Near the shoebox after school.
The place was crowded with students heading off to school or club activities, and you would never have heard any voices, but that dignified voice echoed through the air.

Footsteps approaching. The sound is drowned out by the sound of conversation, but the light footsteps strangely resonate well in my ears.

“You’re so cocky to ignore me, even though you are my little brother.”

I sighed heavily so that the other person could not hear me, and turned around to see the person I expected. My sister Arika, the student council president of this school, was standing there with her arms crossed with a disgruntled look on her face.

She is still as beautiful as ever, and when I look at her up close, she looks frighteningly beautiful. And she radiates an aura of presence to the fullest.

“What is it……?”

I can guess most of the conditions without asking, but …… well, I’ll ask.

“I need your help with student council”
“I can’t help you today.”
“Towa has no veto power.”

What does this this person think of little brother, is she even considered me a …… brother?

My older sister pushes me around. Do I deserve to help my sister if I’m her little brother? No, no. There are about six members of the student council, including my sister, who is the president.

I shouldn’t have to help.

So why does she need me? 
That’s because my older sister puts me in charge of the student council officer’s work for an irregular period each week.

The student council officers, who are supposed to be doing their jobs, are sent home, and I, who have nothing to do with it, am made to do the work instead. I no longer understand the meaning.

I don’t know what the intent is and probably just harassment.

“I really can’t today. I can do it tomorrow.”
“like I said, Towa has no right of refusal. Don’t argue with me and help me.“

My older sister looks at me with her arms folded, saying that my story is not worth listening to from the very beginning. She is so selfish that I’m more dismayed than bewildered.

“I envy him working with such a beautiful president.”
“It’s extravagant to turn down a request from a beautiful older sister.”

I heard voices around me saying things like.

Don’t you think that’s just on the top of your mind.
“Then you want take my place?” I’m sure if I asked them, they’ll say “I’m afraid” or “I’m not ……” and leave.

They judge someone only by their appearance.
They know nothing about it.
They don’t understand anything.

I’m not going to let you look at me with that kind of envy—


I came to myself when someone called my name.

“Wait~, I told you we were going home together today.”

The voice belonged to Runa. Apparently, she had just finished her day shift and was on her way home.

“good day, Arika san. Oh, is it good evening now?”

She is as cheerful as ever with my older sister, who is in a bad mood.

“Hello Runa san. I’m sorry, but I’ll take Towa with me.”
“I’m sorry, that’s me too. It seems my parents have something to do with Towa today, so I have to ask Towa to leave early.”

I’ve never heard of such a thing. I am sure she is lying for me.

The older sister stared at Runa for a few seconds and then.

“…… got it. Not today.”

She sounded like she gave up.

However, the light blue eyes behind the long lashes are shimmering as if she wants to say something.

I stared into her eyes for a while, not admiring them, but complaining about them.

“Shall we go home, Towa?”

Runa took my arm.
Then I looked away.

“Aah, yeah…”

For a moment, I thought I saw my older sister and Runa glaring at each other, but it was probably just my imagination.

I left the school with Runa.


(Arika POV)

Towa leaves, and the hallway becomes a little quieter.


And sigh.
The students watched the series of exchanges that had just taken place. They left the place with their mouths muffled, without particularly addressing me.

Towa’s back stands as he is out of sight.

My little brother is going away today.
Today I am still hated.

I walk alongside Runa on my usual way home.

“Thanks for your help earlier, Runa.”
“What’s the big deal? Let Runa chan take care of it and you’ll be fine.“

Runa, who has a gentle smile on her face, strokes her chest.

I would have been swallowed up on my own.
As usual, I was about to give in to the push and do my older sister’s bidding.

“So, what’s today’s can’t-miss errand?”
“Light novel Release Day.”

Today is the release of my current favorite work, “Sugar san, a beautiful German girl, is my step sister.”. I go out to buy new novels on the day they go on sale. This is my way of being an otaku.

“Hmmm…a novel…is it really that interesting? Is it really that interesting?”
“Then lend it to me sometime.”
“Aah, of course. I’ll get you something Runa can read.”
“I’m supposed to be able to read it? Hmm, that means there are some naughty ones that would be bad for me to read. ……”
“I’ll leave it to your imagination.”
“looking at pornographic books electronically? You’re staring at my b****s like that in real life?”
“That’s not the same thing.”
“You are greedy, mister~.”

Runa laughs.

Runa always helps me when I am in trouble. It is a sincere heart that goes beyond the caring and supportive nature of a childhood friend.

I am a little bit bad at women because of my sisters, but it is something that has nothing to do with Runa. Maybe it is thanks to Runa that I am only a little bit bad at them.

“Then I’ll go with you, and you can buy me a crepe in front of the bookstore.”
“It’s fine. That much.”
“Oh! You’re a very generous man, sir~”
“I’m not greedy and generous, I’m just fat.”
“No, no, no. Youre the best childhood friend I’ve ever had.”
“I agree with you Runa”
“Then we’re like childhood sweethearts, aren’t we?

I smile at Runa as she talks with a big smile on her face.

I can’t believe such a gentle Runa turned out that way. ……

I am about to find out who my real childhood friend is.

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