At night, Yuki and I were watching TV together.

The couch was big enough for four people, but Yuki was snuggled up against me.

“Did you get any reply from Hakari chan lately?

Yuki asked me.

“No. Your brother may not be able to make it anymore. I’m weak.”

I really meant it.

It was mentally painful to keep sending messages to someone who was not responding.

“Fufu. I feel sorry for you. The grudge of all the girls you’ve ignored so far is coming down on you.”

Yuki was jokingly clawing at me while saying something.

I was playing with Yuki, who had turned into a grudge, when my phone rang.

I’ve been trying to answer my phone calls lately.

Without even looking at the name, I tap it.

“Yes, this is Yukimi.”

“Finally ! Hello Yukimi kun !?”

“Kyoko? What’s up?”

Next to me, Yuki is gesturing something.

Hm? Ah. I’m going to turn on the speaker for now.

“I’m sorry, Hakari chan is in a difficult situation right now, and I know it’s not right to ask Yukimi kun to do this, but……!

“All right. I’m on my way.”

“Eh…..? U-um. It’s a pretty dangerous story…….”

“Okay, okay. Where should I go?”

It was as if a switch had been pressed.

I felt that my consciousness, which had been cloudy in some way, was clearing up.

I lightly hold and open my hands.

I could feel my body temperature rising.

“Y-yeah. You know,……”

Kyoko explains that Hakariya’s younger brother is being held by a group of delinquents.

The police can’t be contacted because she is being threatened.

And Hakariya had gone alone to help them.

I didn’t know the details, but it didn’t matter.

Defeat the enemy and save Hakariya.

How simple and clear-cut.

I immediately started preparations.

They were going to send a car for me.

“Should I go with you, Onii chan?”

Yuki said to me as I came back to the living room after changing my clothes.

“I want you to stay at home. It’s late at night.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? Do you want to bring a weapon from Daddy’s memento?”

“I can handle a hundred yankees in the countryside with my bare hands.”

The video feed I received showed that there were at most twenty of them.

Besides, your father is still alive.

Even though she pretended to be joking, I could tell that Yuki was worried about me. I went up to her and gave her a head pat.

“I hope you come back unharmed.”

“Yeah. I’m strong.”


After a few minutes of waiting outside the lobby of the apartment building, a car arrives.

I see Kyoko waving at me from the passenger seat and get in.

“Yukimi kun !” “Yukimi san !”

Kyoko and Sasaki san are driving?

“Let’s get going. How long will it take?”

The car starts suddenly.

She doesn’t seem to be a very good driver….no, the situation is what it is.

“…..It won’t take more than thirty minutes. We’d hope to arrive before Hakari gets to her brother.”

Sasaki san answered in a slightly trembling voice.

I thought we were going to meet up with Hakariya.

I guess she was so worried about my brother that she let Hakariya get ahead.

“How are we going to track her?”

“Hakari and I are sharing the location information on our phones, so I can track her……. Ah, the speed has increased. She could have taken a taxi. We have to hurry.”

“Hmmm. Well, it may not make sense, but try telling her not to move on the spot.”

Hakariya is the type of person who can take action, so she will probably go.

Even if Yuki is captured, I’ll head there immediately, no matter who stops me.


“…I-I’m sorry to ask for your cooperation, but are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?”

“Hmm? Yeah, it’s okay.”

I was rather worried about whether I would be able to reach Hakariya safely with her driving.

“I believe you, but you’re really calm……”

Kyoko speak to me.

Kyoko seems to trust me, probably because she saw me at the karaoke bar once.

“Kyoko, I’m sorry about the other night. I’ve been thinking about it since then, and I still think I’m…..”

“Eh. Eh. Wait a minute ! Let’s talk about that later…”


I’ll tell you later after I save Hakariya.


We arrived safely at an already abandoned bowling alley.

It is located along a wide street. I thought it was going to be a bit of a haunted place.

There were several motorcycles parked in the large parking lot.

Sasaki san parked her car at the end of the lot.

“It’s been about ten minutes since Hakari arrived here. She might have already been caught.”

“You two stay in the car. If I don’t come back in fifteen minutes, call the police.”

Kyoko turned around and looked straight at me.

“Yukimi kun, you must save Hakari chan.”

I’m glad she didn’t tell me to take it easy.

“Yeah. Leave it to me.”


I peeked behind the broken automatic door and saw a light ahead.

I wondered if that was the place where her brother was lynched.

Hmmm, there are no steps, so I can run into it.

I took a quick look at the bikes in line and saw a scooter with the key still in the lock.

I pushed it and entered the bowling alley.

As I walk down the street littered with glass and trash, I think back to my last blunder.

I was born with this dynamic vision and the physical ability to make the most of it.

And yet, I couldn’t protect her.

I remember the voice of the disappointed counselor.

