“Yukimi kun, I have one favor to ask you.”

I replied to Hakariya’s shaking voice.

“I will do whatever you want.”

I was really going to make anything come true.

It was irrevocable, but I knew I had no choice.

But Hakariya Hakari replied to my words.

“Please, break up with me.”

Her voice was filled with determination.

Her voice, which had been trembling until just before, suddenly seemed to have a core.

It took me a while to understand what she meant, even though the words had just entered my head.

But sure enough, I thought.

I couldn’t protect Hakariya.

“……Hakariya. I saw you today and thought you were dazzling. I thought you were working hard.”


What am I trying to say?

“I honestly didn’t like you at first.”



Something more, something else.

“But now, I feel like we have fun together. I don’t know yet, but I want to get to know you better. So……”

Yes, now my thoughts are on…….

“Thank you, Yukimi kun.”

As if interrupting my continued words, I hear Hakariya’s voice.

“Hakariya, I’m…….”

I continue. I try to continue.

But it doesn’t come.

Hakariya says.

“Please make my wish come true. Let me remain beautiful. Goodbye.”


The call was cut off unilaterally.

The last voice, though beautiful, was trembling again.

I couldn’t get my coherent emotions across.

I gripped the phone so hard that it almost bent.

I tried to smash it on the floor, then stopped.

I slumped down on the couch and held my head in my hands.

I didn’t want to think about anything else.

I didn’t even have the energy to go back to my room.

“……Onii chan.”

I saw Yuki sitting next to me.

I guess she was checking on me.

But I didn’t want to be with anyone else right now.

“I’m sorry, Yuki, but would you mind leaving me alone?”

“No, I’m here.”

I felt like throwing up from the discomfort I would never normally feel.

Violent emotions are visible on her face.

I don’t want to.

I want to stop.

I felt my vision flickering

“Why? Leave me alone……”


Something snapped in my head.

Don’t get close to a man who can’t even protect his girlfriend.

Why don’t you understand?

“I told you to leave me alone ! !”

He grabbed Yuki by the shoulders and pushed her against the back of the sofa.

I felt a sense of destruction as everything didn’t go my way.

“………..Because I’m your sister. We’ll always be together. Forever.”

Yuki’s voice was neither angry nor pitying, just flat.

Her eyes were the same as always, the same Yuki I love so much.

The strength drained from my palm.

What have I done?


Yuki smoothly takes my body and hugs me.

Before I knew it, my breathing, which had become rough, became calmer.

“Yuki, I’m sorry. It must’ve hurt. I’m really sorry.”

“Have you calmed down?”


Yuki lets go of her body a little, turns her face toward me, and then smiles.

“I don’t mind if it’s me. But you can’t do this to other girls.”


Then, until late at night, we huddled together on the big couch and talked.

At first, I let out my innermost thoughts to Yuki.

After I had beaten Kadota Akira, I should have quickly taken the saw and moved on.

If I could have moved freely, I could have gotten between the two of them before Hakariya got cornered.

I could have protected her if I had chosen to.

I was pathetic.

Yuki listens to me without confirming or denying.

Then Yuki tells me that Kadota Akira has been arrested for attempted murder.

And also Kadota Akira’s motive.

He was banned from the office after his name was mentioned in an expose on Toretore, in addition to his former bad behavior.

Of course, he was not allowed to participate in the Koikoizaka event.

He was so upset by the action that he lost his mind.

Having lost his title as the son of a famous producer, he had nothing.

All he could think of was revenge.

He thought that the cause was all due to Hakariya Hakari, and his former goodwill was turned inside out and he even wanted to kill her.

To be honest, I lost my strength.

What the hell was that.

I don’t understand people’s feelings very well, but I’ve never found anyone so incomprehensible.

Yuki rubbed my back.

But still, I think.

If I hadn’t destroyed the surprise distribution, would this have happened?

No, it wouldn’t have.

If I had not accepted Hakariya Gakari’s confession in the first place.

I had a flashback to the scene where Hakariya Hakari was crushed by the massive wall in front of me.

It started with me.

It was me after all.

Tears well up in my eyes and I suffer from nausea.

Yuki hugs me tightly.

“Onii chan, this is what it means to get involved with people.”

…..Then I don’t want to be involved with anyone anymore.

“No, you have a long life ahead of you. People can’t live alone.”

Yuki is all I need.

“No. Mom will cry if she sees you like that.”

My sister is kind, but she says harsh things.

Yuki stayed with me for a long time after that.

We talked about things that we felt we could only say now, and we also chatted about other things that we couldn’t talk about.

Neither of us even went to bed, but fell asleep on the couch.


The next morning, or rather, it was already around noon.

Because of sleeping on the sofa, my body was a little stiff in every knot.

In contrast, I felt refreshed.

Thanks to Yuki.

Yuki, too, came out from under the blanket.

“Good morning.”

My little sister is as cute as an angel, even when she wakes up from sleep and greets me in a strange way.

“Good morning, Yuki. Thanks for yesterday.”

“Yep, yep.”

She said in a strange way. She’s still sleepwalking.

“I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to do my best to make Hakariya like me again.”

“Oh, that’s my big brother.”

“Because of my existence, Hakariya got hurt. But it’s not my fault. It is the criminal who is to blame.”

“Exactly. Yes, yes.”

“She became disillusioned with me and broke up with me. I’ll do something to make up for it.”

“Yeah? Eh…..?”

Yuki doesn’t seem to have gotten her head around yet.

She has a nervous look on her face.

“Yuki, tell me what to do if a guy approaches you in a way that makes you happy.”

“I kind of don’t want to tell Onii chan right now….. or rather is it true that she is disillusioned? Did Hakari chan tell you that?”


….She told me, didn’t she? It’s normal even if she doesn’t say it.

It’s normal to be disillusioned with a boyfriend who doesn’t even protect you.

It’s no wonder I was dumped.


Yuki’s eyes are narrowed and her brow is wrinkled.

She’s thinking about something, but she doesn’t seem to be helping me.

Yuki has always been reluctant to help me with my love life.

I have no choice.

I’ll ask Kyoko.

I’ll strike while the iron is hot​ I call her.

“……H-hello !?”

She’s kinda flustered.

“Good morning, Kyoko. Can I talk to you?”

“Y-yeah. Yesterday must’ve been really tough for you….. What do you want to talk about?”

After getting flustered, her voice became lower. She’s also there. I’m glad Kyoko is okay.

“I was dumped by Hakariya. I want to get back together with her. Please help me.”

I’m going to be direct.

As a side note, my motto is to be straightforward.

“Heh? ……Eeeeeeeeeh !?”

The voice that had been subdued now pops up.

She’s so emotional.

“You’re the closest to Hakariya. You know her to some extent. I think you’re the right person for the job.”

I nudged her to agree.

“…….Yukimi kun, I hate you.”

Wha……. She cut me off…….

Is she rebellious? Even though it’s not much……

Yuki approached with stern eyes.

“Onii chan, that’s terrible.”

“Well, Kyoko seemed to be against it from the very beginning.”

“You know……whatever.”

Somehow, Yuki threw a spoon at me. Yuki leaves the room while yawning.

Hm, Yuki?

Aren’t you going to be with me forever?

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