I now had very mixed feelings.

I hung up the call from Yukimi kun and walked through the main entrance of the hospital.

I was on my way to visit when I received a call with an unbelievable message.

Hakari chan had dumped Yukimi kun?

How is that possible?

Lately, whenever Hakari chan opened her mouth, it was about Yukimi kun.

I guess she had no choice because I was the only one she could talk to, but to be honest, it was hard for me at times.


Because I had fallen in love with Yukimi kun, too.

I couldn’t smile at all when she talked about her date with Yukimi kun.

Hakari chan, who was so happy to talk about it, didn’t notice at all.

Well, Hakari chan couldn’t help it.

I think she was just excited because he was her first boyfriend.

There’s no way she could have known I was in love with him if I didn’t tell her directly.

The problem is Yukimi kun.

Why did he ask me to help him get back together with her?

I almost confessed my love to you.

I said [Can I like you without your permission?] !?

The other day, I hugged Yukimi kun’s head on my chest !?

Well, I usually try my best to forget about them because my face burns when I remember either one of them.

Please remember what was said or done to you ! ! ! ! !

……I’m selfish, I guess. Am I crazy?

Huff. I’m starting to get annoyed.

I think Yukimi kun treats me too lightly.

He’s annoying and his head spins around easily.

……I think he should be more gentle with me. Hmph

While thinking about this, I walked straight to Hakari chan’s hospital room, the same hallway I had passed through yesterday.

I pass the nurses’ station with only a nod to the nurse who meets my eyes.

Hakari chan is a national idol, so information is controlled.

The nurses and doctors on this floor are used to dealing with such celebrities.

Of course, no one makes a fuss when I come in.

After knocking, I slowly opened the door.

Hakari chan, who is sitting on the bed with her head up, welcomes me.

“Kyoko, you stayed up all night yesterday. Thank you again today.”

It was a very weak smile.


I enter the private hospital room and sit on the chair by the bed.

“I was just passing by the site today. I don’t have any souvenirs or anything.”

“I’m just glad to see you. Sasaki san went home once.”

There is a fragility about her, as if she could disappear at any moment.

The left side of her face is bandaged, so I can only see her right eye, but her eyes are stunning.

What is this transparency?

I don’t remember Hakari chan being this pale.

Tears suddenly welled up from her right eye.

” ! ! Hakari chan, are you in pain? Do you want me to call a nurse?”

“U-uh………. N-no, no. It’s okay, I’m…..sorry.”

I wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

She took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

“Kyoko, thank you for being friends with me until now. I don’t have any friends. I’m glad that Kyoko is here in Koikoizaka.”

“Why are you being so weak? We’ll continue to get along, right?”

Hakari chan laughed as if she was embarrassed.

“Thank you, but that’s enough. My idol life is over. I’m retiring. The doctor said that I would still have scars. He said that cosmetic surgery can be done, but it won’t restore my original texture. If that’s the case, I told him I don’t need to have it done. Kyoko doesn’t have to deal with me anymore either.”

“That is……”

I couldn’t say that she should continue being an idol easily.

The same goes for the scars left on her face, and it will be impossible for her to carry out her future activities with the same spirit as before.


I remember the scene when Junior, aka Kadota Akira, pulled out a saw with an ugly look on his face.

It was terrifying.

Even I, who was at a distance from him, was shaking, but I wonder how scared Hakari chan who was in front of him must have been.

“I lost this look, how am I going to live from now on, ugh……”

The eye that had been wiped clean of tears became wet again.

“I lost it…….”

I think Hakari chan has always limited her charm to her looks.

No matter how many times I told Hakari chan that she was talented in singing and acting, she never acknowledged it.

I felt that it didn’t resonate even more with her now.

“I told Yukimi kun that I was breaking up with him.”

Ah, it’s true.

“Is that…..because of the scars on your face?”

“Yes. I can’t show this face to Yukimi kun anymore.”

Is that what it is after all? But I think.

“Is Yukimi kun the kind of person who judges based on appearance?”

I was a bit tense.

I like Yukimi kun, but I don’t want Hakari chan’s love to end this way.

“……Maybe not. But I don’t like it anymore. I don’t want him to see me as my not-so-pretty self.”

“Did Yukimi kun agree with that?”

“I don’t know because I said it one-sidedly……ugh……I think I did something bad……I’m the worst….”

I couldn’t look at this weak and powerless Hakariya Hakari any longer.

“So, is it okay if I take your place?”

I stepped in with the intention of blasting her.


Hakari chan opened her big eye even wider and looked at me.

“Is it okay for the Koikoizaka number one, Hakariya Hakari, to lose to someone like me?”

I stood up and looked at Hakari chan.

Then, Hakari chan muttered a little and looked straight at me.

“Kyoko, you liked Yukimi-kun, didn’t you? Yeah…… Of course you’ll fall in love with him. I’ve been talking about Yukimi all this time. I’m sorry……for the terrible things I’ve done to you.”


The reaction was different from what I expected……

“H-Hakari-chan, that’s not what I’m trying to say, I’m saying I want to compete fair and square !”

“Fufu…… Kyoko and I won’t be able to compete… I was really just a face. Ah, even so, Yukimi kun is so popular, hehe.”

It’s a serious illness. No, it’s a serious injury.

“I-I’ll leave the competition until Hakari chan gets better.”

“My face will never heal. And if you think about it, I really don’t mean to be sarcastic or anything, but I feel like I’d be happy if Kyoko went out with Yukimi kun…..yeah, that’s fine…….”

After saying that, Hakari chan burst into tears.


There was nothing I could do.

I’m powerless.

The door opened just in time for Sasaki san to enter.

I went up to Sasaki san and greeted her and told her how Hakari chan was doing.

Sasaki san told me in a whisper.

“She’s been like this all night since last night. Leave the rest to me.”

I decided to let her do so.

I have to head back to work soon.

Finally, I went to Hakari chan’s side and said.

“Hakari chan, I will definitely continue to be a good friend to you.”

I received a tearful message of gratitude from Hakari-chan, which gave me a little bit of relief.



I leave the hospital and make a call while walking.

Of course, it was him on the other end.

“Hello, it’s me.”

“What’s up?”

“About Hakari chan, it’s going to be a while before she feels better.”

“……I see, okay.”

I pour out the confusing emotions that were born yesterday and today.

“I’ve got one thing I want to say to Yukimi kun.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t tease me too much.”


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