I, Hinoriwa Mio, was flying my consciousness into the air.

Just a few days ago, the person I love had a girlfriend.

I had let my guard down. I admit that.

The person I like is strange and not particularly cool.

So I thought I would be fine for a while.

I may have been conceited that he saved me.

Also, I wasn’t aware enough.

I wasn’t aware that I liked him.

But it wasn’t until he was taken away from me that I clearly understood that I loved him, and I was able to make a decision.

…..I could have made up my mind to do so, but to be honest, I haven’t done anything about it.

I’m not sure where I was on that day when I decided to fight without losing.

I’m in my fourth period class on a weekday.

I pretend to write in my notebook and write strings of words.

Yukimi, Yukimi, Yukimi……Mio.



……I’m still a pretty popular gravure idol.

I wear a lot of sexy swimsuits in front of the camera.

I feel that such a guy is just a string of fantasies that fills my heart with contentment.

…………Yukimi, Mio.

Isn’t it pretty well balanced?

Does it hurt too much?

Shut up.

All high school girls in love do this.

They apply their name to the last name of the person they like and look at it.

What do you do when you see it?

Just look.

Look…..I’m embarrassed.

Shut up. Don’t laugh.

Swearing at an unknown third party.

“Hinoriwa san, may I have a word?”

“Eh !? W-what ! !??”

“You’re too flustered.”

A boy calls out to me from behind.

My consciousness rapidly returned to reality.

“Eh, yeah. I’m sorry. I was in a daze. Ahaha.”

I answer, casually hiding my notebook.

His name is Aihara kun.

We are in the same class and on the same baseball team. He is in his second year and already a regular on the team.

Our baseball team is a strong one, and it’s great that he already has a position on the team.

“Did you think about what I said the other day?”

And he seems to like me.

He has asked me out several times before.

“No, I’m just a little…..busy these days.”

I’ve gotten better at turning down these kinds of invitations, but I’m not so quick when it comes to Aihara kun.

“I see. I’ll ask you out again.”

He’s not like Takagi who blackmailed Futaba, I can say that he’s a gentleman.

I don’t feel bad about being asked out straight away.

I noticed when Aihara kun approached me, but it was already lunchtime.

…I’m going to go see the reason why I’m so stupid that I don’t notice it.



“Futaba isn’t coming today?”

“Yeah, she’s off. Too bad.”


Yukimi seems to get used to eating Futaba’s lunch, and he’s disappointed that Futaba is absent.

I’m sad that she’s taking a day off because I’m getting to know Futaba too, but I’m still a little bewildered.

Yes, I was going to do Operation Bento too, but now that he has eaten Futaba’s cooking, it wasn’t very possible.


“After eating Futaba’s lunch, the bread doesn’t taste so good, does it?”

Yes. I understand. It’s insanely delicious.

Futaba’s cooking was first-rate, as she had been doing housework all her life.

“…….You should tell her yourself.”

My voice hardened.

I’m an idiot. I’m kidding, don’t tell her.

“Hmm? Yeah.”

Yukimi looks at me for a moment and then silently continues with his meal.

From Yukimi’s point of view, it doesn’t make sense.

I feel like an idiot for being jealous of my friend.

Yukimi never steps in at times like this.

Not that I have an agreement with Futaba, but it was difficult for me to attack Yukimi when the three of us are together naturally.

So now is my chance.

This is not the time to be grumpy on my own.

“I’m……you know.”

Yukimi turns his head toward me.

I think Yukimi has beautiful eyes. I feel like I’m going to be sucked in.

As I gave up and started running, I thought to myself.

Interesting topics, interesting topics.

A topic that will make him think of me as a woman.

“……What’s wrong?”

Yukimi’s gentle voice stirs me.

I don’t think he’s aware of it, but Yukimi’s voice is too gentle.

So, not to make excuses, but I made a mistake in the topic.

“A baseball player named Aihara kun asked me out on a date.”


My stupidity. Of course Yukimi would say that !

What have I been looking at all this time?

Did I think he would stop me?

I was almost giddy at my own shallowness.

What’s more, seeing me fall silent, I wondered what I had misunderstood, and the follow-up attack came.

“The Ferris wheel we went to the other day was beautiful. I recommend it.”

“Eh,……don’t tell me, you and Hakariya are….?”

I felt faint as I looked at Yukimi’s face in affirmation.

I might have misunderstood somewhere.

Of course, Hakariya, who was able to date Yukimi, takes advantage of her position and goes on a date with him.

She’s his girlfriend.

Then I ate a tasteless meal and returned to the classroom.

I never spoke to Yukimi again.

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think I might have ignored him a little.

But I just didn’t have the energy to talk.

I don’t remember why I was so weak.


After school, I had a part-time job today, so I killed some time by talking with my friends and then left for school.

As I approached the field, I was approached by a voice.

“Hinoriwa ! You don’t look well !”

It was Aihara kun.

