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(Sumika’s POV)

“When I grow up, Sumi, I’m going to get married to you Onii chan~~!”

As a child, I often said that to my older brother. I always followed behind him, always with him.


“Don’t you know? that siblings can’t get married!”
“They call it “brocon” when you love your brother!”
“Ew~! You’re a brocon!”

When I was in the third grade, a boy made fun of me that way, and it was a traumatic experience for me.

I had many friends who were protective of me, but the ‘black-and-white’ that I was ridiculed for so much made me a coward.

And gradually I began to distance myself from my brother.

Why? Why?

As a child, I couldn’t help but wonder, the first person of the opposite gender I met, the closest to me, the one who understood me the best. Of course I would love him.

So I was shattered by the shock of not being able to marry my favorite brother.

But as I grew up, these doubts gradually faded away.

It’s the law, it’s common sense.
I was forcefully told.

And – I tried to think that I was heartbroken.


[A new law will be enacted to allow marriages between siblings who are related by blood]

I wasn’t interested and wasn’t watching TV. But I hastily shifted my gaze to the screen.

Siblings can marry each other ……. That means I can marry my brother and not have to worry about people saying I’m a brocon anymore. It means I’ll be able to go out with him with open arms. …… Ugh, I’m so happy……!

I laugh a small laugh so as not to be noticed, and feel joy.

I am glad.
Even though I was traumatized by the word “Brocon,” I could not easily forget that I liked him.

“……What do you think of this press conference?”

My older sister asks.
At first glance, he seems calm, but I’m sure he’s as pleased as I am on the inside.

“Is onii chan embarrassed~?”

I tend to tease.

“The best feeling I have about the Siblings marriage is surprise.”

I was surprised. I knew my brother was surprised too. Now that he’s a little more aware of it– 


My older brother opens his mouth.

“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for us to be able to get married to each other. Because we ……”

“We’re finished as Siblings in the first place.”

It was a clear statement.
I snapped back to myself and remembered what I had done.

I have done nothing but make my brother hate me.

When I find out I can’t marry him, he just turns from the opposite gender to my brother. And yet I’m selfishly heartbroken, taking it out on him and cursing him …….

The truth is, I was jealous of his childhood friend, Runa. Because she could go out with brother. She could fall in love with him.

I can’t even stand on that stage.
No matter how much I tried to appeal to him, I could not get close to him and could only watch from afar.

“You know what you did to me ? you rubbed me down and cursed at me. …… No matter how much of a sibling, it’s beyond the scope of teasing. I am not your housekeeper.”

Wait, no, brother! I’m …… really not, no!

I wanted to deny it, but there was no room to interrupt the resolute voice.

After watching us fall silent, my brother left the living room.

Tears flowed at the same time as the sound of the door closing.

“Onii chan…”

Tears overflow and I can’t stop. I shrug and let the tears fall.

Because siblings were allowed to marry each other? No, it is not. 

What I have done is too much and disappointing. I can’t put it away with cute words like tsundere

I don’t know why I would think this at a time like that. ……

—- I love you

A love that was always there, even when I gave up on it.

But I am not qualified to ask him to accept this thought now.

But I’m not going to give up.

Even if he hates me, even if he rejects me, but still – I love him and I can’t stand him.


But right now, all I can do is cry.

For me, I love him.
A little sister that my brother hates.

Ah, what am I going to do …… I don’t know how to treat my brother from now on. ……

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