Hello. My name is Akamori Kyoko.

I am shopping with my mom today.

My mom is a nurse at a hospital, so her days off are usually weekdays.

Unusually, my mom invited me out and I happened to be off too, so I said yes and here we are.

First, we walk to the store that has the clothes my mom wants to wear.

I think to myself as I look at my mom, who is a little taller than me, next to me.

She gave birth to me at a young age, so she is still in her thirties and still beautiful.

She was hit on a while ago when I was out of sight, and she is in a very good mood.

I respect and love my mom, who raised me with her own hands and is a good parent and friend.

She also supports my idol activities from the bottom of her heart. I’m grateful for that.

She looks at me with a happy face and says.

“Kyoko, did you meet someone you like?”

“Eh !? W-why !?”

I’m so flusteredt that my mom suddenly asked me that.

“It’s like you’re giving me an answer. But it’s so sad that you don’t tell me that you have found someone you like.”

She giggles, then makes a slightly sulky face.


Even though it hasn’t been long since I realized it… I can’t hide anything from my mom.

But I realized that I certainly hadn’t been able to tell my mom much about recent events.

“This is going to be long, but can you hear me out?”

“Of course.”



The two of us go into a coffee shop with a nice atmosphere and order a delicious sandwich.

“So, what’s he like?”

The curious mother asks me with a grin.

Well, where should I start?

“First of all, let’s see, on the day of the handover party, there was a surprise broadcast…….”

That’s right. It all started with a surprise broadcast.

It seems like a long time ago, but it’s only been a couple of weeks.

Then the next day, Hakari and I went to see Yukimi kun, and that evening she confessed her feelings to him.

And then….

“Yukimi…..wait a minute. Does Hakari chan have a boyfriend?”

My mom is surprised because she knows Hakari chan.

Yes, it’s a secret.

But here’s the surprising part.

After that, I told her about Yukimi kun, who beat up three guys at karaoke and prevented Toretore’s stream.

My mom found herself moving from the seat across from me to next to me and hugging my shoulder.

“I’m glad you’re okay about what happened at karaoke.”

I was honestly glad that she was concerned about my safety. Besides, now that I remembered, I felt a little scared.


“So, perhaps, you like that Yukimi kun?”


I couldn’t look at my mom.

I had a feeling that there would be opposition.

“Haa…it can’t be helped. Your mom will meet with him and make a decision. Call him.”

“Eh? That’s impossible.”

Sometimes my mom says outlandish things like this.

I think I have inherited her genes when I suddenly said I wanted to be an idol.

“Why? Doesn’t Kyoko want to meet Yukimi kun?”

“Well, of course I want to see him……but there’s no reason to meet.”

And it’s bad for Hakari chan.

Yuki chan, his younger sister, said that Yukimi kun doesn’t like Hakari chan, but I don’t know if that’s true now.

I care about Hakari chan too…….

As I was thinking about this in a roundabout way, I noticed that my mom had my phone.

“[Why don’t you come to my house today? I have a delicious dinner for you.] Send !”

“Hey ! What are you doing, Mom !”

I got the phone back from her.

Wow, she really sent RINE to Yukimi kun.

Yukimi kun replied right away.

Yukimi [Okay. I’ll be right there after school.]


“Mom, Yukimi said he’s coming…….”

“Alright. Please call Yuki chan while you’re at it. Now, let’s finish our shopping quickly.”


She would not stop now.

“You can rest assured that nothing bad will happen to you. I’m on your side.”

I’m glad to hear that, though. 

 ……Hm, by the way, did I ever mention Yuki chan’s name?



After that, I wait for Yukimi kun and Yuki chan, wearing a cute dress that I picked out with my mom.

My mom is preparing the evening meal with great enthusiasm.

I managed to clean up as much as I could see.

It’s usually not messy due to my mom’s efforts, but I cleaned it carefully.

Woooo. I want to see him, but I don’t want to.

I talk to Yuki chan sometimes, but I haven’t seen Yukimi kun in a long time.

It was embarrassing to have my mom there, and my head was full of embarrassment.

The intercom rings.

Yes ! My mom answers in a cheerful voice.

I followed her, timidly, and there was a scene I had never imagined.

“No way !  Akamori san !? It’s been a while !”

Yuki chan was surprised.

“Ah, so that’s how it is.”

