I, Hakariya Hakari, had a boyfriend for the first time in my life.

I confessed my feelings to Yukimi kun at a family restaurant, and he agreed to it.

I had a boyfriend.

I was so excited that after exchanging RINE with him, I obediently followed Yukimi kun’s advice that it was late and we should both go home, and I went home with Kyoko in the manager’s car.

The manager was saying a lot of things to me, but I didn’t hear anything.

All I could hear was the sound of the ocean.

When I arrived home, I felt calm and wished I could have spent more time with him.

Because I don’t know anything about him.

Anyway, I sent him a message.

[Dear Yukimi kun, this is Hakariya Hakari. Thank you for earlier. It wasn’t a dream, was it?]


I’m feeling really dreamy and flustered.

I hope you’ll reply soon.

I wonder if he read it yet.

I send it and stare at the screen.

3 seconds.

10 seconds.

30 seconds.


What if he says it was a joke?

I put aside what I’ve done and think about that.

Besides, when I think about the person next to Yukimi kun, Hinoriwa Mio, my heart is bothered.

I wonder if they talked about anything after that.

They seemed so close to each other.

I don’t know about Yukimi kun, but at least Hinoriwa was showing her affection for him.

I remember that when she introduced herself, Hinoriwa san said she was in the entertainment business too.

I type into the search field on my phone. Hinoriwa Mio.

Then, immediately,

[An active high school girl, a new generation of gravure queen is born.]

I saw a picture of Hinoriwa Mio san, who was sitting in front of me earlier,

A swimsuit gravure image caught my eye.

There were several people in similar swimsuits surrounding her, but Hinoriwa san stood out from the crowd and shone.

…………Beautiful body.

Although she’s beautiful, it’s too naughty. The waist is too tight.

Wearing a pure white bikini, she was smiling fearlessly.

This is amazing.

I continued reading the article.

Active high school girl wins with her G-cups────


I’m aware that I have “something” too, but not this much.

I’m sure she will continue to grow and I think she will take the gravure world by storm.

Hinoriwa san definitely likes Yukimi kun.

I wonder if she has approached him.

If she made a pass at him, I think a high school boy would definitely go out with her.

But he accepted my confession.

So they weren’t dating, right?

Or did they have a relationship in the past?

Is this what jealousy is all about?

This is the first boyfriend I’ve ever had, so I don’t know what to expect.

I should ask Kyoko about it.

……But I don’t think that girl has ever had a boyfriend either.

She’s a girl who puts all her energy into her career.

Brrrt, brrrrt, brrrt.

Finally, I got a reply.

Yukimi kun [It’s not a dream.]

I type as I look into my phone as if peering into it.

[Thank goodness. Can I ask you one question?]

Yukimi kun [Sure.]

[What kind of relationship do you have with Hinoriwa san?]

Yukimi kun [A fellow part-timer]

[Just that?]

Yukimi kun [Is there more to it than that?]


[Have you ever seen Hinoriwa san’s gravure image?]

3 seconds.

10 seconds.

30 seconds.

Even though it’s already been read.

So slow.

Let’s make a call.

Without hesitation, I press the call button and wait for a while.


He answered.

Hearing his voice, I felt a tingle in my heart.

I’m talking to Yukimi kun.

“T-this is my first phone call, I’m so nervous !”

“…….Yeah. So, what’s going on?”

What, his tension lowers.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just tired from everything that’s happened today.”

My excitement is quickly extinguished.

I see…… That’s right.

It’s been a day of being pushed around by me, hasn’t it?

“……I’m sorry. …..Should I go now?”

“……No, it’s fine. I was insensitive too. I should have been more pleased that my girlfriend called.”

His voice changes to a gentle one. Wow. Maybe I like his voice.

Besides, he said girlfriend !

“R-right ! Even though I’m like this, I’m still a great idol !”

“……Fufu. Sure. Is it okay for you to confess to someone like me?”

He’s kind of laughing. Cute. I want you to laugh again.

“I-I don’t know if it’s okay either. I just felt like if I missed this opportunity, I would never see you again…….”


A silent affirmation.

I thought I would never meet you.


“But you’re my boyfriend now.”

I tell him slowly, as if to remind him.

You are my boyfriend.

