In the morning, I go to Yuki’s room to check on her.

When I gently open the door, Yuki’s eyes open.

“Good morning, Yuki. Are you all right?”

“I feel much better. Thank you.”

I approached her and put the water I had brought on the sideboard of her bed.

Yuki sat up and took the water and drank it.

“The water tastes good. So, are you going to see Hakari chan today?”

I sat down on the bed, too.
Yuki was sitting flat against the wall, looking so cute.
I’m getting the feeling that I want to lie down with her like this.

“Yeah. After that, I received a long message from someone named Sazaki via Akamori.”

I hand the phone to Yuki and ask her to take a look at it.
Yuki’s eyes flick from left to right at high speed.

“……Hmmmm. They said it would be good anytime after school today. It’s a rare politeness for a person in the industry. Anyway, the text tells that they had no intention to attack Onii chan. I guess I’m a little relieved. Also, they seem like they did their job properly.”


I stroke Yuki’s head and make her lie down again.
Yuki doesn’t really resist, so I cover her neck with the blanket and push her in tightly.

“What is it~”

Yuki laughs.

“No, I was just trying to keep you under the covers.”

“No, it’s hot…..I mean, are you going to Hakari chan’s place by yourself?”

As always, she’s sharp.

“Yeah. I can’t cause Yuki any trouble anymore.”

I say this with strong will.

Yuki just groaned and seemed to be satisfied.
She always respects my true wishes.

“……Don’t push yourself too hard.

“Yeah. I’m sure you’ll be fine. They’ll at least make you promise not to tell anyone about it.”

There may be a written oath.
I’m not going to write it.

“What would you do if they told you to break up?”

Oh, that too.

“It depends on Hakariya. I don’t know what will happen.”

Yuki looked at me curiously.

“I’m surprised. I thought you were going to break up with her.”

“Is that so? I’d like to know more about her.”

I’ve only been with her for three days.


Yuki is making an unusual face.

“Do you dislike Hakariya?”

I was curious, so I asked her.
If so, it’s a different story.

“No. I think she’s strange. I enjoyed talking with her the day before yesterday. She’s totally different from the impression I get from TV, in a good way.”

On the day the four of us got together, I sent Akamori home first, but I guess that’s what happened after that.

“I see. Well, don’t worry, I’ll break up with her if it threaten our lives.'”

“….Yeah. Anyway, be careful.”

After patting Yuki’s head as a reminder, I left the room.


After school, I headed to the designated office building.

It is beautiful and big.
Big is intimidating by itself.

I hadn’t been told where to go, so I proceeded through the entrance for now.
The woman at the reception desk had a question mark on her face because I was wearing a school uniform and didn’t have a bag with me.
That’s no wonder.

I quickly spoke to her, not wanting to give her any unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Excuse me. I was called here by someone named Sasaki san.”

“…..Ah ! Yes. I’ll let her know. Please wait a moment.”

In a few minutes, Sasaki san appeared and showed me around.
After a brief greeting, she asked me to follow her.
As I walked behind her, I thought.
She walks very quickly.
Judging from her back, she seems like a woman who can do the job.

After we got on a very large elevator and were alone, Sasaki san spoke to me.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, but.”

She looked as if she was having a hard time saying this.
Her well-groomed eyebrows were furrowed.


“Hakariya is our treasure.”


She started to say something outrageous, so I answered vaguely.
What was she trying to say?

“Please understand that.”

She turns her sharp gaze toward me who doesn’t understand.
I guess she has extraordinary feelings, but to be honest, I don’t really care.

“I understand.”

I answered appropriately.
After that, we walked in silence.

Sasaki san held up her card and the door to the large room with security opened.

“Yukimi kun !”
“Yukimi kun……”

There was Akamori Kyoko who called out cheerfully, and Hakariya Hakari, who looked somewhat frail.

The two were sitting side by side at a long white desk in the middle of a large room.

I sat across from them.
Sasaki san remained standing at the side.

“First of all, thank you very much for your visit. So, today…..”

Sasaki san began to talk.

I looked at Hakariya while half listening to what she was saying.
She is looking down. I thought she was more like an egomaniac.

“Are you listening, Yukimi san?”

Ignoring Sasaki san, I asked Keiya.

“Hakariya, you’re not feeling well even though your boyfriend is here?”

“……! !”

