A National Idol Confessed to Me in a Joking Manner, but I Refused. Thanks to This, My School Life Has Changed Completely and Now I’m in Trouble

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16817330665789841745


I (Yukimi) am an ordinary high school sophomore. I work part-time at a family restaurant.

One day, while I was going home from my part-time job, an idol suddenly confessed her feelings for me.

Naturally, I refused, but it seems that they were filming something (prank?) so I said OK in a hurry.

Phew, that was a close call.

It would have been painful for an idol girl to be rejected by an ordinary person like me.

I thought I acted well, but it seems she saw right through me.

I’m apparently on fire on the Internet because of that idol’s comment

What’s going to happen to my school life?


Yukimi Daifuku……main character.

Yukimi Yuki……sister. She is ill but talented.

Hakariya Hakari……the most popular idol of the biggest group. Cool beauty. Has a strong expression.

Akamori Kyoko……a popular idol from the biggest group. She is boyish.

Kouki Futaba……mysterious classmate.

Hinoriwa Mio……a part-timer. She is actually a high school gravure idol.

Episode 1 – Yukimi [I’m sorry. I can’t.]

Episode 2 – Hakariya Hakari [Tell me your name, address, and school]

Episode 3 – Yukimi Yuki [Eh, Onii chan…..is your love for me….that big…..I’m happy.]

Episode 4 – Kouki Futaba [Yukimi kun is not normal. For better or worse.]

Episode 5 – Akamori Kyoko [I-I’m a boy, you know !?]

Episode 6 – Hinoriwa Mio [If it’s Yukimi, you can touch me. This big breasts and body]

Episode 7 – Yukimi Daifuku [Okay. I’ll Go Out With You]

Episode 8 – Hinoriwa Mio [I, too, love Yukimi.]

Episode 9 – Yukimi Yuki [Guilty——–! ! !]

Episode 10 – Yukimi Yuki [There’s no way Kyoko chan likes my brother, right?]

Episode 11 – Yukimi Daifuku [It must’ve been scary. You did a great job.]

Episode 12 – Hakariya Hakari [Explain yourself, why are you clinging to my man !]

Episode 13 – Akamori Kyoko [J-just a little bit more. Please.]

Episode 14 – Akamori Kyoko [Is it okay if I like you without permission?]

Episode 15 – Hinoriwa Mio [……Yukimi, are you cheating on me already?]

Episode 16 – Hinoriwa Mio [I-it’s still daytime, so don’t stare at my boobs !]

Episode 17 – Kouki Futaba […..That might be impossible.]

Episode 18 – Hinoriwa Mio [I thought we could get along?]

Episode 19 – Kouki Futaba [I get it. I will become an important person to Yukimi kun.]

Episode 20 – Yukimi Daifuku [Thank you Hinoriwa. You really helped me.]

Episode 21 – Hakariya Hakari […..I’m dating someone named Yukimi kun.]

Episode 22 – Hakariya Hakari [….I’ve always wanted to try dating.]

Episode 23 – Yukimi Daifuku [Can your brother do something a little bad?]

Episode 24 – Yukimi Yuki [Let’s sleep together.]

Episode 25 – Hakariya Hakari […..I’d like to go on a date.]

Episode 26 – Hinoriwa Mio [I’m also doing my best.]

Episode 27 – Akamori Kyoko [Married !?]

Episode 28 – Kouki Futaba [I understand. I’ll be Yukimi kun’s mommy.]

Episode 29 – Yukimi Yuki [Onii chan doesn’t really belong to me, but I belong to Onii chan.]

Episode 30 – Yukimi Daifuku [Idiot]

Episode 31 – Hakariya Hakari [Please, break up with me.]

Episode 32 – Yukimi Yuki […..Because I’m your sister. We’ll always be together. Forever.]

Episode 33 – Akamori Kyoko [Don’t tease me too much.]

Episode 34 – Hinoriwa Mio […To become Yukimi’s girlfriend.]

Episode 35 – Hakariya Hakari [Please, someone help me……]

Episode 36 – Yukimi Daifuku [Yeah. I’m strong.]

Episode 37 – Hakariya Hakari […It’s my first time.]

Episode 38 – Akamori Kyoko [If I win the first place, I will seriously confess my feelings to Yukimi kun.]