During lunch break, Futaba and I were watching a video streaming from my phone.

“[Good news] Saw man is subdued by a fan.”

That’s the title of the video.

It looked like a clipping of a video that happened to be live streamed from the venue.

It’s hard to tell for sure because it’s shaky and the angle is bad……

A man pulls out what looks like a blade from his bag and heads toward the idol–Hakariya Hakari.

At a moment when everyone wants to cover their eyes, a boy jumps up behind the man and kicks him.

After a moment of silence, the hall is filled with screams.

“Futaba, this is. No matter how you look at it, it’s Yukimi, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s Yukimi kun.”

“What’s he doing, that’s so dangerous…..”

I think it is indeed Yukimi.

The video’s comment section says that there was a bomb scare afterwards.

I heard that the partitions came down in a shoving match of fleeing people and several people were injured.

“Hakariya Hakari was bleeding from the face” and so on.

Such comments abounded.

“After all, Yukimi kun hasn’t come to school for two days since then.”

I appreciate the information from Futaba, who is in the same class as Yukimi.

“I should probably RINE him……but that guy never replies to me…….”

“Eh, Mio chan too?”


“W-well. I think he’ll be okay since he’s been taking a lot of sudden breaks up until now, but I’m worried.”

Hm, just now.

Well, whatever.

I’m not sure.

Because I noticed someone walking towards me.

It wasn’t a pick-up boy who often comes these days for Futaba and I. 

It’s the owner of this place.

“Ah, speaking of the devil. You’re a delinquent, coming to school at noon.”


Yukimi comes walking from the other side.

“Oh, you guys really get along.”

Yukimi sits down on the opposite side of us.

Are you a little tired?

“Honestly. If you’re going to come, you should RINE me. We have lunch to prepare.”

Futaba said. Yukimi has been eating Futaba’s lunch recently.

“Ah, my bad. But it’s okay. I have no appetite.”

……It’s like they’re a married couple, or a mother and son, what is this?

“W-why don’t you have an appetite?”

I won’t let Futaba and Yukimi have this space.

Me, Hinoriwa Mio !

“Ah……I got dumped by Hakariya. I’ve taken more damage than I thought.”

[ [Eh…….] ]

Seriously? Futaba is also in a state of exclamation.

The two of us were silent, and Yukimi started to talk.

First, he told us about the incident that happened on Sunday.

It was a horrific case.

I was happy to hear that the culprit was arrested and found guilty, but the story about the scar on Hakariya Hakari’s face made me shiver a little just listening to it.

After that, I heard that Hakariya hakari had dumped him, but I couldn’t believe it.

“I see,……it was a tough time for you. Yukimi kun, I know Hakari san was very important to you.”

Futaba consoled him.

“Hmmm? Is she disillusioned because you didn’t help her? But it wasn’t Yukimi’s fault.”

I think as I mutter. That was my question.

Was it really because she was disillusioned with Yukimi that she said she was done with him because she was left with a scar?

I was about to say what I thought, but Futaba held my hand under the desk.

When I turn my face to Futaba, she makes eye contact with me constantly.

She is also shaking her head sideways.

What do you mean?

“I could have done more at that time. …..if I can’t do that, there’s no point.”

Yukimi smiles thinly. The existence seems to be blurred.

He’s pretty weak.

“That’s not true. And you can do it better the next time it comes to that.”

“Futaba…… Right. I’ll tell that to Hakariya.”

Yukimi pulled out his phone, but nodded.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked. Yukimi is doing a lot of things I haven’t seen him do today.

“No matter how many messages I send to Hakariya, she never replies. Maybe she blocked me?”

“Eh, I see……”

Futaba is nodding her head in agreement.

It seems like it doesn’t make sense.

I honestly find it somewhat strange that Yukimi is being blocked by a girl.

I have a rather strong image of Yukimi as the one who’s doing it.

“Now I understand the pain of not getting back a response from RINE.”

Y-yeah ! !

I was a little moved.

“T-that’s right ! You should reply ! As a person !”

