“Good morning, Yukimi kun.”

I entered the classroom and was approached near my seat.

“……Good morning.”

I returned the greeting.

The person who greeted me was one of my classmates, Kouki Futaba.

She is one of the few people who greeted me.

A few months ago, after an incident at school, I basically kept my distance from others.

I don’t avoid them outright, but I always stay quiet in the classroom.

The one who always breaks through that is this Kouki Futaba.

“You look so calm today.”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“Yukimi kun is not normal. For better or for worse.”

She looked at me with straight eyes.

After blinking a few times, she continued to look at me.

I always think she has big eyes.

She must have something to say.

The pretentious attitude is Kouki Futaba signature.

“What do you want?”

“About yesterday.”

“What about it?”

“How surprising. You really don’t think anything of it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“As expected of Yukimi kun.”

Kouki Futaba, nodding her head, tilting her head slightly.

I think this girl’s gestures always seem theatrical.

“If you don’t use social media, you may not know this, but you’re on fire.”

“On fire?”

That’s when I finally remembered that I was caught in the middle of an idol shoot on Toutube yesterday.

I happened to be there and the idol confessed to me in a joking manner

“……So that. It’s not my fault that I was just passing by.”

“Yes, the problem is not you, but her. It’s Hakariya Hakari.”


I don’t understand at all.

I want you to tell me the conclusion first.

As I was thinking that, an unknown student rushed into the classroom.

“Yukimi Daifuku ! ! ! Is there anyone called Yukimi Daifuku ! ! !”


He is shouting quite loudly.

He is a nervous-looking man with glasses.

I have never seen his face.

An unknown student suddenly enters the classroom before the first day of school and shouts loudly.

The classroom was filled with tension.

Some students were glancing in my direction.

I had no choice but to answer.

“I’m Yukimi.”

I responded by lightly raising my hand as I sat down.

“So it’s you ! !”

A male student walks up to my seat in the back of the classroom.

He looks very serious when I look at him up close.

He looks as if he’s about to fight me.

The eyes are bloodshot and scary.

“Hey, you, what the hell are you ! !”

“…..I’m sorry. I’ve never met you before, so I’d like to know your name first.”

I had never really seen his face before, so I replied in a polite manner.

“I’m Ishimatsu, a third-year student ! What kind of relationship do you have with Hakariya Hakari ! !”

Oh, a senior. I’m glad I didn’t talk to him in a casual manner. Safe.

“What do you mean? We met for the first time yesterday.”

“Then why did she ask your name ! !”

I wonder if they heard that idol’s last whisper.

“I don’t know. To be honest, I didn’t even know she existed.”


Whoa, the guy who called himself [Ishimatsu] peeled off his white eyes.


“Are you trying to pick a fight with me, who has a 4-digit fan club number of Hakariya Hakari ! !”

I thought to myself, if he can be so arrogant with four digits, then the number of Hakariya Hakari’s fans must be really great.

He reached out to grab me by the chest while I was sitting down.

Oh, even though he looks mature, he’s trying to get his hand on me.

However, I could see his hand reaching straight out, so I flicked it lightly.

Ishimatsu san, who was about to put his weight toward me, lost his balance.

He fell to the floor in a heap.

A loud noise was heard.

He was lying on the floor at the feet of Kouki, who was sitting next to me.

Kouki looked at him as if he were a cold piece of trash.

……This girl is scary as hell.

A normal high school girl would be even more frightened if a violent man were to fall down in her classroom.

“Don’t screw with me……don’t get involved with Hakari chan, ever…….”

“I won’t get involved. I don’t think she remembers me at all.”

“Don’t you know you’ve been identified on the Internet,……?”

What did he say?

“Hey, Ishimatsu ! What are you doing in an underclassmen’s classroom !”

Someone called out to him, or perhaps he was nearby and noticed the noise, and the head of the year, Sonoda sensei, came in.

As is typical for a physical education teacher, he has a sturdy physique.

He came up to Ishimatsu san, who was sitting on the floor, and said,

“Yukimi, did you hit Ishimatsu?”

“No, he grabbed me and I just played along.”

“…..Well, that’s good then.”

After a short pause to think, Sonoda sensei forced Ishimatsu san to stand up and left the classroom.

