My name is Akamori Kyoko.

I am 16 years old.

I am one of the idols in the Koikoizaka group.

I have short hair with heavy bangs.

My specialty is dancing. I can also do a variety of athletic activities.

People often say that I am boyish or beautiful in men’s clothes.

Many people say that if I were taller, I could have been a star of a singing troupe.

It is true that I often wear menswear-like outfits, and I often arrange my stage costumes in a cool style.

But I’m really happy to have become an idol.

I practice dancing and singing a lot, and put on a lot of makeup.

I wear the best costumes and express myself with my whole body from the stage.

And I receive hundreds or thousands of times more cheers than an ordinary person can receive in a lifetime.

I have never been so happy and fulfilled.

I have never expressed this kind of feeling to other members.

I was proud of my idol business.

—-That’s why I was just confused by the actions of Hakariya Hakari, who may end up being idols.

It all started with the program broadcast after yesterday’s handover event.

[ [Idols Confess to Their Fans in Surprise~! !] ]

Rinne, a member of the same group, and I called out the title in front of the camera.

We were the two MCs for the show.

“Today, the three of us had a handover event at TATSUYA right here.”

“Right here.”

“We just finished, and the area is swarming with our fans !”

“Many of them.”

“This time our target is Hakari chan’s fans. In other words, the black T-shirt is the symbol.”

“Black T-shirt.”

……Rinne’s role is easy.

She just aptly phases in and out after I speak.

I stare at her sideways, but I wonder where the wind blows.

Well, Rinne is that kind of character, so that’s fine. She’s cute without a doubt.

In the meantime, the explanation was over, and I saw a fan standing by.

……Guh. That guy is Monta Junior……

Monta Junior is the son of the show’s producer, Monta san.

Monta san is a bearded and talented producer who assists us in our various tasks.

He is also a direct disciple of the legendary Harusaki Takeshi, the founder of the group.

He is a great person, but to be honest, his treatment of Monta Junior is not good.

He is too lenient with his son.

Monta san’s son, whom we call Junior, is a genuine Koikoizaka’s geek.

He is also a troublesome type of person.

Whenever he has a favorite idol, he begs his father, Mnta san, to give him preferential treatment in terms of tickets to his favorite idol’s performances or to allow him to attend his favorite idol’s TV shows.

Recently, he has become even more brazen, following Monta san around and even entering the backstage area with impunity.

The kids in the group had a hard time dealing with Junior because they were indebted to Monta san.

Junior is now waiting in the wings to play the role of the fan who is confessed to by Hakariya Hakari.

(As you can see……I thought it was a bit of a terrible plan, but……)

So this is what happened.

I can only imagine, but it may be that Monta san created this project because of Junior’s selfishness of wanting to be confessed to by Hakari chan, even if it was a lie.

Junior is sitting on a simple bench a little further down the road, sniffling.

He seemed to be grinning at the fantasy of being confessed to by Hakari.

I wonder if it means anything when someone says they love them by acting.

……I guess it must be for someone like that.

Monta Junior is the kind of guy who is big and some members call him a gorilla.

Scary, I honestly thought.

I was worried about Hakari chan.

—-It was when I was thinking that.

A boy walked towards Hakari-chan.

The boy was slender but had a strong torso, and he had dark hair.

Even though Hakari chan was standing next to him, but he was waiting at the traffic light, paying no attention to her.

Behind the camera, Junior started to make a fuss.

“Who the hell is that guy ! Get him out of here ! It’s my role to be confessed to by Hakari !?”

No one on the staff moved.

Or rather, they couldn’t move.

They said that they had no choice but to give him the role because Monta san asked for it, and that no one was willing to listen to Junior’s order.

Because Hakari chan had talked to the boy.

From that point on, I couldn’t see much because of the distance, but Hakari chan’s surprise worked…….I think.

The boy left with his head down.

But after that, Hakari chan’s behavior was strange.

When Hakari chan came back to us, she looked somewhat ecstatic and—

It was the kind of look that fans who saw Hakari chan in person for the first time would have.

Like she was floating in heat and her eyes were wet.

Anyway, I have often seen Hakari chan’s rather cool side, so I was taken aback.

“Hey ! You can another surprise, right !? My turn !?”

Everyone ignores Junior’s fussing.

Looking at Hakari chan’s condition, it’s impossible no matter how you think about it.

Besides, it was now the consensus of the scene that they didn’t want Junior, in his excited state, anywhere near Hakariya Hakari.

The staff desperately whispers to Monta san.