He was wearing a baseball uniform and looking at me with a carefree smile.

He looks like a big dog.

Then it occurred to me that I would probably be happier if I accepted this kind of person.

I think it’s a pretty shura-assed way to approach me in the first place.

I know my position in my own way.

Occasionally, there are girls who say my gravure is beautiful, but basically I am a sex object for boys, and if anything, I am an enemy of girls.

Aihara kun does so in the classroom where everyone is present, and even now, with the cute girl managers watching, he is doing me a favor with impunity.

I guess you could say that’s dedicating his own high school love potential to me.

It was not something to be taken lightly.

“I’m kind of sick of myself…….”

So I showed a little weakness.

“I see. I don’t know if this will make you feel better, but… should come watch the game next time. I’m sure we’ll win !”

Wow, that’s refreshing. Sparkling and dazzling.

I keep turning down dates, but I get an invitation to the game.

I was so dazzled that I couldn’t help but say.


“……Eh !? Oh, let’s see, next Sunday ! Seriously ! I’ll RINE you again !”

I was smiling at Aihara kun, who was surprised and happy that I accept his invitation.

“Yeah, see you later.”

I said goodbye with a smile.

“……Y-yeah. See you!”



I arrive at my part-time job and enter the staff room.

While looking at today’s shift list and drinking tea, I was approached by Sakagami san, a female college student sitting at the long desk.

“Mio chan, Mio chan, this is amazing. It’s so beautiful.”

She spread a weekly magazine in front of my face and showed it to me.

Oh my. It’s the one with me in it. It was taken just recently.

It’s on sale early.

“Why do you want to show it to me~?”

I answer with a laugh. I love her like a big sister, so I don’t feel bad at all when she does this to me.

“Yukimi kun won’t leave you alone if you have such an amazing body.”

Ba-dump. I’m being left alone.

It was revealed a while ago that I like Yukimi.

“Haha……. I mean, did you buy it?”

“No, it was left there. I should get going~.

After Sakagami san walked out into the hall with her shoulders turned, Yukimi, who had already changed into his school uniform, came in at the wrong time.

It was a little awkward since we hadn’t seen each other since lunchtime.

“Good work, Hinoriwa.”

“Good work. Busy day?”

“Hmm, not too bad.”

“I see.”

Good. I’m relieved to be able to talk normally.

The air was dead because of me during the lunch break, so I try to make up for it by speaking in a cheerful voice.

I might have been desperate.

“Ta-da ! Look ! This is me on it. Sexy, isn’t it !”


Yukimi looks a little wide-eyed, then turns over and scratches her head.

Ugh, don’t look away.

I work hard every day to maintain this body.

I’m not doing it only for Yukimi though.

I’m doing my best, wondering if people will think it’s good at least, if they’ll even see it.

“This blue swimsuit is the best, isn’t it?”


I speak with energy.

I gain weight easily, so when I eat a little, it shows on my waistline.

So when I’m really hungry, I think about Yukimi and try to hold it in.

Even when it’s hard, I can endure it when I think of Yukimi’s face.

“I’m in such pain when I do this pose, haha.”


Ah, I know it’s a pointless effort.

But why don’t you at least look at me for a minute?

“I’m also doing my best.”

What am I saying? I’m just doing it on my own.

I was starting to cry.

I couldn’t even look at Yukimi’s face anymore.

So I didn’t notice Yukimi looking at me.

“……I know. That’s the one I bought.”

“…..Eh? Eeh !? You’re lying!?”

No way. I raised my voice and looked at Yukimi.

“It’s not a lie. Damn, I told Senpai to put it in my locker after she read it.”

“Ah, I see. Because you wanted to read manga.”

Yukimi looked at me like I was an idiot.

“…..Of course it’s because you’re on it.

“I-I see. T-thanks……?”

Yukimi walked into the kitchen, looking somewhat embarrassed.

I was left alone.

Reflecting on Yukimi’s words.

Yukimi bought it.

He bought it because I was in it.

I bought it because I’m on it!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! !

I crouched down on the spot and desperately held my mouth.

I wanted to scream out.

I’m too happy.

I can feel every cell in my body rejoicing.

I learned in biology class that there are tens of trillions of human cells. 

Now I’m really feeling it.

Indeed, my body is overflowing with trillions of joy.

What am I saying? Anyway, I was so happy that I couldn’t stand up for a while.

After a moment of chewing on my joy, I changed my clothes and stood in the hall.

While working, I think.

I admit it.

Yukimi has already screwed me in the heart.

No one else can give me this kind of pleasure. I can assure you of that.

For now, I’m sorry, but I have to tell Aihara kun no. 

I have to tell him clearly.

I feel guilty, but I can’t stop now.

I can feel my heart burning.

I am still fine with being called [Hinoriwa]

Because I feel that it gives me this burning power.

But someday, I will definitely make Yukimi kun say my first name.


I wonder if I’m so naive just because he bought the magazine?

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