Soon the classroom returned to its normal routine.

Everyone was busily discussing the events that had just taken place.

I rested my head on my cheekbones, closed my eyes, and waited for class as if nothing had happened.

The specific things that Ishimatsu san mentioned,

I was thinking about the fire that Kouki Futaba had mentioned.

All I knew was that I was involved in something.

As I was hoping someone would tell me about my situation, my phone vibrated.

I checked it and found a RINE from my sister, Yuki.

The answer to my question was there.

Younger sister [Onii chan, I’ll briefly explain the current situation (^^)/]

Younger sister [In yesterday’s stream, Hakari chan was caught asking Onii chan to tell her your name, address, and school (I wish you told her(/_;)).]

Younger sister [That information was spread and Onii chan’s information ended up with a famous influencer who is known for exposing people.]

Younger sister [Onii chan’s name and school name are on the internet now! !(´;ω;`)]

Younger sister [There are rumors circulating that Hakari chan liked that guy (゜Д゜)]

Younger sister [There might be some scary fans or ! Be careful (´;ω;`)]

I see, that’s easy to understand. As expected of Yuki.

I don’t know because I don’t use social media, but I wonder if a lot of people are watching me.

Remembering the heat in the comments section of yesterday’s video, I reply.

Yukimi Daifuku [Are you alright, Yuki? Sorry to bother you.]

Younger sister [You’re worrying about me first ! !??]

Younger sister [I really love Onii chan……]

Younger sister [I’m totally fine (^_-)-☆]

Are you really okay……?

Yuki is physically weak but she’s smart so I’m not that worried about her, but I think I’ll take today off from my part-time job and go home.


The rest of the day passed smoothly as if the morning commotion had never happened.

I felt some stares when I walked down the hallway during break time, but that was it.

I thought this effect would last for a few days.

I had let my guard down, thinking it was no big deal.

That’s why I didn’t notice it until right before it happened.

After school, I went out of the school gate, and when I came to the corner, there she was.

hakariya Hakari was there.

The moment she saw me, her eyes widened and she smiled.

I knew that the name of a national idol was not a given, and she radiated a radiance that made me feel as if she were not from this world.

But she wasn’t even wearing a disguise. Is she an idiot?

Did she really come to see me?

No, I want to think that there is no way.

Immediately remembering yesterday’s mistake, I observe my surroundings, thinking of the possibility of another filming.

There is only one man, a small, thin man, standing next to Hakariya Hakari.

Is he the manager?

I don’t see any staff.

But there is a car parked a short distance away on the road across the street, and there is a man holding a camera like a bazooka from inside.

Considering that the last filming, it was full of people with cameras and microphones in an imposing manner, is it a fan or a weekly newspaper?

Either way, I knew it was not a good place for this girl to be filmed.

I’ll think of a way to make this place work.

“Hi there.”

The idol greeted me in a beautiful voice that was nothing but cool and refreshing.


“I’m sorry for involving you in my stream yesterday.”


“I-I’ve……been thinking about you.”

Oh, come one, what are you saying all of a sudden? Seriously?

Think. Think of a way to make this go away.

“I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong guy.”

“No, I remember clearly. Your name is Yukimi Daifuku kun, isn’t it?”

The “mistaken identity” strategy failed.

She knows my full name.

Think about it.

The manager next to her didn’t stop her, just looked surprised at Hakariya hakari.

I mean, this guy is a beautiful boy.

You can tell even though he wears his cap deeply.

Is the manager handsome in the entertainment industry, too?

“H-here, this is my contact information.”

She is trying to take something out of her bag.

I have no time.

I have to act before they take a picture of the decisive moment.

I don’t care anymore.

“I’m sorry ! I fell in love at first sight ! Please give me your contact information !”

Not Hakariya Hakari, but,

I grabbed the hand of the male manager next to her.

I appealed to the ones who would be filming the scene and Hakariya Hakari.

Highschool boy homosexuality strategy.

“Fwuee !?”


I was backed into a corner, and I could see that my strategy had backfired.

The voice of the male manager who held my hand was clearly female,

Hakariya Hakari’s words were the proof.

“Eh, why……Kyoko……?”

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That was an epic fail and probably Kyoko falls for him as well… What a hot mess.

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“Task failed successfully”