I, Hakariya Hakari, am having the most emotionally charged moment of my life.
Ever since I met him.

After I finished working on the surprise program, I went home and was on the phone with Akamori Kyoko and others.

I logged into an unfamiliar social media and read the information flowing through it with my eyes wide open.

I read the information about the high school boy who had been caught by surprise by me.

I know that my careless comments are causing him trouble.
Still, I couldn’t suppress this unexplainable urge.

His name and high school are listed.
The place is not far from where I live.

“Kyoko, I have a favor to ask you.”

“……What is it, Hakari chan?”

“I want to go to the high school that Yukimi kun goes to, the one listed on the Internet.”

“I definitely don’t think you should.”

Kyoko is extremely cautious.

“Tomorrow’s work will be only for Kyoko and me at night, right?”

“I know. But it’s impossible, anyone can see this information, you know? What if there are reporters or something?”

“I’ll put on a disguise.”

“What do you want to do when you meet in the first place? We don’t even know what he looks like.”

What do I want to do?

First of all, I want to apologize.
Because of me, things about him are being written on the Internet.
I don’t usually look at social media, and I have some tolerance for it because I do this job.
He is most likely having a hard time.


Indeed, I don’t know what I want to do.
He turned down my confession.

Resentment or pride for having rejected me, the number one guy on the Koikoizaka?

Is it my hope he is not fooled by my appearance and see me as a person?

I don’t know.

“I want to find out.”


“I can only ask Kyoko to do this.”

“Hakari chan, since when did you become so aggressive……”

“Please, Kyoko. You know you’re my only friend, don’t you?”

“It’s your own fault, isn’t it !?”

In the end, Kyoko reluctantly agreed.
She is always so kind.

Next day.

To be honest, what has happened since I actually met Yukimi kun, I have been so hectic that I can’t put it into words.

The 10 minutes Kyoko and I spent sitting on a bench near the high school waiting for Yukimi kun felt like an hour.

Various thoughts went through my head, such as what to talk about and whether I would be able to find him among so many students.

In reality, I recognized Yukimi kun as soon as he walked up and I immediately took off his mask and ran out.

The result was that he did not receive my contact information.

And somehow he had confessed to Kyoko.


Kyoko’s face turned red as she and Yukimi kun exchanged RINE on their phones.


Kyoko, get a grip.
Why are you mumbling his name?


Look at me.


Kyoko and I went back to the room once.

The reason why we came back together is because I didn’t let go of her hand.

“Hakari chan, I want to go home……”

“I’m sorry Kyoko. Maybe I’m not normal.”

“Yeah…I want you to calm down.”

“I’m not sure why Yukimi kun confessed to Kyoko.”

“That’s why I said it earlier. He thought the reporter was watching him. He grabbed my hand, who was dressed as a man, for Hakari chan’s sake.”

If he made that decision in that split second, as expected of Yukimi kun.
It was the same with the broadcast, and I wonder why he is so calm.
Although he has a cute face for a boy, I remember his cool eyes.

I felt a heat rising in the pit of my stomach.

“If that’s all, you didn’t have to actually exchange RINE.”

“C-certainly. But I had no choice ! It just happened the way it did.”

Kyoko is cute even when she’s in a panic.
It has the cuteness of a small animal.
If she goes on stage, her athleticism and natural talent as a performer will make her a great performer.
I liked Akamori Kyoko.

However, because I knew Kyoko’s charm, I had a swirling feeling about their RINE exchange.

“Send him my contact info too.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“Please. Do you like Yukimi kun and want to monopolize him?”

“Wha, that’s not true ! Okay, I’ll send it to you, but don’t say anything weird !”

After that, I sent him several messages, but he never responded.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kyoko, call him. I’m not going to work until I hear back from him.”

“I already told you his RINE, you can call him yourself……”

“I don’t want to do that. That’s shameful.”

And embarrassing.

“I don’t care what happen…”

While there was no reply, Kyoko was feeling exhausted because I had been talking about Yukimi kun.

Kyoko was talking weird on the phone, but by acting like a director, she managed to do it well.
Something tells me, as Kyoko told me, I may be getting more and more aggressive.


I finished one job with Kyoko and came to the family restaurant where he works.

The chief manager told me he had a meeting after work, but came here for some appropriate reason.

I think it’s probably related to the commotion mentioned above.
Maybe it was because I had been working diligently up to now, or maybe it was the prestige of being first in line, but he let me go easily.
Thank goodness.

When I entered the restaurant, a very stylish waitress came to serve me.

“Welcome. Yukimi told me about you. Please come this way.”

She was kind of naughty.
Even though I am a woman, I think so, and the waitress takes me to a seat at the end of the restaurant.

I take my seat.
I was getting nervous thinking that Yukimi kun was working part-time here.

“Kyoko, you didn’t have to come.”

I look to the side and say.

“That’s terrible !”

“I’m just kidding.”

“Geez. I don’t know what you’ll do if I leave you alone now, Hakari chan.”

“Kyoko, you haven’t taken off your makeup. You always take off your makeup right after work.”

“Wha, there’s nothing wrong with that !”

As I was waiting and teasing Kyoko, he came.

“Hello. It’s been a while.”

He was wearing a white cook’s outfit. He must be working in the kitchen.
It suits him. My cheeks relax.

“May I join you?”

The waitress who had just guided me to the restaurant, a very stylish waitress, came up next to him and asked,

“What kind of relationship do you two have?”

Kyoko was standing next to me, looking a little perplexed.
Was I too abrupt?

Yukimi kun looked at the waitress with a natural expression.

The waitress answered.

“……….We’re friends.”

The silence that had been lingering for a moment told me that they were more than friends.

“I see. Please have a seat.”


After each of us had introduced ourselves, Yukimi kun cut in.

“So you are all high school sophomores. Do you mind if I speak to you as if you were my friend?”

Me, Kyoko, and Hinoriwa san nodded.

“Is it true that you missed work because of me?”

“Right. If you hadn’t answered my calls, I would have taken the day off. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

“You’re a national idol, and I’m sure a lot of people are annoyed by your absence.”

Kyoko nodded next to me.

“Did Yukimi know about Hakariya san in the first place?”

Hinoriwa san asked.

“No. What about you?”

“How could I not know……”

My heart flutters at the casual exchange between him and Hinoriwa san.

“Huh, are you two really just friends?”

I asked without thinking.
I looked at Hinoriwa san’s face.

“We are.”

I could see the irritation and impatience on her face.
I knew intuitively.
She likes him.
My whole body says so.

I, Hakariya Hakari, am having the most emotionally turbulent moment of my life.
Ever since I met him.

The urge that it’s now or never makes me step forward.

“Then go out with me. Yukimi kun.”



Kyoko and Hinoriwa san raise their voices, but I don’t waver.

I stare at Yukimi kun with eyes as if I’m going to shoot him.

This is not an act of surprise.

I don’t know you at all yet.

But that’s why I want to know.

I want to know the reason for these feelings and urges.

Yukimi kun stares into my eyes.

After what seems like an eternity, he opens his mouth.

“Okay. I’ll go out with you.”

For the first time in my life, I, Hakariya Hakari, had a boyfriend.

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MC’s name sounds familiar

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Legend has it that if you search for the name on certain sites, it’ll appear almost immediately

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Damn boy, you got yourself into even more trouble with that

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So another MC who will be the meat dildo for some closet lesbians