Is It Work? I Make Money by Doing Cooking Stream to Feed a Woman Who Come to Kill Me Every Day



The main character, Inami, is a humble cooking streamer.

At his stream, an anti fan appears and says, [I hired a hitman to get rid of you]. At first, Inami and the viewers laugh at them. However, a beautiful girl who really claims to be an assassin appears before him.

“Nn, ooooohh ! ! Yum ! Delicious ! !”

When he served food to the assassin, who was just hungry, she reacted as well as a comedian. The scene was caught on the news feed, and the video was clipped without permission, creating a huge buzz.

Since then, he has been serving food to the hungry assassins who come every day and stream it.

Chapter 1

Episode 1 – An Assassin Came to My House During Stream

Episode 2 – Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside

Episode 3 – Try it once, you’ll fly

Episode 4 – Just call me Karaage

Episode 5 – Side Haku   Things I want

Episode 6 – To avoid unnecessary killing !

Episode 7 – I’m a French toast machine

Episode 8 – Haku san is smart !

Episode 9 – Side Haku   Fried Face

Episode 10 – What I like the most

Episode 11 – I’ve given you another one of my firsts 

Episode 12 – I don’t mind what you do to me

Episode 13 – Side Haku Porridge

Episode 14 – Side Haku Love

Episode 15 – Good night

Episode 16 – Insensitivity is a sin

Episode 17 – You pervert !