“…… Yeah. Very good trend.”

Kasumi muttered as she sat up in the dark room at night.
She turned her head slightly to the side, and there was her beloved boyfriend Kazuki, whom she loved more than anything else, sleeping. Before going to bed, they had a nighttime wrestling session, and when they were both satisfied, they were ready to go to bed.


Now, what was the good trend that Kasumi mentioned – nothing at all, it was a word for Kazuki’s desire for Kasumi.
She didn’t ask Kazuki to make love to her that often, but after all, once she had experienced being loved by Kazuki, it was only natural that she would want him to do it again. Kasumi’s face still turned red with embarrassment, but she was still determined to make a strong appeal.

“Hey Kazuki, even in the bath you held back, right?”

She snuck in when Kazuki was taking a shower and invited him to join her by pressing her body against his pride and joy. However, he seemed to hold back there, but then he properly returned the favor, or rather, acted interested in Kasumi’s body.


It felt good to be touched by Kazuki while she was showering from the head and could not see anything. Perhaps it was because her sense of touch worked better than usual because her vision was blocked, because her body trembled at the mere touch of a hand on her chest.

She was about to scream just from being squeezed, but the moment she was popped with his fingers, she was turned on. It was called a “motivation switch. Kasumi was also feeling that if she was going to do something like that, she wanted to do it on the bed, and since she had dinner coming up, she held back.

“……it makes me happy to be wanted so much.”

She knew it was a payback prank, and it was Kasumi’s aim to interpret that as a signal and set that time aside in the evening, but it was truly blissful.

“…… I like Kazuki and Kazuki likes me. It goes without saying that we are compatible with each other, and we both want each other like that. …… Isn’t this undefeatable ……?”

Kasumi nodded her head in agreement without bothering to remind anyone.
Kazuki thinks a lot about Kasumi and tells her he loves her a lot. The opposite is also true, of course, but she wanted to connect more strongly with each other.

“…… marriage, I guess.”

They will continue to nurture their love and in the future they will definitely get married…… that is Kasumi’s goal.
She has read numerous comic books and novels that proclaim that childhood friends don’t get together and that first love never comes to fruition. Each time, Kasumi was inspired after despairing and seized the only chance she had to reach her current relationship.

“I acted. But you guys just didn’t act. …… I’m the winning heroine, you’re the losing heroine.”

She is talking about the heroine of the story, who of course didn’t make the guys fall in love.
Having said that much, Kasumi chuckled at what she was saying alone and let out a loud sigh. Kasumi returned to the bed and hugged Kazuki’s body.


Then Kazuki hugged Kasumi as if she were a pillow.
Today, Kasumi sleeps in the arms of such a favorite person. Her expression was very happy, and at the same time, her eyes were full of endless feelings for Kazuki.

The final exam is over and there are only a few days left until the summer vacation.
Even in those few days, Kasumi was still full of charm as she spent more and more days thinking about the person she loves. She is not expressionless, which is her default, and she is also seen smiling, though not often.

“Hey Kasumi”

Her Friends are very concerned about Kasumi’s recent situation.
They never meant to make fun of her, but they were looking forward to hearing about her happy days directly from Kasumi’s mouth. Even though Kazuki would definitely be embarrassed to hear it, they couldn’t help but find Kasumi adorable enough to talk about it if they could flatter her.

Well, there was another talk today between Kasumi and her friends. The first thing Kasumi mentioned was this.

“People have a motivation switch right?”
“Motivation switch?”

Kasumi gave a thumbs-up to Kazuki. Kazuki, tilting his head, also gave a thumbs-up in response. Kasumi nodded in return, turned her attention back to Mai and the others, and continued the conversation.

“The other day, I assaulted Kazuki while he was taking a bath.”
“…..yeah yeah”

This was some kind of savory aroma, and the three of them leaned forward to listen to Kasumi’s words as they sensed it.

“So I hugged him from behind and seduced him, but nothing happened even then and …… the problem was after that.”

All three seemed eager to listen.

“While I was in the shower, Kazuki hugged me from behind, squeezed my b***s, and pinned me.”

She pointed her finger at her own ample bosom and made a popping motion with her index finger. The three understood what Kasumi meant by that and immediately turned red in the face, then turned their gazes from Kasumi to Kazuki. Kazuki was puzzled by the three suddenly turning their gazes on him, but once again Kasumi gave him a thumbs up.

“I see that …… Kasumi has gone all the way to the next stage.”
“I know right…..that’s amazing”

Kasumi chuckled at Mikoto and Rei’s words.

“Don’t worry, you’ll all have great boyfriends in time.”

Those were words from Kasumi’s heart.
The words were so full of love for her best friends that the three of them thought Kasumi looked like a goddess for that one moment. But do not forget that these words simply came from Kasumi’s fondness for them.

“I guess it’s great that Rindou kun can get that Kasumi to say this much, isn’t it?”
“Yeah. Kazuki is amazing”
“What do you mean by that!”

They were somewhat curious adolescent friends.
But of course, Kasumi didn’t want to talk about that much.

Now, so come the very long summer vacation days.
But at the same time, it was also the beginning of the short days before Kazuki’s parents returned.

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