“Towa’s 3 Minute Cooking~”


“It can’t be done that fast.”

With Yoshida and Take clapping their hands, I pull out some leftover food from the fridge.

“I can’t wait to see what Chef Towa will cook up~”

“Fufu, Will he really get 5 stars from us?”

It’s kind of jury style.

“How hungry are you all?”

“I’m pretty hungry.”

“Empty stomach! Hungry!”

“Zero! Zero!”

“I think we’re all very hungry.”

I Roll up my arms, wash my hands and I’m ready to …… cook.

Now, there is no limit to what a dish can be. Fried rice, a manly classic. Easy and stylish pasta. Or the one Everyone loves! Omelette rice.

I wasn’t sure what to make, but I prepared it in the morning–

“Then let’s serve Chef Towa’s Man’s food.”


“I can’t wait to see Towa’s Man’s meal.”

All three get excited at the word “Man’s meal.”

Now, …… I’m a little embarrassed to cook with everyone watching, so I’ll ask them to stay in their seats until it’s done.

“Thanks for waiting”


The finished man’s meal, also known as the “hamburger steak set meal,” is placed in front of each of them.

“Hamburgers are absolutely delicious!”

“As expected from Towa!”

“Right? I’ll make you say it tastes even better when you eat it.””

Last night it was tofu hamburger steak, though my opinion also includes the fact that I still wanted to eat something meaty and real.

We sit down at the table facing each other, put our hands and start eating.


The first thing they got their hands on was miso soup.

“Mmm! This miso soup is delicious! The broth from the dried bonito flakes is thick and soaks into the ingredients. …… or rather, the whole dried bonito flakes are in it… interesting!”

I often make miso soup with mushrooms, fried tofu, green onions, and whole dried bonito flakes in broth. It is more aromatic and tasty this way.

The next thingwas not a hamburger ……, but a certain fried food to go with it. It looks like fries, but……

“And the fries are delicious!”

“Those aren’t fries.”

“No way! Then what are they?”



“That sticky little thing that’s a topping for udon noodles!”

“Yes, it’s a taro that has been chopped into small pieces. I used a frying pan, but the process is the same as for regular fries. And it tastes almost exactly the same.”

“Wow, I thought there were only a few ways to use taro, but I didn’t know there was such a delicious way to eat it.”

I Put salad oil in a frying pan, cut taro into cubes and arrange them on the pan until the surface is browned. Bake for about 5 minutes.

It tastes just like fries, but with less calories.

You can also fry taro with butter and soy sauce for a crunchy snack, or make it okonomiyaki style.

Now, it’s time for the main course: hamburgers.




Even better response than before.

They hold their cheeks, and even without saying a word, They can tell that it tastes good! without saying a word.

“The hamburgers are too good! Especially this demi-glace sauce!”

It is made by adding all the ingredients such as sake, ketchup, chuno sauce, sugar, and soy sauce to a frying pan in which the juices and oil remain after grilling hamburgers, and simmering it over low heat. This is simple, but still has a stable taste.

“They are all very delicious. If I don’t do this, I’ll be overtaken, or rather, I feel like I’ve already been overtaken.”

“I still can’t beat Runa.”

But, well, it was the first time I served Yoshida and Take the food, and I was a little worried, but I was honestly happy that they …… ate so much and said it was delicious.

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