Morning came. But it is only six o’clock.
Not feeling refreshed, I take a shower.

After drying my hair, I went downstairs to the living room to make breakfast and lunch.

At this time of the day, my sisters have not yet woken up. They always wake up at the last minute, prepare breakfast and lunch, and leave the house, passing me.

“Well, let’s make it.”

While the pan is heating, I cut a slit between the bread slices, lightly butter them with a spoon and place the ham and cheese on top. Season the center with black pepper and place in the toaster oven. When the cheese is browned, it’s time.

When the frying pan is warm, I add the butter and then the eggs with the yolks and egg whites mixed thoroughly. When the mixture becomes hard, start stirring with chopsticks.
Then the fluffy, tender scrambled eggs are ready.

I also make other garnishes.

Freshly made hot toast, sausage and scrambled eggs, and salad are placed on their seats with a knife and fork.

“Next up is lunch.”

As I was making toast, picking a bit of toast, the door opened with a clang.

“Good morning To kun”

A dignified voice rang out as she woke up.


I couldn’t help but sound dumb.

To kun? You mean me?

“G-Good morning…”

Arika nee finished her meal, took her lunch box, and quickly left. When she took the lunch box, she said in a whisper, “Thank you …… for everything.”

Sumika was the next to wake up.

“Good morning onii chan”
“Good morning”

Sumika sleepily rubbed her eyes and began to eat the breakfast I had prepared for her.

“I’m leaving.”

I was about to leave the house as quickly as possible, leaving Sumika to lock the door as usual, but Sumika stopped me and said, “Mugu!” Sumika stopped me.

“….What is it?”

Have I done something wrong again ……?

“Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast …… together…… no?”

I stare at her, my mouth a little agape.

Dinner together. I had always been accustomed to being alone, so once again, I had not had a meal together for the past year or so.

“…… Well, if it’s just that”

Sumika’s eyes lit up at my words.

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1 year ago

no PASÓ nada XD

1 year ago

No está en novelupdate este capítulo

1 year ago
Reply to  DasuiTL

Muy entendible tu comentario con el dudoso traductor de Google. Es mejor deepl.