I involuntarily muttered to Kyoko, with whom the call was connected.

“Please, someone help me……”

“What do you mean !? What’s going on !?””

I felt faint, but only Kyoko’s voice kept me awake.

I then explained the situation to Kyoko in a slurred voice and hung up the call.

She told me not to be hasty, that she would do something about it, but I couldn’t stand still.

The image of my brother, Ma chan, with his face swollen, stuck in my mind’s eye.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I had no choice but to go.

I decided to go to the place where the man who sent a RINE, a man named Tatsuzaki, had sent me.

If there was even the slightest chance that Ma chan could be saved.


I started walking aimlessly, looking at the map on my phone, and found myself in a cab.

When I arrived at the bowling alley and asked the cab driver to drop me off, he told me that it was dangerous for a young lady to be alone in a place like this, and I couldn’t reply well.

It’s really dangerous.

Still, I had no choice but to go.

Tatsuzaki had sent me several additional videos of Ma chan being hurt.

Why would he go to such lengths?

My anger and fear mingled together, and I was unable to think of anything else.

I just wanted to make sure Ma chan was alive.

I sent a RINE to Tatsuzaki saying that I had arrived, and he replied that I should come in.

With unsteady steps, I passed through the broken automatic door.

It was dimly lit inside, and a lot of flashlights were flashing around.

From inside, I could hear laughter, groans, and strange noises.

“Where is my brother?”

I asked in a shaky voice, and all the lights were turned on at once.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“It’s Hakariya Hakari.”

“Tatsuzaki san, you’re really amazing ! !”

I felt the atmosphere suddenly rise.

I say this while suppressing the sudden onset of nausea.


“Give me back my brother.”

I saw Ma chan tied to a pillar in the back.

“Nee chan……! Why are you coming……”

I couldn’t stop looking at Ma chan, who looked like he was out of breath.

“Of course I’m coming !”

I shouted and rushed through the crowd of men.

“Why did this happen……”

I squatted down and tried to stroke Ma chan’s face, but I was grabbed by the collar and forced to stand up.

My arms are twisted up.

“Ouuch……! Let go of me ! ! What did my brother do to you in the first place !”

“Ah…… Well, to put it simply, he used our money to pay off a debt to help his friend.”

I knew it, Ma chan was always fighting for someone else.

“I don’t really understand, but that means it’s not Ma chan’s fault.”

“Hahaha ! Well, it was originally a loan that was made to give me money. Whether it’s right or wrong, maybe you’re right. But you know……”

The man who seems to be Tatsuzaki cut off his words there and turned my face to one of the men.

There was a man in a tank top, obviously a big guy.

He was looking at me with a licking gaze.

“This guy, Kongo, is the strongest. He’s the signboard of our martial arts gym. And your brother seems to be pretty strong, too, but he was beaten to a pulp and here we are.”

“Well, he was an amateur. Besides, Tatsuzaki, let’s strip that woman off quickly.”

The man called Kongo said something outrageous.

“W-wait a minute. I have money. How much do you owe me? I’ll pay it off.”

“……You see. Do you know what’s happening?”

Kongo starts laughing.

And then Tatsuzaki said.

“Of course you’re going to pay me, and you’re going to give me your body too.”


“Die, you piece of trash…….”

Kongo, reacting to my outburst, comes even closer.

“Yes yes that piece of trash is going to rape you……what is this? Are you hurt?”

Saying that, he tries to remove the gauze from my cheek.


“Oh, this is terrible. Hide it, hide it.”

After turning it over, I was held down again in an appropriate manner.

At that moment, I no longer cared.

The slight rebelliousness that remained in me disappeared, perhaps because they saw my wounds.

I would deal with these guys until I was satisfied, pay them, and get Ma chan back.

If I could handle it on my own, that was fine.

“Tatsuzaki san, it’s about time you showed us~’

I heard a frivolous sounding man’s voice.

I noticed that the men around me were approaching to surround the whole place.

“Oh, you guys are at your limit too? Let’s go.”

Tatsuzaki rolled up my thin T-shirt from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh.”

“Big tits, small waist.

“She can’t be a pure idol with these big tits, can she?”

“Purple bra, erotic ! ! ! ! !”

I killed my heart.

I was about to shut down my emotions myself before these guys got to me.

At close range, I heard the sound of a motorcycle engine.


