I had a call from Onii chan, so I went to a cake shop in front of the station.

A cake shop in front of the station called Poire Noire.

The interior of the store has a chic design based on black, and the cakes that are served stand out very well.

It was so beautiful and cute that I took lots of pictures.

But Onii chan started eating the cake he ordered the moment it arrived, so I lectured him.

You sweet tooth.

I’m the type of person who takes pictures of my memories.

But I forgave him because he looked absolutely  cute with the whipped cream on his mouth while looking at me with a puzzled expression.

And then I think about Hinoriwa Mio san and Kouki Futaba san, who are looking at Onii chan with compassionate eyes.

Now, what should I do?

My brain is tired because I have been moving since yesterday, but I think that the sugar I just ate should work for me.

I have met Hinoriwa Mio san before.

Onii chan helped her before, so it was because of that.

As is the case with girls who have been saved by Onii chan, I guess she likes him.

I can see that her gaze has even more feelings than before. 

I still don’t know about Kouki Futaba san.

Since she is the one whom Onii chan moved to help, I think she must be his inner person now.

They are both very flamboyant.

Hinoriwa san is of course famous for her gravure, and Kouki san is also cute, no wonder she is so popular as a streamer.

I think they would be even more popular if they took off their masks.

I’m cute in my own way, too, and all eyes in the store were on this table.

Onii chan, who was sitting with us, was not so impressed.

While I was thinking about that, Onii chan finished eating and looked at me with satisfaction as I ate my cake,

After patting me on the head, he left the store and went to his part-time job.

How could he leave his sister whom he had never met for a while? I think so, but I still have things I want to talk about, so that’s what I wanted.

We all ordered an extra cup of tea.

It smelled so good.

After chatting for a while and being able to call them Mio chan and Futaba chan,

I started to ask them.

“So, what happened on the rooftop today…….

I asked the two of them the details of Onii chan’s behavior, even though I had heard roughly about it on the phone.

The two of them started to talk to me about what Onii chan had done.

“It was surprising. When Yukimi kun threw the phone, I didn’t understand what happened at first.”

Futaba chan says, remembering.

“Yeah, but the moment I thought of it, he did it.”

Mio chan nodded in agreement.

I imagine Onii chan on the rooftop.

“Onii chan when he decides to do something, he does it. He doesn’t think about what comes next.”

“Indeed. I laughed because he didn’t have any hesitation.”

Mio chan laughed.

It was not a mocking laugh, but a somewhat affectionate laugh.

“Now that I think about it, is Yukimi kun good at fighting? He threw Takagi, didn’t he?”

“He did. Takagi was also a member of the soccer team and he didn’t seem to be weak, but he was like a small fry.”

Futaba chan asked and Mio chan continued.

“Because Onii chan has good eyesight,……and he doesn’t have any of the fear or nervousness that normal people feel. I think he would probably beat most people in a one-on-one fight.”

“That’s amazing…’s only been a few months since we started talking in the classroom, but I realized that I didn’t know Yukimi kun at all.”

Futaba chan said as if she was impressed.

“H-hey. What is Yukimi like in the classroom?”

Mio chan asked, taking advantage of the flow of the conversation.

I’m also curious about Onii chan in the classroom.

“He doesn’t talk at all.”

“Hmmm. Even with Futaba?”

“I do talk. I try to say at least one word every day.”

“What? Why?”

“Eh…..because we’re friends.”



Mio chan was pressuring her and Futaba chan was being pushed.

These two are very close.

I think it’s time to get down to business.

“What kind of person is Onii chan from your point of view?”

They both answered with a slightly straightened posture, as if they could tell that I had changed my mood.

“He is usually absentminded, but in fact, he looks around carefully and helps those who are in trouble.”

Mio chan answered.

“I……honestly don’t know. I thought I was the only friend he had. I didn’t even know that he and Mio chan were that close.”

Mio chan’s cheeks relaxed when Futaba chan looked at her and told her that she and Onii chan were close.

It’s adorable.

“But I just found out that the one he likes the most is Yuki chan.”


Futaba chan continued to say to me.

“That’s true. The way he looked at Yuki, he had so much affection for her.”

Even Mio chan.

T-that much?


“I-it’s not that much, is it?”

“No, it was like he was loving a precious treasure.”

Geez. Futaba chan, you’re so good with your mouth.

I can’t help but wiggle my body.

“So cute…….”

Mio chan said while looking at me tenderly.

I think it’s okay to say something to these two.

I have a good eye for people.

I return to a serious face and say.

“Certainly, Onii chan cares about me. But what he really has in his heart is…..our mother, who has already become a star. I can’t tell you the details yet, but I’ve always thought that he doesn’t care what happens to him.”

“I see…….”

Futaba chan is the one who accepts my sudden and heavy talk.

“I certainly felt that way. Even when he rescued me, there were a lot of dangers.”

Mio chan is talking about the time when Onii chan saved her.

Futaba chan doesn’t know what happened, so she seems to want to ask about it.

I wonder if the two of them will talk about it again later.

“Yes, it was dangerous. It was my mother’s teaching that you should help people in need.

Right now, that teaching, combined with Onii chan’s condition of not taking care of himself, is making me so anxious already.”

Mom left Onii chan with happy memories and a curse at the same time.

The two of them listen to me seriously, so I continue.

“If today’s incident on the rooftop, for example, were to come to a situation where someone was about to fall from the rooftop, Onii chan would throw himself down without hesitation.”

“Such a thing…….”

“That extent…….”

Right. Actually, if Onii cha had that ability, I don’t think he would ever be in that situation, and now that I’m here, I think there’s a good chance he’ll stay put.

But when I’m gone.

I’m looking beyond that.

“So, here’s my proposal.”


Mio chan asks back and Futaba chan silently urges me to continue.

“Will you be Onii chan’s important person?”

“An important person……. But isn’t that what Yukimi thinks?”

Mio chan gives me a straight answer.

On the other hand, Futaba chan was different.

“I get it. I will become Yukimi kun’s important person.”


She looked straight at me.

That’s the kind of person Futaba chan is.

“E-eh !? Futaba !?”

“I’ll do my best. I wonder what kind of person Yukimi kun likes.”

“Futaba !? Aren’t you too hasty ? You are talking about someone important, right?”

“But the person you like is an important person, right? I want him to like me.”

“Futaba !?”

Mio chan is getting flustered.

But don’t worry, I know that Mio chan will do her best.

It’s reassuring to have two cute and kind people on my side.

Besides……I wonder if it’s terrible of me to think that the two of them will get along with each other and depend on Onii chan.

I’m thinking about it because I’m tired.

I was too active yesterday and today. I feel a little feverish.

I have no energy.

My head was a little foggy, and I somehow looked at my phone, and RINE popped up.

I saw a message on my phone, Hakariya Hakari, an unread message.

I have a bad feeling.

Hakariya Hakari [The office found out. I’m sorry.]

I was so shocked that I fell down and lay down on the sofa.

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