

In the dimly lit space, I heard someone’s voice. 


I wanted to stay in bed still, but I felt uncomfortable, rubbed my eyes, and woke up.

“Good morning Towa.”
“Good morni—–yes?”

I woke up at once.
Why in the world is Runa in my room …… from where, I don’t believe it’s from the window!

Even though it is morning, it is dim because the curtains are closed. Little by little, Runa approaches.
I felt her hand rustling the futon, and then she slipped into the bed. The face that had been crawling up from under my feet for a long time appeared in front of me.

Only Runa’s eyes, reflecting the light coming in through the window, are barely visible.

She tangled her legs around my body.

“H-Hey Runa. Something’s wrong ……”

She stares at me with dark, black eyes. I think it’s my imagination, but I feel a thick darkness coming from behind her.

“Hey why…. why don’t you look at me ……?”

I froze at the words that came out of her mouth.

“I have been watching Towa for a long time. More than anyone else, all the time. Can’t I be …… good enough for you? Why not your childhood friend who has been with you all your life ……?”

The desperate tone of her voice makes my heart ache.

The arm around my neck was tightened.  

“Hey, Towa. I came here today to confess my feelings.”

I couldn’t help but be stunned by her eyes that looked as if they were about to cry.

(Runa POV)

“It’s been a while, Arika san, Sumika chan.”

I sat down on the sofa opposite them and told them.
I asked Towa to wait in his room.

“It’s been a while, but why did you come out of Towa’s room just now?”
“Oh, because I came in through the window.”
“Through the window?!”

With the two of them surprised, I take out an envelope and place a sheet of paper on the table.

“Ru chan…?”
“This is….”
“Arika san, Sumika chan, please listen to me. I am Towa’s–fiancee.”

They both looked genuinely surprised.

“T-That can’t be true, can it? …… We know Towa better than anyone, and we’ve …… never heard of such a thing. ……”
“Unfortunately, it’s true. Look at this.”

I suggest opening the envelope.
Inside were the signatures of Towa’s grandfather and my grandfather and something about fiancee

fiancee is a cheating relationship. I even think it is a sinful relationship. Because it is a more advantageous relationship than a childhood friend.

“I’m here to tell you about fiancee, but this is not what I’m really here to tell you. I came to tell you about Towa.”
“About onii chan ……?”
“Yes. I don’t think I have the right to say this, but I’m going to …… say it because if I don’t, you won’t be aware of it again.”

Soooo, I take a breath and start talking.

“You guys have been cold to Towa up until now, and you’ve been swinging around as you please. Even so, if something happened that was convenient for you, you would flip your hand… Even if Towa forgives you, I still can’t forgive you.”

I continue further to the sisters who are at a loss for words.

“You said earlier that you ‘know Towa better than anyone else’ and that’s why you guys soaked up Towa’s kindness. I won’t accept your childish reason that you were cold to him on purpose because you two siblings can’t marry each other.”


“Towa is …… Towa has at least lost some of his confidence because you guys don’t like him. ……Why ! Why!”

It is almost as if I am speaking without thinking.
I lay words on top of each other as if I were about to cry and shout.

“You knew I liked Towa for a long time, didn’t you? I also noticed that you two like him too. That’s why we are rivals and ……. Why didn’t you talk to me about it! I am Towa’s childhood friend as well as Arika san’s and Sumika chan’s! Because you are siblings? Are you worried about what people around you think? Why didn’t you just say something to me! Then …… then I could have helped you at least a little bit. ……”

The words came out more easily than I expected.

I hated it, I’m lucky to have fewer rivals, I wish the sisters would ruin …… that’s what I would have thought. ……

I could not stop talking about Arika san and Sumika chan, as if the feelings that had been pushed deep down in my heart were overflowing.
They were also childhood friends and important to me.
I could not abandon them in the depths of my heart.

I pull out the tears that have collected at the edges and raise my gaze crisply.

“I will never be defeated by you. I will make Towa …… mine for sure!”

I closed the door with a slam.
I headed for the front door. I was about to leave, but decided to call out to him.

“Towa, it’s done.”

When I said this, Towa came out with a puzzled look on his face.

“….. sorry. I was eavesdropping.”
“I know. I mean, I’m even more curious about what you’re talking about when I told you to wait in your room.”

I go next to Towa, who looks apologetic.

“As you probably heard, I’m Towa’s permitted spouse.”

Once again, silence reigns.

“I’m glad Runa was able to speak for me.”
“I see. Hey, Towa.”
“You see……I like you”

I make my voice as best I can and tell them seriously.

I don’t know about confessing right after saying something like a lecture to the sisters.

I can’t help but suspect that this lecture was an attempt to make myself look good.

Towa, who over time has come to understand my words, has come to see the color of understanding.

No words escape his mouth.

I speak into the ear of Towa, who is shaken up.

“Because this is the real identity of your kind childhood friend. I’m sorry I’m such a greedy woman.”

Am I laughing well now?
Or am I crying?

It’s an inexpressible emotion, so I’m saying it in his ear so he doesn’t see my face.


The words leaked out from Towa.
A sad tone of voice.

I don’t want you to look at me with sadness in your eyes.
I want you to smile.

“See you”

I turned around and left the house with a smile and a few words.


[You see…..I like you]

Her expression was not her usual friendly smile.

An impossible smile after holding a lot of things together.

And I couldn’t believe my ears.

Because, you know?
Even though we are childhood friends, one of the most beautiful girls in my grade likes me.

What kind of opportunism is that?

Runa has always liked me as the opposite gender.

I was very happy about that fact.
But …… I don’t know what else to feel.
Perhaps sensing my confusion, Runa left without saying much.

[Because this is the real identity of your kind childhood friend. I’m sorry I’m such a greedy woman]
“……Sorry Runa”

Another regret was born.

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