“Onii chan, this is crazy.”

That’s what my sister told me as soon as I got home.

My sister, who was supposed to be sleeping because of her illness, was still in her pajamas and had come out near the front door.

She looked very young for a third year middle school student.

She is not taller than 4’9″, quite slender, and looks like a fragile girl.

“I’m home, Yuki. Are you all right now?”


“So, what’s wrong?”

My sister continued with her eyes shining brightly, which she does not usually show.

Her eyes are like those of a cat.

“This is crazy. Onii chan was on Koikoizaka’s Toutube stream……”


“Seriously. As expected, you just got caught up in it, Onii chan. I had never heard that you were a fan of Koikoizaka.”

The stream means it was a live broadcast.

I wonder how many people were watching.


I wonder if Yuki watches idol shows.

She sure dances a lot, though.

I move to the living room while patting Yuki’s head, who has grown older and clings to my waist.

“Hey, hey. How was it? Seeing Hakariya Hakari chan on live?”

“No,……to be honest, I was too surprised to remember much either.”

“Then, let me show it to you, Onii chan~”

Yuki turned on the TV in the living room and opened Toutube.

The two of us sat down on the sofa side by side.

The title of the video shown on the screen was,

[Breaking News] Hakariya Hakari confesses to a high school boy who is a fan of hers ! [Clip]

“M-my face is on the screen…….”

“Oh, by the way, did you give permission, Onii chan?”

“Ah. After I left the place, an adult came running in a panic and asked me if it was okay to show my face. I think I just couldn’t help but say yes.”

“Honestly, I feel happy that so many people can see my proud Onii chan.”

Yuki, who raises her hand to the side of her face, is cute, but I was surprised by the number of views on the video.

“Eh !? 50,000 views……!?”

“It’s amazing how many views it’s getting, isn’t it? It’s been up for about 30 minutes, so I’m sure it’s going to get a lot more views soon.”

“I just don’t like it…”

The video is played by Yuki.

The long, black-haired idol, Hakariya Hakari, confessed to me.

The screen is filled with her from where the camera is filming from.

“Haa……Hakari chan’s too beautiful…….”

She is indeed beautiful, I think.

However, I thought it was a waste because of her pasted-up expression.

Although it was beautiful, I felt it looked artificial.

“So, Onii chan refused her.”

“That’s because it’s our first meeting…….”

“No matter how many times you meet a beautiful girl of this caliber, if she confesses her love to you, you will usually say yes, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

I rub Yuki’s cheeky neck.

Skinship is important.


You’re just pretending to hate it.

“So, after that, when you saw Hakari chan getting flustered, you pretended to say yes.”

“I guess so. I looked around and found all the staff around me.”

“You are so kind. As expected of Onii chan. But how did you manage to walk there? It was a miracle.”

“I was thinking about Yuki’s pudding and didn’t look ahead.”

“Eh, Onii chan… your love for me….that big…..I’m happy.”

I left my sister who started to say something unintelligible and moved my eyes to the TV screen.

The video shows me hurriedly telling Hakariya Hakari that I still love her.

I’m in panic.

I’m about to leave with my head bowed, but Hakariya hakari who had been frozen, finally starts to move and stops me.

“Hakari chan’s face is so red here.”

“You’re right.”

It felt different from the fake face from earlier.

Hakariya Hakari puts her mouth close to my ear.

“Kyaa ! Hakari chan’s face is near yor ear ! That’s crazy !”

While saying this, Yuki brings her face close to my ear. Stop.

“So, did you just say it was a great success here? I can’t pick up the sound because Hakari chan’s voice is too quiet.”

“No, that’s the thing.”

I recall the words that were actually said to me there yesterday.

“Tell me your name, address, and school.”

The national idol, with her pretty face and sweet voice like a child begging for a favor, whispered.


My sister urged me to continue, but I stopped.

“No, nothing. It’s just that the story’s out and bye-bye.”


Yuki, who seems easy-going but can read people’s subtleties, seems to be onto something, but she doesn’t pursue it.

After that, Yuki remembered that she hadn’t bathed since yesterday and went to take a bath.

I’m glad to see that she was really feeling better.

Suddenly, I looked at the clipped video that had finished playing and noticed the number 1048.

It says [comments] on the side.

“Eh, 1048 comments means……”

Scrolling down with trepidation, I found a large number of comments on the video.


・Hakari sama is too precious.

・Hakari sama’s private clothes are so crazy.

・I want to boil Hakariya Hakari’s black hair and eat it ham ham ham


・This is the real moe…….

・Hakari sama’s [I like you] ――(゜∀゜)――

What was the first high school student to refuse this? I’m cold.

・It’s annoying that he’s so nervous, but a little fresh.

・I’m so angry that he’s acting like he’s not a fan at first.

・I’ve never seen Hakari blush like that before.

・Maybe since her debut.

・I’m jealous that he’s not wearing a Koihan T-shirt.

・I’m jealous, I want to be confessed to too.

・How is it a surprise to have an idol confess to you?

・This channel is going backwards in the Reiwa era, I’m so excited !


After a quick scroll I stopped looking at the screen.

I felt a little dizzy because I don’t usually watch this kind of thing.

Forget it.

I took a bath after my sister and slept like a mud to forget the day’s events.


“Whoa, it’s already this late. I have to go to school tomorrow, so I have to go to bed soon.”

“Ah, but before I go to bed, let’s watch a video of Onii chan and Hakari chan again.”

“Nn~ The comment section is so crowded~”

“Hm? I’m here to voice-analyze Hakariya Hakari’s last words……?”

・Here comes someone who is good at computers.

This, after forcibly amplifying the words Hakari is speaking at the end and removing the noise.

After the words of the instrument’s speech are amplified and the noise is removed, the pattern extracted from 300 GB of the instrument’s existing voice data is applied and analyzed…..and

“Tell me your name, address, and school.”

 ・Is this for real?

 ・No way, she declares that she wants to connect with her fans lol

 ・Who is this kid?

 ・I’ll identify him first.

 ・Look for him ! There’s your chance to meet the national idol Hakariya Hakari !


“Is Onii chan already sleeping? I’ll have to tell him tomorrow when he wakes up before he goes to school…….”


“Whew, I’m so sleepy.”

I was sleepy, but forced my body to move.

I wash my face, prepare breakfast for Yuki and myself, and then eat it.

I go to my sister’s room, who still hasn’t woken up after I’m done eating.

“Yuki, good morning. Will you be able to go to school today?”


“I’m preparing breakfast for you, so eat as much as you can.”


It looks like she’s melting, but it’s normal so I’ll leave her alone.

For some reason, my younger sister is a talented child, so she will probably wake up at the last minute and go to school properly.

“Okay, I’m off.”



“…………..It’s morning already !?”

“I forgot to tell Onii chan ! !”

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