I, Yukimi Yuki, was thinking.

My brother is in a reasonably good mood these days.

Ever since our mother became a star, he has had many difficult times.

He went around town at night to get into fights, and when he found out they had several underlings, he fell into a strange religion and for some reason ended up destroying it, he played online games without eating and almost died.

There were many other things. It was really tough.

Whenever I cried and complained to him, he returned to the kind and loving brother he used to be.

I think that the reason I was able to do so many things for my age is half because of my brother.

To be honest, it was not such a big deal to me that my brother started dating a national idol, Hakariya Hakari, just recently.

I was surprised, of course.

I was even somewhat proud of the fact that he was my brother.

I don’t think my brother is inferior to the number one idol in Koikoizaka at all.

I just haven’t had a chance to interact with her, but I’m sure I’d fall in love with her if I were around her.

However, I feel that my brother is indeed too popular these days.

It’s nighttime, and I’m sitting on the big sofa with my overly popular brother in the living room, which is illuminated by indirect light.

My brother is sitting on the couched with his legs stretched out, watching Here Comes Darwin ! On TV with a serious look on his face.

He is so serious that I think he likes animals more than people.

I can’t ask him if he likes birds more than me, because that would make me feel depressed.

Suddenly feeling lonely, I move over to rest my head on my brother’s thigh. It’s warm. Smells good.

I curl up in a thin blanket to keep the warmth from escaping.

I look up at him from below.

He doesn’t look at me, but gently strokes my hair with one hand.

It feels good.His delicate touch is sexually alluring in itself.

“Onii chan.”


“You’ve been in a good mood lately. Why’s that?”

I asked him in a frightened tone.

“Is that so? I guess it’s because Yuki is energetic.”

Hmm. I’m so happy.

Onii chan always says things like this.

And he probably sincerely thinks so.

I believe so.

“Things are going well with Hakari chan?”

Now the investigation begins.

I’m going to pursue the issue of his recent excessive popularity.

“I wonder. I might get dumped soon.”

My brother smiles thinly as he watches TV.

I think back to Hakari chan’s love dovey RINE message.

The long sentences are full of unimportant things like what’s cool, nice, and wonderful about my brother.

Sometimes it’s so incoherent that it makes me cringe to read it, but I look forward to it because it makes me happy to hear good things about my brother.

Anyway, Hakari chan is swamped steadily, yes.

However, I can’t easily deny the expectation that he might be dumped soon.

My brother has had several girlfriends in the past, but he has always been dumped.

Basically, my brother never shows his true feelings.

The girls are floating around and don’t notice at first.

But as time goes by, they get more and more insecure.

Do you really think this person likes you? They wondered.

My brother’s ex-girlfriends were all like that.

They fell in love on their own, had their own ideals, got worried about my brother that they didn’t know what he was thinking, and then self-destructed.

It seems that they realizes that the eyes staring at them are not looking at them.

If you ask me.

I always wish I could believe in my brother’s actions, because other people’s minds are only imaginary, no matter how far they go.

Well, as a girl, I understand the feeling of wanting proper words.

I have a real blood connection that other girls don’t have, so I’m aware that I have a lot of leeway in my heart.

If I were just a stranger, in the position of a girlfriend who was lucky enough to be involved in my brother’s life…..I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep my cool.

I might let my emotions get the better of me and say, [I won’t allow you to save me and leave without my permission !]

…..I wonder what will happen to Hakari chan.

She may be strange, but she seems to have confidence in herself, so maybe things will work out better than expected.

It’s true that with that national treasure face of hers, she might not feel negative about being around my brother.

I’m going to explore other possibilities as we chat.

“What do you think of Kyoko chan?”

“Kyoko? She’s a crybaby, but she’s a good person.”

“Her mother is a good person too.”

Yes, Kyoko chan has a good family.

Sayoko san were a good person. The air in the house was good.

It seems like a mother-daughter family, but I guess they have made a lot of efforts so far.

I hope to visit them again soon.

Also, I think the reason she is a crybaby is because my brother bullies her.

But I think this is the first time my brother has bullied a girl.

I wonder if it’s possible.

Like, it’s because he likes her.

I don’t know if that’s possible with high school students. But it might be possible with my brother.

Let’s see, next.

“What do you think about Mio chan?”

“Hinoriwa, huh……. She always does her best. I can rely on her when I need her.”

Hmm. His body is relaxed.

That’s a good feeling. I can see that he really trusts her.

And I know that my brother buys magazines that have Mio chan’s gravure in them.

I think it’s quite relevant though.

I think my brother likes women with big breasts.

I…I’m starting now.

My mom was great, and I’m sure I’ll grow up well in the future.

If I have a future.

“She has a good style, do you think you’d like to go out with Mio chan?”

“I don’t think she would go for me. She’s very popular.”

Well, I’m sorry, Mio chan.

He is not flustered at all.

You don’t attack enough.

Also, I noticed that Mio chan was not called by first name. What a pity.

Mio chan is the oldest among those who are around now.


“What do you think of Futaba chan?”

“Futaba is……a good cook. She brings me lunch these days, so I appreciate it.”

“Heh……! !”

Oh, Futaba chan is amazing.

Well, that’s nice. I want to eat Futaba chan’s meal too. The food I ate the other day was delicious.

“The other day she asked me  if I wanted her to be my mommy. I was surprised.”


Futaba chan…….

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

It’s not that I don’t understand the feeling of being stimulated by motherhood.

It’s scary to be asked in person.

When I was thinking that I would tease Futaba chan next time I see her, I got a counter from my brother.

“How about you, Yuki? Is there any boy you like in your class?”

My mind went blank.

After going blank, I turned red.

“……Huh? There’s no way there were.

The boys in my class are all monkeys, to be frank. They are all noisy and stupid, and most of them can’t even talk properly with girls in the second year of junior high. The only time I’ve seen them approach me is through other people, and I’ve never met anyone who would go straight for me. I don’t think a sister with an older brother would find a classmate like that attractive. Do you know what kind of a person you are, Onii chan? You have a cool face, good style, good sportsmanship, always helps someone, and has a kind voice. There is no one like that other than Onii chan. There is no way I could ever have a boyfriend, let alone someone I like. You should think more carefully before you speak up.”

“…..I-I’m sorry, Yuki. My bad.”

“Yeah. As long as you understand.”

……Well, before I knew it, I had raised my body and was strangling my brother.

With a lot of power.

Onii chan is frightened as if he had stepped on the tiger’s tail.

The very strong Onii chan is frightened of me.

To be honest, I felt like I had opened a door that I shouldn’t have.

“I’m sorry. So, please calm down.”

I am calm.

I’m upset, but I’m calm.

“The reason I get so emotional is because Onii chan is too cool.”

Siblings are one. What we lack, we make up for.

Do you understand?

“I understand.”

I felt really calm when I saw Onii chan nodding his head.

I know that I was really delirious just now.

So, what I am about to say is genuine, calm, and from the heart.

“Onii chan doesn’t really belong to me, but I belong to Onii chan.”

Do you understand?

Take care of me.

I lay down again and hugged Onii chan.

As I rubbed my forehead against him, I felt like an animal marking its territory.

But that was okay.

My brother likes animals better than people.

He stroked my head more timidly and awkwardly than before.

I thought that I loved him from the bottom of my heart.

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