“Naruse Runa san! Oh, please go out with me……!”

After school, I was called to the back of the school building to be confessed.

The other guy is Takei kun, and according to my friend’s information, he is the ace of the volleyball team. Well, no matter who it was, I was determined to refuse.

“I am sorry. I can’t answer for your feelings.”

I refuse with the same words as usual.

I am glad that you have the courage to confess your feelings to me, but I can’t just answer those feelings.


I had Towa waiting for me and was about to head for the school gate.

“…… Do you perhaps like Amachi Towa?”

At these words, I stop dead in my tracks.

A trembling voice, a voice filled with frustration. ……

“If so, what is it?”

When I replied, Takei-kun’s face turned grim.

“Why Towa, why …… such a dull guy?”

You are the worst person to hit Towa because you were dumped. People who blame others like this just want to soften the fact that they were dumped.

Takei-kun came right up to me, aghast, and quickly made his case.

“…… because you’ve known each other since you were kids? I’m sure it’s because you grew up with him and you can’t leave him alone. Hahaha, you have a tough childhood friend, Naruse san. But leave it to me. I’ll protect you from Tenchi. If he’s following you around, I’ll take care of it. Because I’m the one next to you who is athletic and has a good face. I’m much better than him…”
Giha !!

I stomp on a nearby tree branch as hard as I could.


Takei kun let out a small scream at my sudden action.

If I don’t say anything, you can say whatever you want …….

“Let’s see, …… Takei kun, right? What do you know about my childhood friend?”

The voice becomes one tone lower.
I Continue speaking to the puzzled boy

“Towa is much kinder, much cooler, and much nicer than you are. No, it is useless to compare with him. I have seen Towa closer than anyone else. I have been next to him more than anyone else. And yet, you, who know nothing about Towa, have no right to call him names based on superficial judgments. And moreover, am I much more worthy of him? Hmmm, don’t make such uninteresting jokes.”

“Auu, Auu…”

A male student who raises his pathetic voice with tears in his eyes as I continue to stand up and make my arguments. I’m still the one who’s holding back.

“I haven’t said enough, but for now, apologize for insulting …… Towa.”

This is the most important.

“I-I’m sorry. ……”

He apologizes with his head down.
I’m not the one who was insulted, but I won’t allow someone spoke ill of Towa

At least on the surface, he seems remorseful.

“Yes, well done. Now that I have answered your confession, you can go home.”

I don’t even want to see his face.

“……Ugh, I’ll remember that”

A male student mutters this as he leaves. I wonder if he thinks I haven’t noticed.

Shall I say it last?

“Aah and, If you want to reveal my identity or anything, you can.”

The boy, who had been strong-footed in his frustration, turned around quickly.

When he returns to the classroom, he will probably put aside the outcome of his confession and the fact that he insulted Towa, and complain to his friends about the current events in a slightly exaggerated manner.

Such shallow behavior is easily predictable.

“If you’re going to talk about me, I’ll have to talk about you to my friends too. For example, …… I could have them listen to the audio up to the point where you insulted Towa.”

When I took out my phone, the boy paled and exclaimed.

“See you later, Takei kun.”

I put my finger in front of my mouth and he gave me a panicked look and left me as if he was running away.


I Become quiet and take a breath.
I don’t mind the confession, but I don’t like the way he tries to make himself look good by putting Towa down. The moment you do that, I dislike the person’s humanity.

There’s no way I would have recorded it.
The result was a deceitful statement, but it’s not worth recording the voice of someone you don’t like, much less someone who made fun of Towa.

In the first place, there is no contact with the boy at all.
He probably confessed to me instantly based on my appearance. I found him to be a lightweight man of that caliber. And yet he is a narcissist who does not doubt himself.

“Okay, let’s go to Towa’s place.”

I put on a face like nothing had happened and headed for the school gate.

“Sorry, did you wait?”
“I waited a long time.”
“Sorry Sorry”

Towa looked tired as he leaned against the wall in front of the school gate. He was kind enough not to ask, “What have you been doing?”

“Oh, there’s dust on your uniform.”

He patted me with his hand
It is this kind of kindness that is taken for granted that makes girls fall in love with you, but the fact that you do it without realizing it makes me smile.

“It’s clean. Hmm? Do I have something on my face?”
“Noo, you look funny.”
“Oh, is it rude? It’s very depressing.”  
“Yes, yes, no sulking, no sulking. But more importantly, do you want to come by my house today?”
“I’m not going.”
“I’ll make you Towa’s favorite pancake right now.”
“I’ll eat.”
“Dango before Flowers huh~” (A saying that people are more interested practical over aesthetic)

We walk side by side, chatting.
I am happy with my daily routine of going home with Towa both in the morning and after school.

I am absolutely sure that Towa and I will be together.
A definite future that no one will disturb.

When I went to Towa’s room to visit him, I saw a scene in a novel about a childhood friend heroine who cried behind his back because she didn’t get together with the hero.

The idea that a childhood friend is a losing heroine is a fiction caused by a convenient interpretation only in the world of manga and anime.

I would not be opportunistic.

“Hey, Towa.”
“You don’t have a girlfriend ……, do you?”
“What’s that question you ask me every once in a while ……. I’m don’t. I’ll always be a shady bum anyway.”

Towa sighs and shrugs his shoulders. In response, I breathe a sigh of relief in my heart.

I check in with him every once in a while to make sure that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He says, “Is this a reaffirmation that I’m a shady person?” but for me, it is an important confirmation.

We continued to talk, and in no time we arrived at Towa’s house.

“See you later”

Towa waved goodbye with a vague wave of his hand.

I watched him enter the house and look at the transparent house for a while.

“A kind childhood friend, huh? ……”

Towa often says that about me.


I am not kind. I am really a cunning and greedy woman. I am just a lovesick woman who clings to my position of support as a childhood friend, soaking in my weakness.

I didn’t do a kind childhood friend without ulterior motives.

“I love you, Towa. Please continue to depend only on me.”

I really want to tell him I love him right now.
I want to tell that I am your permitted spouse. 
However, I like this relationship between childhood friends, which is different from that of lovers. I enjoy discovering new things about Towa.

So let’s just enjoy this relationship of childhood friends for a little while longer.

(TL/N : so Chapter 0 has ended, how is it?….this one has a different romcom feeling)

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