But still, you’re my boyfriend.

It’s somewhat itchy to say it out loud.

As soon as my middle school classmates and other members of the group got boyfriends, they were all excited, as if they were glad to be alive.

I didn’t make fun of them, but I couldn’t understand them.

I have looked at these people with wonder, so let me tell you this.

I am glad to be alive.

“By the way, why me?”

Yukimi kun suddenly asked.

I guess that’s no wonder.

It was sudden.


“I honestly don’t know either. But it’s true that I’m very satisfied right now.”

“Huh, what’s that?”

He laughs in amazement. I like it.

On the other hand, I’m also curious about this.

I’m scared, but I’m going to ask him.

“Why did you decide to go out with me, Yukimi kun?

“……Well, if a national idol confessed to you, you’d go out with her.”



You turned me down in yesterday’s surprise broadcast.

I think that was probably the closest you came to a genuine reaction.

I want to ask him what kind of change of heart he had.

Why did you accept it?

Or did you not?

I immediately began to feel uneasy.

My anxiety overflowed and I felt like saying things I shouldn’t have said.

At that moment, Yukimi kun said something that blew those feelings away.

“Hakariya, will you meet with me again tomorrow?”


The next day, I had the whole day off, so I was ready and waiting for Yukimi kun.

By ready, I mean that I spent the morning buying new clothes that would make me look my most beautiful,

I went to the hairdresser and had my hair arranged in the way I think is the prettiest.

I even got a full-body beauty treatment in case it came to that.

With everything ready to go, I am Hakariya Hakari, No. 1 on the Koikoizaka.

To be honest, I have never been that attached or proud of this title.

I was happy to be praised by everyone, but it wasn’t in my nature to be overly proud.

I think I was just a cute little girl from the countryside, and I think it was best for me to live out my life being pampered in my hometown.

I’ve spent the last two years thinking I’m not cut out for this.

I forgot about trying hard and just consumed this look as I was told.

Because that was all I needed to do.

But today is different.

I will, of my own volition, polish my looks and unveil them.

I am Hakari Keiya, the number one in Koikoizaka.

I can’t wait for Yukimi kun to see me, the me that everyone wants.

At the meeting place, I look at myself in the mirror.

I think I’m shining brightly right now.

What if Yukimi kun turns red and can’t speak like my numerous fans?

────But such expectations were totally misplaced and misguided.

After waiting for a while, Yukimi kun came, but something is wrong.

Yukimi kun is walking toward me…, he is running.

I-is he that excited to see me !?

I thought he was cool, but there’s a huge gap… he in a hurry?

“Hakariya, I’m only going to say this once, so listen to me.”


My hair is a mess. Wild.

“There’s a karaoke bar within walking distance from here. Could you come over there and wait in front of the store? Don’t come inside. Sorry to rush you.”

He was talking very seriously.

I was admiring his fearless face.

“Answer me.”

He squeezed my shoulder.


“Thank you, I’ll see you later.”

After saying that, Yukimi kun ran like the wind.

I wonder how it’s possible to run so fast through a crowd without colliding.

Haa, that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting, but this might be the case.

Once again, I was picturing Yukimi kun with a serious look in his eyes right now.


I walked slowly for about 10 minutes and arrived at my destination.

I was told not to go inside and I obeyed.

I listen to Yukimi kun.

Then another 15 minutes passed.

I’ve always had a tendency to kill time, and waiting wasn’t painful.

It was fun just to watch the three guys with colorful hair come out of the store looking like they were in a mess.

But just when I was starting to think it was time to call it a day, Yukimi kun came out of the karaoke bar.

Wrapping his hands a woman around both arms────

The woman on his right arm says.

“How worried were you about me, Onii chan? Did you worry a lot?”

The woman on the left arm says.

“W-wow,……Yukimi kun, you have surprisingly large muscles…….”

The two women are constantly talking to each other, looking up at each other as if Yukimi kun is the only one who exists in this world.

I mean, if I look closely, the woman on the left arm is Kyoko.

What are you doing?

Yukimi kun is the only one who looks at me and makes a face.

What’s going on?

My hair, which I had set up so well, seemed to spread out in anger.

I approached him and shouted.

“Explain yourself, why are you clinging to my man !”

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