Hakariya looks up and stares at me as if he had been hit by a bullet.

“Where did you go when you suddenly confessed to me?”

I said in a ridiculing tone.


I ask her but she doesn’t answer.
Then, staring at me.

She started tearing up.

Wow, seriously.

“Hakari chan !?”

Akamori rushes to touch Hakariya’s body.

“….Ugh…hiks……I’m sorry, Yukimi kun, I’m sorry……”

Hakariya apologized to me while crying.


Sasaki san also muttered, looking upset.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry……that Yukimi kun might be exposed by the bad guys on the internet.”

Hakariya starts to cry.
Is it really something to cry about?
What is a “bad guy” on the Internet?

“Akamori please explain, quickly and concisely. Hurry up.”

“Why me !?”

No, somehow…I feel like it’s better that way…..

“Let me explain.”

Sasaki san, who had been frozen since Hakariya started crying, started to move.

She explains it in an easy-to-understand way.

There are some parts I didn’t fully understand, but to summarize, here it is.

There is a guy with a funny name, “Toretore,” who is famous for distributing scandalous information about other people on the Internet.
I don’t understand it at all, but it seems that a lot of people come to watch for the scandals that are revealed.
The people exposed range from athletes to celebrities.
The streams seem to be entertaining, and there is no end to the number of tip-offs from people who want approval.
This Toretore guy is going to expose “Hakariya Hakari and that high school boy” in his next stream apparently.
The reason I say “apparently” is that there is a person who has obtained this information, and that person is a man named Kadota Akira.
There was a lot of explanation about him, but I forgot it.

The complicated part is that Kadota Akira likes Hakariya and is trying to stop them from exposing the information.
But he might ask for something in return.

“It’s complicated.”

An honest comment.
I wonder if that’s what she called me here to tell me today.

“So, I’m going to be straight to the point. I would like to ask you to leave Hakariya.”

Hakariya was still crying.
Well, I guess that’s what happens.

“In the first place, is there any proof that the streamer is going to expose the relationship between Hakariya and me? All he knows is that I am a high school student who just happened to be there.”

That was my question.
I had not yet done anything, even though I was involved with Hakariya.

It was Sunday when I got caught up in the stream and we started dating on Monday.
Now it is Thursday.
I don’t think there’s anything to be exposed in the first place.

“That’s for sure……”

Akamori agrees with me.


I call out to Hakariya, whose face is crumpled up in tears.


“Do you want to break up with me?”

First of all, I have to confirm her will.

“……No way. ….We haven’t gone on a date.”

Hakariya says with a pouting mouth that trembles while crying.
Then it can’t be helped.

“I’m sorry, Sasaki san. But I don’t want to break up with her.”

I turned to Sasaki san and told her.

“…..Huh !? You are a risk to our company. As I said before, Hakariya Hakari is our”

Treasure—is probably what Sasaki san was trying to say.

“Neither I nor Hakariya belong to you.”

“Yukimi kun……”

Hakariya is staring at me. I can feel her gaze painfully.

“Is that all you’ve got to say? Even if the relationship between me and Hakariya changes, the content of the stream will not change. I’m also opposed to owing a debt to someone like Kadota. Anyway, why don’t we discuss it again after the delivery is over? I won’t run and hide.”


I stood in front of the reluctant Sasaki san and told her.

“I’m willing to cooperate with you. I will do what I can to help. But please respect her wishes as well.”

“….I understand. I will contact you again.”

My guess is that Sasaki san is someone close to Hakariya.
I could see the love in Sasaki san’s eyes when she looked at her.
I think of this person who was more surprised than Akamori when Hakariya started crying.

The company may want to keep me away from her, but I think I really want to take care of Hakariya first.

“Akamori, take me home.”

Hakariya’s makeup is smudged, and I’m sure she’ll have something to talk about with Sasaki san.

Akamori and I left the room together and walked for a while.
When we came near the entrance, I said.

“This is enough.”

“You surprised me.”

Akamori, who had been quiet since we left the room, looked straight at me.


“I thought you were going to break up.”

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t care either way. But she was serious, wasn’t she? I’m also surprised that she cried.”

Akamori nodded thoughtfully.

“Maybe I should cry too and tell you I love you.”

“What are you talking about?”

I patted her on the head and left the office building with a wave of my hand.

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