I don’t know if they were college students or semi-gangsters, but I’m pretty sure they were criminals, and the three of them left the room.

I hug my younger sister, Yuki and Akamori Kyoko, to calm them down.

Yuki probably doesn’t feel any fear.

Like me, I think the part of her brain that feels this kind of fear is paralyzed.

Maybe there’s something wrong with the hypothalamus, or maybe a part of the hypothalamus is broken.

In any case, Yuki is acting like a puppy who is so happy to be stuck with me.

Akamori Kyoko, on the other hand, was completely terrified.

She was in a situation where she might get raped and filmed by a group of three men who were much bigger than she was.

She also had to protect a girl younger than herself, which must have stirred up a lot of emotions.

Even so, the fact that she lent her chest to Yuki suggests that even though she was scared, she was acting strong in front of her.

I could imagine that.

After she hugged me like a scared little cat, she cried loudly.

I let her cry as much as she wanted for a while until she calmed down.

I turned to Yuki on the right and spoke to her in a whisper.

“Yuki, can I leave their phones and driver’s license with you?”

“Yeah, I can give them to you via Chika chan, right?”

I’m glad you’re so perceptive.

Chika chan is Yuki’s friend, and her father is a great police officer.

He’s also a flexible type.

…Well, flexible might be a bit of a misleading statement.

He’s a father that believes everything that his daughter says.

I met him once in person, and it was a little funny to see that he looks like a hit man, but his first priority is to do what his pretty daughter says.

But I didn’t want Chika chan to be my only enemy.

Anyway, if I ask Chika chan to do something, I know she will do it well.

If there have been similar crimes in the past with cameras and smartphones, they will work with us.

I don’t feel strongly enough to help catch someone red-handed, but I’d be happy if there were other victims and the evidence could help.

“Y-Yukimi kun, your body, are you alright……? …..Hiks. Aren’t you hurt……?”

Akamori, who has calmed down a bit, is worried about me.

This girl is tough after all.

“Yeah, I’m unharmed.”

Saying that, I lift up my clothes.

“You see?”

Akamori is frozen in shock.

She looks at my upper body without averting her eyes.


“Too much service ! !”

Yuki pulls down my clothes.

It’s a man’s body. So it’s free.


Akamori looks regretful for some reason.

Once I had put my clothes back on, she started moving toward my chest again.

“Thank you for saving my life.”


Yuki looks at Akamori who is hugging me with kind eyes.

It’s unusual for her to be so accepting even though they’ve never met before, I thought.

“I think it’s time to leave. I don’t think there will be any, but idiots like that call for their friends.”

“Well, at that level, no matter how many people there are, they are no match for Onii chan.”

That’s not true.

In reality, I think there’s a limit to two or three people I can deal with at the same time.

I can see their movements to some extent, but my range of movement is limited only to the range of motion of a human being.

There is a limit.


Yuki began to arrange her clothes and pack her things, but Akamori did not move.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but just a little bit more, okay?”

The red marks around her eyes.


She looked like a little girl, and I couldn’t help but pat her head.

Her short, silky hair was soft.

I wonder if I had been doing that for about five minutes.

“S-should we go? Onii chan, Kyoko chan.”

Yuki, with her arms crossed, looked at me sharply, as if she had reached her limit.

“J-just a little bit more. Please.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Pat me.”

“Yes, yes.”

She must have been really scared.

I wonder if she’s regressing to a small child.


Yuki’s expression was so complicated, it was interesting.

After struggling for a while, she started to shout.

“I-I can’t watch it any longer ! !”

She forcibly separated me from Akamori.

“…Ha !? Y-Yuki chan !? I’m sorry, I was acting weird……..”

The three of us leave the room together with Akamori Kyoko, who has come to her senses.

While I was waiting for the elevator, Yuki wrapped her right arm around me.

I felt bad for Akamori, who had been left out for a while, so I welcomed her with my left hand.

Akamori looks me up and down.

When I first saw Akamori, even though she was wearing a hat, she was such a pretty girl that I wondered what I had done to mistake her for a man.

As the elevator descends, I suddenly think to myself.

“I think I forgot something.”

……Well, that’s okay.

On the way to the exit, I checked the reception desk.

The clerk who was their accomplice was running away as a matter of course.

I passed by thinking that the main members would be chased by the police.

Then, as I exited the store, I saw someone in my eyes and remembered.

Hakariya Hakari says in a dignified voice, her beautiful face slightly contorted.

“Explain yourself, why are you clinging to my man !”

My man, she says.

My sister bounds away from me and steps forward.

“I’m Yukimi Yuki, his younger sister. Can I talk to you for a moment?”


We had come to a room in an apartment about a 3-minute walk from the karaoke bar.

It really is just a room in an apartment.

It has no living atmosphere, but it is nicely furnished and equipped with appliances.

We entered the room, me, Yuki, Akamori Kyoko, and Hakariya Hakari.

“What is this place, Yuki?

I asked Yuki.

“It’s a rental space, a room you can rent on the Internet. You can find them anywhere you search, and they cost a few yen an hour.”

“Wow, that’s great. When did you get it?”

My sister is very talented.

“I made the reservation while Kyoko chan was stuck on Onii chan.”

My sister is so mean.


Hakariya Hakari reacts.

Hakariya’s gaze, which has been radiating a scary aura ever since, stabbed Akamori.

“N-not, it’s not what you think.”

Well, it’s true.

I noticed it when I saw Hakarita.

“More importantly, your hairstyle looks different today.”

It is loosely permed.

Her expression changed like a beautiful white flower blooming.

“Y-yeah ! I had it done for a photo shoot a while back and I love it, but it’s too straight for me so it comes right off…….how is it, pretty?”


I could clearly see that Hakariya Hakari’s mood was improving.

The four of us sat down at the dining table in the room.

After Yuki briefly introduced herself, she stood up.

She wrote on the whiteboard she had brought, as if to say that she had just found the right place.

Future plans.

The future plan.

Yes, that’s what we were going to talk about today at the karaoke bar.

Yuki wanted to talk to Akamori first, and I was ordered to talk to the karaoke bar to find out what they were thinking.

After the talk, Yuki wanted to listen to the two idols sing.

In the end, it all went away.

Still, well, the original goal is from now on.

“Our future plan?”

As she says it, Hakariya is tilting her head, but Akamori is nodding her head.

I guess she understood what she was trying to say.

“Yes, this is our plan for the future.”

Yuki spoke up with a pen in her hand.

“First of all, my brother is a civilian and Hakari chan is a national idol. If the fact that they are dating is leaked to the outside world, this controversy will go as far as it will go.”

“So what do you think? What’s the agency’s reaction?”

I ask them.

“To be honest, it’s a big deal. I think the top management is meeting to decide how to deal with the situation. Also, the manager knows that we went to Yukimi kun’s part-time job yesterday.”

Akamori replies.

“I see, of course the manager doesn’t know about their relationship, right?”

Yuki asks to make sure.

“Yeah. Only me and Yuki chan know.”

Well then, I guess we can work something out.

After a few weeks of seeing each other once in a while and playing with each other until she’s satisfied, she will realize that I’m not a big deal and it will end nicely.

While I was thinking that, Hakariya, who had been silent until now, raised a small hand and said.

“I would like to make my relationship with Yukimi kun public.”

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