Yukimi kun’s face is somewhat clear.

“Ehehe. That’s how it is. I’m Kyoko’s mother. Come in.”

“……What do you mean !?”

I’m the only one who doesn’t understand. What in the world is happening?


After going up to the house and listening to everyone’s explanation, I finally understood too.

I heard that Yuki chan is physically weak and has been repeatedly hospitalized for tests.

And that too at the hospital where my mom works.

“The Yukimi siblings are famous. Yuki chan is a beautiful girl and her devoted brother comes to visit her.”

“Ehehe. Thank you.”

Yuki chan is a real angel, looking so shy.

“I didn’t realize that Akamori san, who has taking care of Yuki, is Akamori’s mother.”

“Yukimi kun, it’s kind of confusing, so call me Sayoko.”

What are you talking about, Mom?

“Sayoko san. Thank you for inviting me today.”

What are you doing right now, Yukimi kun?

“Kyaa ! I can brag about this to my juniors~”

Yukimi kun, are you perhaps popular at the hospital?

I feel a little bothered.

“Onii chan, you have to call Kyoko chan by her first name, too.”

Eh. Yuki chan, nice. My heart races.

“I guess so.”


…………Don’t you have to  respond right away !?

After that, we all eat the dinner that my mom prepared for us.

Somehow, this is probably the first time that the meals we eat at this house are so lively and enjoyable.

Yuki chan was happy and lively as a matter of course, and Yukimi kun was acting more cheerful than I expected.

To be honest, I had expected him to be cooler. What a surprise.

After finishing a delicious meal, Mom and Yuki went to wash the dishes.

“Kyoko, why don’t you and Yukimi kun go to your room and look at photo albums?”

Mom said that, and Yuki chan was giving an angelic wink behind her.

What a combination.

So now, naturally, it’s just Yukimi kun and me in my room.

….I can’t keep my calm, it’s dangerous.

“W-well, I was surprised that you knew my mom.”

I can’t help but let out a somewhat hoarse voice.

After all, Yukimi kun is sitting next to the bed where I always sleep.

“Yeah, the world is a small place.”

Yukimi kun is calm even in this situation. But he seems to be enjoying himself.

“You look like you’re in a good mood today, Yukimi kun.”

I told him.

“…..Maybe it’s because the atmosphere in this house is so nice. I haven’t had such a good dinner since my mother passed away.”

Yukimi kun’s thin, bashful smile was fleeting.

“I see. I’m glad you feel the same way because I had a good time too.”

I had heard from Yuki chan that her mother had passed away.

But by the look on Yukimi kun’s face, I realized how much he loved her.

I wondered how much sorrow he would feel for mourning his mother.

I suddenly felt sad.

My chest tightens.

“Thank you for today…….Kyoko.”

The voice calling my name, a little shyly, invited me to join him, and I couldn’t help it.


Gently, I hug Yukimi kun’s head to my chest.

Yukimi kun did as he was told.


After they left, I had a conversation with my mom over a cup of tea.

I felt like the whole house was suddenly lonely because the siblings, who had only been there for a few hours, were gone.

“So, how long have you realized?”

“I thought it was a rare last name, so I didn’t expect it, but when I mentioned Yuki’s name and Kyoko didn’t deny it, I felt it was confirmed.”

“You should have told me first.”

My mother sings, shaking her head, [Surprise~]. Honestly.

“Oh, and he passed the exam with a perfect score.”


Ah, by the way, we were talking about my mom’s judgment of Yukimi.

I didn’t know the conversation was still alive.

“Yukimi kun is a good guy and Yuki chan is cute and perfect.

“But mom, Yukimi kun has a girlfriend…….”

“Kyoko, I’m sure Yukimi is hungry for affection. Imagine a life with Yukimi kun and Yuki chan.”


Eating a meal with Yuki chan.

I heal Yukimi kun when he gets lonely.

“…..Might be a good idea.”

“Right? Do your best and marry Yukimi kun. Having a girlfriend is a trivial problem. Just get married.”

“Married !?”

“If you’re going to live together, you should get married.”

Sometimes, my mom says something out of the blue like this.

I think I inherited her genes when I suddenly said I wanted to be an idol.

…So I’m not displeased.

Is it weird for me to dream of a married life with someone I haven’t even been in a relationship with?

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