“I knew it. A girl with big br***ts is attractive in her own right!”
“…… what’s up with you out of the blue?”

In the morning, in a classroom still sparsely populated, my friend suddenly started talking nonsense.
It was a good thing that there were no other people around, but if there were many other people around, I can assure him that they would look at us with disgust.

“Don’t you think so, Kazuki?”
“…… Well, the bigger the better.”

Well, I’m a man, too. I do think women with big things are attractive.
My friend smiled at my words and put his arm around my shoulder. His name is Tomohito Tanaka, a friend of mine from high school.

He often makes stupid remarks, but he is a nice and cheerful guy who is easy to talk to. He is a pervert when he occasionally raises his glasses and looks at girls, but he is certainly not a bad guy.

“Friends at heart. We’re a lot alike.”
“…… though I can’t say I’ve ever seen a similarity that I’m not this pleased with.”
“You can’t say that.”

This guy is as noisy as ever.
Well, Tomohito is such a guy, but he has a lot of friends and we have a lot of mutual friends.

“Just back off a little bit.”

I undid the arm around my neck and took my study materials out of my bag.
Just then, one of the girls entered the classroom.

“Good morning”
“Ah, Good morning Kasumi!”

Tomohito let out a small gasp when he saw the girls greeting their friends and joining them in the circle.

“She is as beautiful as ever. She’s got great t**s, too.”
“Someone will get angry at you someday”
“Fufufu, Don’t worry, I won’t tell her so she won’t hear it.”
“…… is it?”

That’s what it’s like to be asked around. …… I took my eyes off of Tomohito and turned my attention to the girl he just talked about.

Shirasagi Kasumi, that would be her name.
She has long, silky black hair reminiscent of a Yamato Nadeshiko, white skin without a single blemish, and a face that gives the other person the impression that her eyes are soft and gentle, but not showing many emotional ups and downs. Needless to say, she is a beauty who would be one in the class, and that is exactly the word that describes her. ……And as an added bonus, as Tomohito mentioned, the bosom that raised her uniform was tremendous.

“That’s a G for sure, Kazuki.”
“I’m not asking you….”

Eei, don’t give me a slap on the back!
As I was playing with my sometimes dependable and sometimes annoying friends, I suddenly felt her eyes on me, so I turned my attention to her. There I saw Shirasagi, still talking with her friends, and I wondered if I was …… imagining things.

“What’s wrong?”

Yeah, …… I haven’t spoken to that girl in a long time and that’s not going to change. That’s how it is with childhood friends……. And it’s like I walked away from that girl.

Shirasagi Kasumi…… she was a former childhood friend of mine.
We stopped talking just before I graduated from junior high school, and that hasn’t changed even now that I’m a sophomore in high school.


We didn’t have a particular fight, we just naturally stopped talking.
Childhood friends are like that, they naturally grow apart as they get bigger and grow up. We were never close at our age like in the manga and anime,…… and that was evident in the relationship between me and Shirasagi.

Time passed and it was after school.
Tomohito and some other friends invited me to stay up a little later at karaoke. Even though I usually went home, I knew that my father and mother would both be home late today.

“You sang so much. See you later, Kazuki!”
“Yeah. Thanks for today.”
“It’s good!”

I leave Tomohito and the others and walk down the dimly lit street.
This time of year is June, and the thought of a sweaty summer is making me feel heavy. As I prefer winter to summer, summer is my least favorite season.
As I was floating around feeling bad about summer in this way, I saw a figure in front of the house I had finally arrived at.

“…… who?”

A figure …… at such a dim light?
Was it someone suspicious? I was a little freaked out like that, but from the slight silhouette I could see, I knew it was a woman.

“A guest? No, but who the hell is she?”

Who …… at a time like this anyway I approach because I have to get home.
Finally, I was able to see the woman in her entirety, much to my surprise.

“Eh? Why!?”
“Ah, you’re home at last.”

A woman …… approached me staring at me in amazement, she was wearing the uniform of my school.


Yes, it was her, a former childhood friend of mine, Shirasagi Kasumi who was there …….

“Didn’t you see the message from …… mom?”

I hurriedly took out my phone to check and found a message from my mom. The message said that she would not be home as she would be late for the second time and that she had asked Shirasagi to make dinner.

“I’ll make a quick stew. Come on, unlock the door.”
“….Is it fine?”

No, honestly, I’m panicking all of a sudden,…… Shirasagi nodded.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that. It was rather a good opportunity, so …… open it early.”

I unlocked the front door as if rushed by Shirasagi. Without any hesitation at all, Shirasagi took off her shoes, went to the living room and took out the groceries from the shopping bag. I’m not surprised at the fluidity of her movements, …… because Shirasagi used to come over often in the past.

“What are you staring at?”
“……, I just thought it’s been a long time.”
“……Yeah. How come it’s been so long?”

What is this air …….
Anyway, I headed for the bathroom to escape from the living room. After a brief cleaning of the bath, I filled it with hot water and got it ready.

Back in the living room, Shirasagi had already started cooking, wearing an apron.

“You remember where the knives are and everything.”
“Of course. I’ve been here many times.”
“…..I see”

I-I can’t stand this air ……!!
Why did mother suddenly ask Shirasagi to do this? It’s true that when I’m alone at night, a cup of noodles is my partner, just like my wife. …… I guess that’s not good enough, so she asked Shirasagi to help me out.

“I’m going to go take a bath…..”
“Take care”

I took a quick shower, soaked in the bathtub, and left the bath without taking that long.
Without talking to Shirasagi, the dishes were finished and placed on the table. It seemed she had made a white stew as the main dish, along with my favorite fried fish and other simple dishes.

“Looks good……”
“Just eat it.”
“Ah yeah….Itadakimasu”

I scooped up the stew with a spoon and brought it to my mouth.

“….So good”

The rich flavor of the stew, the meat and the other ingredients were really delicious, with plenty of flavor brought out in the stew. I felt Shirasagi’s mouth relax a little, but it was probably just my imagination, and she returned to her usual expression.

” ……it’s really delicious, seriously. hmmmm, Thanks for that?”
“No, that’s totally fine.”

……The air is dead.
I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to eat it,” but the Shirasagi’s voice reached my ears.

“Hey, …… Kazuki …….”
“Why …… have you stopped talking to me?”

I was surprised to hear my name called for the first time in a long time, but more than that, the expression on Shirasagi’s face when she asked me that made a very strong impression on me.
It was because I had a vision of her in the past, the one who used to claw at my back and never leave. She looked just like that time when she cried for me to wait if I walked a little faster.


A sudden visit, a sudden question…… I was staring into her’s eyes and completely out of the running!

Well, I know I’m late, but let me introduce myself.
Rindou Kazuki , that’s my name. Now, how to answer Shirasagi’s question …… , I was lost for a while.

(TL/N : Well here it is, a new one, the moment I saw this WN I felt that I wanted to read much more, so, here it is~)

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