Monta san thought for a moment, then said, [Move out !] and left, hugging Junior’s shoulder.

Thank goodness.

A sense of relief filled the air at the site.

I then approached Hakari chan, who seemed to have calmed down a bit, and asked her.

“Are you all right? Your face is red.”

“Eh… that so?”

Hakariya Hakari, her hands resting on her slightly red cheeks and her eyes downcast, was just too cute.

Even though we’ve been working together for almost two years, I’ve never seen her face like this.


It’s an unusual situation.

“……You nervous?”

“Yeah. Kind of. Love at first sight, maybe it’s not a lie.”


What are you saying?

What the hell are you saying !?

I had a bad feeling.

I had a feeling that something would change.

I pretended I didn’t hear it right then and there, let it go unanswered, and went home.


I finished getting ready for bed and went to my room to look at social media.

The topics on Koikoizaka are no less informative.

Looking at Tvitter, I saw that today’s delivery was slightly inflamed.

What kind of thing would it be to have an idol confess to an ordinary person?

I think so too.

I was not particularly being bashed, so I skimmed through it lightly.

Then I found a tweet that caught my attention.

・Hakari is asking her fans name, address, and school lololol.

W-what the heck !

From there, I looked at the derived information and found that it was very bad.

Hakari is asking for information on that boy.

And somehow through what route the information was actually starting to spread.

RINE rings. It was Hakariya Hakari

I have a bad feeling.

“Kyoko, are you still awake?”

“I’m awake ! Hakari chan, you’re in trouble…….”

“Tell me your Tvitter login password.”

“Are you listening !? I think the password is in the email manager gave.”

“Ah, I see ! Thanks.”

She is trying to do something, as she usually leaves all the social media to her manager.

“Hakari chan, what are you trying to do?”

“I got a call from AD-chan saying that Yukimi kun’s information is out there.”

“So that boy is called Yukimi kun……not that ! What are you going to do with the information !?”

“…There it is. Fufu. Yukimi Daifuku fufu. Cute.”

She seems to have hit the nail on the head.

She’s mumbling something.

My bad premonition comes true.

“Kyoko, I have a favor to ask you.”



The next evening, I was beside her, dressed as a man, as Hakari chan had requested.

She said my male attire was the best pick-up repellent.

I didn’t feel bad because I had been told many times how nice and lovely I looked.

But this time I had to stop.

An ambush near the boy’s high school.

I had tried to stop her many times after the meeting, asking her what she would do if she was being followed by a reporter, but to no avail.

“I’m wearing a mask until right before the meeting, I’ll be fine”

She said.

What an idiot.

Hakari chan doesn’t know her own aura.

She would be easily recognized by her style and the luster of her hair.

After waiting for a while, Hakari chan hurriedly took off her mask and started walking.

I wondered if she had found Yukimi Daifuku.

There he is.

Hakari chan was talking with the boy.

I am too calm, and so is the Yukimi boy,

I was most surprised at Hakari chan, who was completely in the state of a maiden in love.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Hakari chan was actually serious.

I was looking at Hakari chan like that.

That’s why I was really surprised.

“Excuse me ! I fell in love with you at first sight ! Please give me your contact information !”

Saying that, she grabbed both my hands. Who was supposed to be a boy.

“Fwueeh !?”

I couldn’t help but let out a voice.

He has a cute face, but his hands are so rugged.

I’m dressed as a man right now.

Various thoughts ran through my mind.

“I-I’m a boy, you know !?”

I was so nervous that I said it in a completely female voice.

In my normal male-dress mode, I can speak in a lower voice.

What am I doing?

Yukimi’s eyes widened when he heard my voice, but then he moved her face closer to mine.

He whispered in my ear.

“I’m probably being filmed on camera. Why don’t you show them that you exchanged contact information with me for Hakari san’s sake?”

“Hyaa……yes…I-I understand.”

I was a bit nervous because he was talking in my ear, but I understood what Yukimi was trying to say.

This person thinks and acts.

I took my phone out of my pocket and exchanged RINE with him.

It could have been an act, but naturally we were actually exchanging.

“I’ll be in touch ! !”

The boy leaves with a good smile.

I noticed a car parked at the end of his walk.

It might be the car of the reporter who had been warned in the office.

It looked like he was in a hurry to hide something when he turned to face me.

He understood the situation in that split second.

That’s amazing.

I’m sure he knew I was a woman.

“Yukimi kun……”

I unintentionally mumbled the boy’s name.

The heat of his hand held tightly remained.

…..I looked next to me and saw Hakari chan looking at me with a blank stare.

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