The next day, I was having lunch on the rooftop as usual.

Last night, I told Yuki that I had a lot going on, but that I would maintain the status quo for now, and she went to sleep.

Yuki had regained her energy and was excitedly saying that she was going to look into TouTuber Toretore and Kadota Jr. I told her not to stay up too late, but she was very motivated to get on the computer.

When I peeked into her room in the morning, she was sleeping in a very shabby state, so I think she’ll be fine, but I hope she doesn’t overdo it.

Eating sweet bread while watching students practicing lunch in the school yard.

This school has a lot of club activities.

I wish I had joined some club activities too.

I hate it when I have a lot of free time because it makes me think about unnecessary things.

My part-time job is like a hobby for me now, but I was beginning to think that it would be bad if I suddenly couldn’t go to work like I did the other day.

Ideally, I should be able to be responsible for myself alone and make money.

I think about whether there is anything I can do.

Maybe I’ll do a jack of all trades business. I wonder if I’ll get any requests.


……The wind feels good.

My gentle thoughts are carried away by the soft May breeze.

It’s always quiet and calming here.

“Hey ! I didn’t expect this much,……you’ve got a gem here that surpasses me……and that too,……two at the same time….”

“What are you talking about, Mio……”

She’s always quiet.

“Well, neither am I, I thought I was pretty good.”

“Not as good as Mio chan……don’t stare at me too much……”

It’s quiet…….

“Futaba, why don’t you and I go for a Gravure Tengoku?”

“I won’t do it ! ! !”

Quiet……I mutter at the two of them interrupting my lunch time.

“My place……”

The two people sitting a little distance away from me, namely Hinoriwa Mio and Kouki Futaba, look in my direction.

Hinoriwa has been coming here from time to time before, but even Futaba is here.

“What are you pretending to be uninterested in? Look at this ! This Futaba’s ultimate weapon !”

“Geez…..Yukimi-kun, sorry for being so noisy.”

Futaba apologizes apologetically, but she is back hugged by Hinoriwa and her breasts are emphasized.

It was indeed amazing.

Her hoodie had changed to one with a zipper.

I wonder if she doesn’t have to hide them anymore.

“No, I don’t mind. I’d like to talk to you about something else.”

“What is it?”


Hinoriwa doesn’t seem to be interested.

“Have you heard of Toretore? I heard he’s a Toutuber who exposes people.”

“Of course I know who he is. It’s a surprising name coming out of Yukimi kun’s mouth.” 

Futaba answered.

Hinoriwa doesn’t seem to have any idea about it.

“I heard that I’m going to be exposed in the stream. It seems to be about Hakariya Hakari.”

I explained to Futaba what I heard at the office building yesterday.

“……Hmm, it might be pretty bad. It hasn’t come out now, but if it’s a Toretore stream, our student might make a phone appearance in exchange for Yukimi kun’s information……”

“It’s an incomprehensible world, isn’t it?”

I really only had that impression.

Ah, maybe the incident I caused at school will be revealed?

Somehow, I felt like I understood why I was being targeted.

“You’re so carefree, Yukimi kun…maybe your address will be identified.”

“Yeah, I’m already thinking of taking Yuki to my grandmother’s house as a countermeasure. It’s close enough to go to school.”

If it’s safer not to be with me, then I will.

“What about you, Yukimi kun? And are you going to be okay away from Yuki chan?”

Futaba asked.

If I’m being targeted, it’s better if she’s not with me.

I’m sure I’ll be fine.

If I want to see her, I can see her right away.

“I don’t know, Yukimi, will you be living alone? If you’re lonely, I can move in with you, you know?”

Hinoriwa wrapped around Futaba says something unintelligible.

But still, I see.

Am I lonely? ……I might be lonely.

I’m going to be alone.

“What are you talking about, Mio chan? Then I can cook better than you, and the other day you said it was delicious……”

“……Futaba, what do you mean?”

“Ge. Stop it ! N-no ! Ahahahaha ! Stop it…ngh…”

I thought while looking at the two of them playing together.

I went home and Yuki was not there.

She’s not staying at Chika chan’s house, and I don’t know how many days I won’t be back.

…It may indeed be impossible.

Why am I always so shallow in my thinking?

“Thank you, Futaba. I’ll do what I have to do.”

“Eh? Eeh !?”

I suddenly thanked Futaba and her eyes widened.

“I’m going home. Give my regards to Sensei.”

I told Hinoriwa as I walked away.

“I’ll cooperate with you anytime, so let me know if there’s anything I can do !”

I waved and left the rooftop.


I had skipped school and came near the office building I had just visited yesterday.

As I enter the café designated by my partner, a hand goes up discreetly from the back.

It’s Sasaki san, the manager.

She’s wearing pants again today and has the air of someone who can get the job done.

“Hello. I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly. I thought it would be better to talk to you directly.”

She sat down across from me as we talked.

“No, I’m sorry for yesterday……”


I was expecting to be pressured again today, but Sasaki san seemed to have lost the vigor of yesterday and seemed to be wilting.

“You seem to be in low spirits, are you all right?”

I asked her, concerned.

“After that, Hakari talked to me for a long time about her thoughts and feelings, and I regret what I said.”

I wonder what Hakariya said to her.

“That’s right. …So, I have something to ask you about. It’s about the streamer I learned about yesterday.”

“Yes. Toretore. He’s the worst kind of guy.”

“I’m sorry to say the opposite of what I said yesterday. I hope you don’t mind if I mess up the stream.”

“Eh !? You can do that…..?”

“No, I don’t have any particular method in mind, but there is a possibility that it might cause trouble for Hakariya, so I thought I would go ahead and talk about it.”

I really have no idea how to do it.

“Right…… If he has proof that Hakari and Yukimi are dating, it would be helpful here if the stream doesn’t go well……”

“I have to admit, the possibility of my past being exposed has come up. So I’m willing to act to protect my family.”

Sasaki san’s eyes widened, then she nodded slowly and said.

“I will support you. If there is anything I can do from my position here, I will back you up.”

I was very impressed by the way she listened to me, even though she is an adult and I’m a high school student.

She is a good person. I knew she cares about Hakariya.

It’s different from my first impression. In just one day, I felt like the walls are falling down.

“Thank you very much. I’ll get right to it, but I’d like to hear more about this Kadota Akira person again……”

I decided to gather whatever information I could get my hands on.


“I’m home.”

“Welcome home~Onii chan.”

I stare at Yuki, who comes up to me as soon as I get home.

I stroke her soft hair and feel her body heat.


I enjoy the happiness of living with Yuki.

“….What? You’re staring at me.”

Yuki tilts her head and looks up at me.

“Can your brother do something a little bad?”

“Yes !”

Yuki answered immediately.

The cavity in my chest felt like it was slowly filling up.

At the same time, a feeling of preparedness comes up.

“Yesterday I said I would maintain the status quo, but I still want to destroy Toretore’s stream. No matter what method I use.”

Yuki turns away from me and puts on a serious face.

“……I understand. The next stream is tomorrow, Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. You don’t have much time. But what’s your plan?”

That’s Yuki. Does she know what I’m going to do?

“No, I don’t. I’ll think about it from now on.”

“I knew it. I’ll think about it with you.”

That’s my sister.

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