[Yukimi kun, I have a favor to ask of you.]

[Please, break up with me.]

It may be too late.

Hakariya’s feelings may have already been decided.

Still, I’m…….

In a dark but visible position, I heard several people and their voices.

A large number of flashlight beams are flitting about.

I couldn’t hear them well, but I could hear them rushing around.

The excitement of the group lynching punks means that something bad is going on.

I shifted my attention to the next level and turned up the gear of my mind.

I feel my body, which had been excited without realizing it, cools down.

I get on the scooter and turn the key.

I grab the brake and push it. The engine starts.

Here we go.

The sound of the engine makes the delinquents turn their attention toward me1, and multiple lights shine on them.

I turn on my high beams as if to disperse them.

The dark interior of the store is instantly illuminated.

I see them as I ride off on the scooter.

First, two men are tied to a pillar at the far end. This is as seen in the video.

Second, the number of opponents is, um, twenty-three in all.

Third, Hakariya is pinned down and her clothes are being pulled up.

As soon as I confirmed this, my vision turned red with anger for a moment.

I knew what I was going to do.

I drove the scooter with all the momentum I had toward the place where most of the delinquents were staying.

I got up on it and flew.

The scooter plunged into the ground, tipping over, and about five people must have been caught up in the crash.

At the same time, I leaped into the air and kneed the man in the face, who had been pulling up Hakariya’s clothes.

I heard a sickening sound.


The man, whose nose was surely broken, fainted and fell down.

I want to beat him half to death, but there are still a few of them.

It’s okay, stay calm. Look at the big picture.

My previous experience made me do that.

My head was still cool.

I quickly laid down the bag and said in as gentle a tone of voice as possible.

“Stay down for a while.”

“Yukimi kun……”

I was tempted to reassure her a little more in her trembling voice, but I found that I could not……

There are two people very close by.

The first is the one in the back, who picks up the appropriate concrete block that has fallen and throws it at the face of the person in the back,

At the same time, he puts his palm bottom into the chin of the person in the front.

“Gaa.” “Haaa.”

Using the strength of the sole of my palm, I rotated my body and kicked the man behind me who was approaching me without knowing why.

The feeling left in my leg proves that it was a deep hit.

“W-who is it ! Hey.”

“What’s going on ! !”

It took about ten seconds from the time of contact to this point.

Depending on the scooters, I thought eight of them might be out of the fight.

Fifteen men left. That’s a lot, but if they beat a few more people, they would start running away.

I concluded this from my experience of fighting in the downtown area several years ago.

Gradually, the boys’ flashlights gather on me.

After they have illuminated me sufficiently, I release the words.

“I killed those three. I’ll kill the rest of you.”

Of course, I didn’t mean to kill them, but when a delinquent hears something like this, blood rushes to their heads and they turn into small fry.

……I thought..

“S-shoot. Tatsuzaki san and Kongo san have been hit…….”

“You must be crazy to drive a single car into them ! !”

“Hey, don’t run away ! You’ll  get caught !”

“That Tatsuzaki san is dead !”

H-hm? Is no one coming?

I was stunned as I watched the delinquents running away.

I wonder if the first ones I beat were the leaders of the group.

Well, that’s what a group of high school students is like.

I used a flashlight I found lying around to see if the guys I had beaten were alive or dead.

Well, they are alive.

I don’t know if they are crippled or not.

They look like they are over 20 years old.

I wonder if they are alumni.

I wonder what it is about delinquents who claim to be anti-establishment that makes them more bound by vertical society.

I go to the pillar to which Hakariya and her younger brother are tied up.

I can’t tell which is which. Both of their faces are swollen.

I say as I remove the rope.

“Can you walk? We’ll be right outside.

“Y-yeah.” “Yes……”

They both look okay.

Then I go over to Hakariya who is sitting down.

“It’s getting late. Your brother is okay too.”

“Yukimi kun……Yukimi kun……”

Hakariya is crying.

She must have been scared.

She put her left hand on both knees and held her back with her right hand.

“Hold on.”

Hakariya clung to my neck.

I could see she was shaking, but the strength he put into it was firm and strong, reassuring me.


We walked out of the bowling alley and were illuminated by the streetlights.

Walking a little further, Hakariya said.

“Thanks. Let me down and……don’t look at my face.”

As I dropped off Hakariya, I thought back to her scars.

But I wanted to see her face again after a long time.

I turned my face to her, not heeding her wish.

There was the teary-eyed face of Hakariya.

She had no makeup on, was covered in the dust from the store, and had a piece of gauze stuck to her face that was almost peeling off.

I thought she was really beautiful.

What is this feeling?

I put my hands on her face, which was a little shorter than mine.

When I bring my face close to hers, she closes her moist eyes.

I follow my instinct.

I gently kissed the scar on her cheek.

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