The Case of a Childhood Friend That I Haven’t Talked to in a Long Time is a Pushover



Even childhood friends who used to be close will inevitably grow apart over time.

It is not strange to see a childhood friend who is becoming more beautiful the closer she gets to adulthood, and to feel downhearted about whether it is okay for me to be by her side.

This is the story of a girl and me who, through a chance encounter, came closer to each other again.


Author: みょん (Miyon)


Episode 1 – A Beautiful Childhood Friend

Episode 2 – You Who Keep Pushing Hard

Episode 3 – Start The Offensive, and Will Surely Break The Stronghold

Daily life with childhood friend

Episode 4 – Sudden report

Episode 5 – Elasticity felt in the back of the head in the classroom

Episode 6 – Lunch With Friends

Episode 7 – Kasumi attacks, Kazuki counters

Episode 8 – Childhood friends huddled shoulder to shoulder

Episode 9 – Sucked a little in the past

Episode 10 – Easy to understand, Kasumi chan

Episode 11 – One Sigh For an Early Reunion

Episode 12 – Everything was different and together at the same time

Episode 13 – Little by little, I become aware of it

Episode 14 – A voice that is no longer heard

Episode 15 – Feelings That Finally Realized

Episode 16 – Connected feelings

Episode 17 – Morning as Lovers

Episode 18 – Find the culprit who taught Kasumi This

Episode 19 – If we go to school while holding hands, they’ll understand

Episode 20 – Kasumi wants to move forward a bit

Episode 21 – Want to Kiss

Episode 22 – Mutual distance bug occurs

Episode 23 – God is absolutely dirty

Episode 24 – Summer plans are all about events

Episode 25 – Good thing I kept believing in myself

Episode 26 – Kasumi made me stronger

Episode 27 – Come all the way to the bathroom

Episode 28 – not just the mind that’s connected, but the body as well

Episode 29 – A Happy Morning

Episode 30 – Charm overflows and never stops

Episode 31 – Kasumi chan in a swimsuit

Episode 32 – Naughty pranks

Episode 33 – Motivational Switch

Episode 34 – Flirting in front of everyone

Episode 35 – play one’s trump card

Episode 36 – It’s summer, it’s the ocean, it’s sun oil!

Episode 37 – Childhood friends are unbeatable