From there, I can only vaguely make out what happened.

A motorcycle crashed, and before I knew it, Tatsuzaki, who was behind me, made a strange noise and was blown away…I think.

Immediately after, he held me by the shoulders and laid me down.

“Stay down for a while.”

The moment I realized that voice, that gentle voice, was Yukimi kun, I felt my heart come alive.

“Yukimi kun……”

That was all I could say.

In my heart, I wanted to tell him to be careful, but I couldn’t.

Or rather, the block that flowed through me? was thrown in his face, and Kongo sank in seconds.

I remembered Yukimi kun once when he saved a girl who was about to fall onto the tracks on a train platform.

Four people? Yukimi kun defeated them.

“I killed those three. I’ll kill the rest of you.”

His voice was not loud, but it was chilling, with a clear intent to kill.

The men around me ran away at once and disappeared.

The moment I realized that the crisis was over, I felt relieved and could not stop crying.

Ma chan told me that he was safe, too, and I found myself being held by Yukimi kun.

I was saved.

Yukimi kun came to save me.


When I left the store, I was illuminated by the twinkling street lights.

I suddenly felt embarrassed when I realized I was being carried like a princess.

Besides, I don’t want people to see my face in the bright light.

“Thank you. Let me down and…..don’t look at my face.”

I told him so, but Yukimi kun put me down and stared straight at me.

I knew that the gauze was coming off and that the wound was visible, but I didn’t cover it with my hand.

I couldn’t.

Yukimi kun’s face, which I hadn’t seen in a while, was too serious, and I was transfixed.

For the first time, I felt as if I could see emotion in Yukimi kun’s eyes.

Yukimi kun put his hand on my face.

He’s going to kiss me, I thought.

I’m happy.

I’m happy.

I close my eyes to accept it.

But then Yukimi kun gently kissed me on the cheek, maybe on the wound.


I’m happy, but I don’t want that.

I want to do it properly.

The reassurance that he accepts my wound leads me to a deeper desire.

I close my eyes and look up a little.

“Yukimi kun, please do it properly.”


After saying that, he kissed me softly on the lips.

Nyah, no…….

A tingling sensation of pleasure ran through my brain, and I sat up.

Kissing is….so amazing.

Embarrassing. I’m embarrassed.

I was unable to move, I was held up again and walked.

We…kissed, and I looked at Yukimi kun, who still has a cool look on his face.

“…..It’s my first time, you know.”

“Y-yeah. So, Hakariya…..”

I don’t want him to call me by my last name after I’ve already kissed him.

“Call me Hakari.”

I guess I’m selfish.

However, in this current situation, I felt like I could say anything selfish.

I thought I was scared of myself, being so spoiled that I would say anything.

Yukimi kun said something outrageous.

“Hakari, I will always protect you. I want you to stay by my side forever.”



Is he proposing to me……? Eh……?

My thoughts froze due to the bomb that exceeded my selfishness.


Without being able to hear the truth of Yukimi kun’s words, I arrived at the car where Kyoko and Sasaki san were riding.

Kyoko looked at me in my arms and gave me a reassuring, sad look.

……Sorry Kyoko.

Yukimi kun put me in the car and left.

Yuki’s friend Chika? She and her father have to deal with the aftermath.

He said he would take care of Ma chan and the others.

Before he left, he had a couple of words with Sasaki san.

I thought I could really do anything.

“I’ll thank you later, but I’m going home today.”

Sasaki san started the car.

I thanked them both and sat in the backseat thinking.

[I want you to stay by my side forever.]

To be by Yukimi kun’s side.

What can I do?

Yukimi kun is an amazing person.

I knew he wasn’t just an ordinary person, but I didn’t expect him to be this great.

And he accepted my scars, I think.

To be a person worthy of him.

What I can do.

The only thing I can be proud of, is myself as an idol.

“Kyoko, do you think I have the talent to be an idol?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Even if I have a scar on my face?”


“…..I see. Thank you.”

I trace the scar that Yukimi kun kissed me with my finger.

I felt that the fear of standing in front of people with this face began to fade away.


Sasaki san, who had probably made an effort to keep quiet, finally called out to me.

………What I can do.

As if in response, I say emphatically.

“I’m going to return to being an idol.”

I realize that I have said it out loud.

I was surprisingly motivated.

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