(Runa POV)

During lunch break today, I decided to have a quick lunch and study in the library.

Seating by the window at the far end.
Long table for reading with six chairs per table.

The soft, fluffy seat with backrest is comfortable and does not hurt the back even after sitting for a long time. 

The soft sunlight streaming in through the windows and the air-conditioned space are comfortable.

There are regular examinations, so I begin to study gradually.

There are not many people in the library, where lunch break has just begun.

It was worth it, because I didn’t have to worry about my surroundings and could concentrate for a while.

After 10 or 15 minutes of immersing myself in my studies, the timer went off.

“Yes, take a break~”

When I called out to them, Towa, Aoba kun, and Sachi sighed.

“Ahh, ……so tired!”
“I’m tired~. Runa, please give Sachi chan a pat for her hard work.
“Yes, yes. Sachi, you did a great job.”

When I patted her head, Sachi smiled sloppily.

Lunch break is almost over.
As Aoba kun and Sachi go to buy drinks, Towa closes the distance between us.

“Runa, can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah, sure, sure~”

Towa then placed a math quiz in front of me that had been returned to him. The test paper was neatly lined up with neat-looking handwriting, and a score of 19 was written in red pen in the upper right corner.

“Nineteen points …… Yeah, that’s a good score, okay? What do you have to ask about this?”

I ask back in pure wonder.
This will get him a high score on the regular test.

“No, I always lose points on this last question. It’s kind of frustrating.”
“I see. It is indeed frustrating.”

I look at the test paper seriously.
The last question is a long text question. The difficulty level is also a little high.

Towa is trying to write and solve the equation well and understands the meaning of the problem.

“Ummm …… I don’t need to tell you this.”
“Hmm? What do you mean?

The formulas are correct, and it is not that he is making a mistake in his calculations.
Rather, the opposite.
He is thinking too much about the problem as difficult. He approaches this problem with difficulty and difficulty in mind, and as a result, he is reading too much into it and even writing formulas that are not necessary. So, in the end, he gave a wrong answer.

However, this can be managed by simply solving it calmly.

“You think this problem is a little too difficult. It should be simpler. You see, even this equation can be obtained by using only one formula to get here.”
“Oh, I see.”
“The last formula has the same form, it’s just that it uses a different formula. It can be easily derived by using this formula…….”
“Oh, really, …… means I am reading too much into it and making careless mistakes?”
“That’s what I meant.”

After finishing with the mistakes and the solution, I look at Towa who is solving the puzzle again.

The distance between our bodies is so short that if I move even a little, I feel as if I could touch him. So close that I can hear the sound of his’s breathing. I guess I am the only one who is aware……

Ah, I can’t wait to be his girlfriend….

Five minutes left of lunch break.
We put away our teaching materials and chat.
When the conversation comes to a halt and Runa and Yoshida start talking about girls again, Take says something that only I can hear.

“How far did you guys get?”
“What do you mean by that……?”
“What do you mean….of course it’s that”
“That ?”

I asked him honestly, but he gave me a terribly muddled answer.
I involuntarily tilted my head and …… however, Take stared at me like that.
The look in his eyes was like, “Don’t be so formal”
Why should he look at me like that?

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.”
“……, I see.”
“Why are you so convinced?”
“No, ……, I’m just relieved you haven’t graduated yet.”

I haven’t graduated yet. …… That’s not surprising. There is no way anyone would graduate from the academy this summer, and since they are classmates to begin with, the timing of graduation should be the same. No one would indeed drop out of school if they didn’t want to take the summer tests.

There are a lot of things that I don’t understand from a while ago. Am I being too hard-headed because I’ve studied too much?

But Take looked at me with a subtle gaze, puzzled. After a while, he opened his mouth.

“I’m talking about …… Naruse. I thought you’d lost your virginity before I did, but …… it looks like you’re not there yet, thank goodness.”
“…… what are you talking about, Take?”
“No, but Naruse’s desire to monopolize is possible…..Nothing, my bad”
“Oh, yeah?”
“By the way, did you tell the sisters about the study group?”
“No, I didn’t. No, I haven’t, but I think they’ll be fine.”

We could have a study session in my room. Arika and Sumika won’t be bothered.

“I’m going to stay the night.”
“Oh, it’s that bad?”
“Well, yeah. I’m the red mark Take sama.”

No, even if you are intimidated. Come to think of it, it seems that the quiz was also 4 points or something.

“What? What? What are you whispering about?”

Yoshida asks curiously.

“Let’s have a study group at Towa’s place to avoid my red marks.”
“I love study groups! Can we join in too?”
“What do you mean by loving study groups? Well it’s okay. But I don’t want to teach you two while I study myself. ……”
“So that’s where this Runa san comes in.”
“Then the four of us will have a study session at Amachin’s house!”

Study group with Take, Yoshida, Runa, and other familiar members …… I’m not sure if we can do it right.

“Okay okay, then I’ll ask my older sister and younger sister for permission. “

The two-day event starts next Saturday. I opened the notepad on my phone so I wouldn’t forget.

Next to me, Runa opens her favorite notebook and writes something in the space
I did not peek into the notebook, but even at a cursory glance, I could see that the notebook was filled with colorful, detailed plans for each day and each item.

I’ll just use a notepad on my phone, but girls like to do this kind of thing.

“Don’t be late, and be sure to show up.”

Yoshida and Take cheerfully reply, “Yes, sir”. I hope they continue to study with this energy.

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