I Wanted to Help My Favorite Idol (On Hiatus) Who Had Transferred to My School–So I Was Doing My Best, and Before I Knew It, Our Relationship Has Become More Than Just a Fan and an Idol

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Kanna Yukito was in despair.

The reason is that his favorite idol–Kusunoki Nanami, is on hiatus.

His most favorite idol, who was also his hope for life, has suspended her activities…and just when he thought he was going to spend his life in nothingness.

“I’m Kusunoki Nanami ! Nice to meet you all !”

His favorite idol transferred to his school. Yukito faints from the suddenness and happiness, but he notices her discomfort–and soon learns of the darkness in her heart.

Then, an arrangement is made between him and his idol Nanami.

“……Kusunoki, aren’t you getting too close lately? I feel like I’m about to evaporate.”

“It’s just your imagination. ……Yeah, it must be that. By the way, you haven’t said that to me.”

“I love you so much.”

“……Say it more.”

Episode 1 – I was in despair when my favorite idol was on hiatus and then she transferred to my school

Episode 2 – First conversation with my favorite idol

Episode 3 – Relationship between an idol and a fan

Episode 4 – Favorite idol’s secret

Episode 5 – I’ll cheer you on a hundred times more

Episode 6 – Unconscious approaching idol

Episode 7 – The idol wants to know about me