“Yeah…… I’m sorry, Hinoriwa. I’ll make sure to reply to you, too.”

He says to me.


I have a bad feeling about…..something.

“Why are you saying that only to me? Reply to Futaba too.”

“Hm? No, I think I’m replying most to Futaba.”

“Huh !?”

I look at Futaba with a bang. My facial muscles swell and twitch.

“N-no ! Sometimes she doesn’t reply back to me !”

“But he doesn’t reply to me !?”

I feel a twinge. I took the liberty of thinking that she was one of those who didn’t get a reply back.

Because, Yukimi, he said before that he didn’t even reply to Hakariya.

It’s too painful~.

Anyway, I’ll take it out on Futaba later.

I decided to take it out on her and ask her to teach me how to get her to reply.

The chime of the end of lunch break rings.

“Futaba, you don’t have to take my lunch for a while. I’ll ask you when I want to eat again.”

“…..I understand.”

Futaba returned with a weak smile.

Yukimi left first, so I told Futaba.

“Do you have time after school today?”

“I was going to say so too.”

Oh, we are such kindred spirits.


After school.

I was at a cake shop in front of the station called Poire Noire.

The chic black-based interior reminded me of a previous visit with Yukimi and his sister.

The place was sparsely populated with customers. Ah, there is a girl in the seat in front of us wearing the same uniform as ours.

She looks like a delinquent gyarul. She’s cute.

“It’s your chance, Mio chan.”

Futaba, who was sitting across from me, took a sip of her tea and started talking.


I also took a bite of the cake. It is delicious.

“Yukimi kun, he’s free now.”

“I can’t feel that way if I see Yukimi who is depressed because he was dumped.”

“Mio chan…’re a good-natured person, aren’t you?”

“What~? You’re right~ Futaba.”

We began to exchange some strong words.

I’m glad that our relationship isn’t just superficial.

“Even during the day, you went out of your way to give Yukimi kun hints, which made me nervous.”


“You know, Yukimi kun thinks he was dumped because he couldn’t save her. But that’s impossible. Probably, the wound on her face is serious. I think Hakari san doesn’t want him to see that, so she’s pushing Yukimi kun away.”

“I knew it……I felt something was wrong too.”

I don’t know that she knew exactly that much.

Futaba has a quick wit.

“Then you shouldn’t tell Yukimi kun. The relationship will be restored as soon as she realizes that Yukimi kun doesn’t care about such things.”

“That’s true, but……”

Maybe it’s because I’m a timid person that I feel a little nervous about it.

“What is our purpose?”

“…..To become Yukimi’s girlfriend.”

“Yes, that’s right. Then now is the time to do it. I’ll make a move. What about you, Mio chan?”

I wonder why she is so strong, even though she is usually so flustered.

Besides, Futaba is also a good-natured person.

When I was at a loss for an answer, I heard a voice.

“I have heard your story. Please let me join.”

Ah, it’s the gyaru I thought was cute earlier.

“Whoa, Kitasume Eika. ….It’s impossible.”

“What do you mean by that? I’m hurt.”

“Huh? Do you know each other?”

Surprisingly. Futaba is quite shy, though.

“Yes, we met once before.”

Futaba has a bitter face.

Is Futaba against it somehow? Then she is my enemy too.

“Mio chan, this is Kitazume san, a first-year student and a charismatic gyaru model.”

She reluctantly introduces her.


I’m sorry, I really don’t know her. I’m not familiar with that kind of thing.

“Fufufu, I guess you’re not well known.”

Futaba is smiling in a bad way.

“I don’t care. But Eikaknows about Hinoriwa senpai. She has a really nice body and I respect her a lot.”


Oh, she’s a good girl.

“Eika also likes Yukimi senpai.”

Oh my…….

That guy is really popular…….

“But I’m having a hard time getting a RINE back from Yukimi senpai.”

“I accept ! ! Futaba, Eika will be joining us !”

I found myself shouting that.

In the calm cake shop, Futaba whines.

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