The weekend arrived: Yoshida, Takeshi, and Runa arrived at the house a little after 10:00 a.m.


“Sorry to bother you!”

“Hey, Towa~”

“Welcome, everyone. You’re really going to stay the night, aren’t you?”

They have each carried a backpack with enough luggage for two days.

“Oh, yeah! I’ve got a red mark to avoid! I’m fired up!”

“But what’s that in your hand?”

“I think you mean this bag. As expected of Towa, you have a good eye. This is MONMON’s ArSues, which was just released yesterday.”


I also tried to make a reservation, but due to server congestion, I had to delay my application. By the way, it will arrive the day after tomorrow.

“Let’s do it when we get some free time.”


“Towa?~ Aoba kun?~”

Needless to say, it was confiscated by Runa shortly thereafter.

“You can sit down at your leisure.”

The study group will be held in the large living room. Besides, the living room on the first floor would be more convenient for the kitchen and bathroom.

Arika nee was at the city library and Sumika was at a friend’s house, leaving the house open.

While lightly chatting with each other, we spread out our textbooks and notebooks on the table in the middle of the carpet in the center of the wooden floor, and began to study mathematics first.

After solving five questions in a row, and feeling that I had a good response, I shifted my attention to Take

“Mm, unune. ………” 

He is working on trigonometric functions, but he is still struggling with this one. He was twisting his head, writing “sin” and “cos” in small letters in the margins of his exercise book and in his notebook. He clicks his Sharpie, and then he writes nothing more in his notebook. ……

“Towa, give up!”

“I knew it. Then let me explain.”

Teaching others in this way is also a good way to learn for myself.

— After 3 hours.

I continued to study, taking breaks every now and then.

The dry tick, tick, tick of a clock and the sound of a mechanical pencil writing in a notebook echo through the quiet room.





All of us were still studying without putting up roots. This concentration shows how much we hate coming to school during the summer vacation. I don’t like it either.

Take’s Sharpie stopped as he was reworking a wrong problem in his notebook.

“Towa Sensei! I’m in your care!”


The problems in take’s notebook are, so to speak, a confirmation test. If you can’t do this, the test is tough but …….

The equations and answers are from the top.

Hmm, Hmm……

“It all matches

“Haaa~, that’s good. ……”

As if relieved, Take plopped down on his desk with a relaxed expression on his face, gulping. And then …… burned out in pure white.

You did a great job, even though it’s not your favorite subject.

Across the street, Runa was attached to Yoshida.

“So much for Satchi……”

Yoshida mutters as she looks up at the ceiling. Runa patted her head.

“Yes, yes, Sachi is doing very well. We’ll take a lunch break after these three questions. Let’s eat something delicious for lunch.”

“Yes, I’m motivated! I’ll do my best!~”

Yoshida can get by if she keeps the food

Then we decided to have lunch at the end of the day.

“What do you want to do for lunch? Do you want to take delivery?”

“Oh, great! I want a big lunch for this afternoon!”

“No, no, no! You can’t go wrong with Runa’s home-made food here! Don’t you guys want to eat this beautiful girl’s homemade food?!”

“Oh! Naruse’s cooking! That’s good, but won’t it take a long time to make?”

“If it’s not an elaborate dish or something like that…… Ah, but it’s if you have the ingredients.”

“Then why not a quick delivery service?”

Delivery or home-cooked food?

If all three are torn, may I make a suggestion?

“By the way, if you’re not sure, I’ll make you a meal I’ve pre-prepared.”

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