Episode 22 – Mutual distance bug occurs



“…… kiss…… kiss…… kiss…… kiss……”

Kasumi was taking a shower while mumbling to herself.
She had noticed that Kazuki had been troubled by something after school. She wanted him to confide in her, so she asked him about it, but she had no idea that it was wanting to kiss her.


She heard his worries about wanting to kiss him, and as a result of stepping in here…… she was able to kiss her favorite Kazuki, albeit only by touching him. The time when their lips touched each other’s, there was an illusion that it was supposed to be a momentary time but it felt like an eternity.

…… Well, soon after that, Kasumi rolled her eyes and collapsed, but that didn’t erase the fact that she had kissed Kazuki.

“…… This is bad, I’m going to be smiling the whole time.”

Even though she tried to fix her expression by putting her hands on her cheeks, they slipped through and her cheeks relaxed with a grin on their own accord. That’s how happy she was kissing Kazuki.

“…..But I guess that means I’m a first-timer too.”

Kasumi nodded.
She wants to do it even if she said she didn’t want to to Kazuki before, and earlier she even got herself into the mood to kiss him, but she is not ready yet because her brain boils with embarrassment and she turns her eyes away from him.

“I’m sure I can go beyond that kiss if I attack more aggressively …… so I can even get Kazuki to put an indelible mark on this body. Yes, I can do it!”

She made a fist clenched in front of her chest.

“Even Kazuki is very conscious of me. I have enough charm …….It’ll be fine”

She can say these words because she has absolute confidence in her own body.
She wets the fogged up mirror and looks at her body again. Her hair is wet from the shower and sticks to her skin, and her cheeks are flushed, giving her a sexy appearance. Her white skin was spotless, and her large b****s, slender waist, and moderately large buts highlighted her sexiness to the fullest.

“…… but if I attacked Kazuki suddenly, it would only annoy him. …… Love is difficult.”

Yes, love is difficult.
While it would have been nice to continue as before, she naturally wanted to do something special for Kazuki only. She was very happy to have the opportunity to experience the kiss she wanted to do the most.

“…… makes my cheeks sizzle when I think of kissing”

The smirk on her face that she never shows at school, no matter how much she tries to mend it, the memory of the kiss comes back and interferes with it.
Kasumi soaked in the bathtub to calm her mind.


A finger touches her lips without her being aware of it at all.
Plump but soft lips, she touched her index finger there and pseudo-imagined her finger as Kazuki’s lips. Calm down? Don’t be silly, it escalated more.


Her imagination somehow became even more extreme, and she imagined that the fingers were not her lips but Kazuki’s tongue. She overlaps her index and middle fingers and licks it with her tongue crawling over it. She licks it from the front and from the side …… while letting out a distressed voice as she tries all kinds of licking methods.

“…… what?!”

Then, Kasumi came back to herself.
She let out a sigh as she looked at her fingers, which had turned to slop with saliva instead of hot water.

“…..I wonder if I’m more naughty than I think I am….”

She hit a wall of such worries.
But it is Kasumi who understands Kazuki better than anyone else. That is why Kasumi can say with confidence.

“There is no man who doesn’t like naughty girls to varying degrees, and Kazuki is no exception. Kazuki is no exception.”

Boys love naughty girls. That may be a certain truth.


I’m fighting right now …… With My own troubles.
Kissing Kasumi today was a step forward from our relationship as childhood friends. I felt confident that I had enough courage to say that I wanted to kiss her.

But the problem, I learned, was now.
I was thrilled to see that Kasumi was dripping with more s*x appeal than usual after her bath, and with that thrill in my heart, I finished my dinner and now I am here.

I sit down on the floor and lean my back against the bed, and Kasumi pulls me into a frontal embrace. I don’t know if that kiss changed Kasumi in any way, but she is hugging me with an air of happiness about her more than ever.

“…… Well, it makes me happy too.”
“Right? If you understand then it’s fine”

I’m glad to hear that.
Well, I’m certainly embarrassed and thrilled, but I’m happy too. I’m glad that Kasumi is expressing her affection in such a way that is easy to understand.

“By the way.”
“….What is it?”

Releasing her body from close contact, Kasumi pointed her fingers at her own chest.
The pink pajamas that Kasumi is wearing now button up the front. The top two buttons are undone, revealing her ample cleavage.


Yes, that’s what’s been bugging me all along!
The moment she hugged me, she somehow unbuttoned two buttons in front of my eyes. When she hugged me and held me close, I could not help but look at her cleavage from a very close distance. This is the reason why I said earlier that I was fighting against my worries.

“…… give me a break with the kissing just yet.”

A lame-ass remark? Shut up, that’s still too hard for me!
Hearing my words, Kasumi chuckled and nodded her head in understanding.

“Let’s move things along at our pace. But ……”
“…… it makes my cheeks burn when I think of the …… kiss.”

It’s true that Kasumi’s face is red just like mine all the time.
The evening kiss would have been one of the most cherished memories for both of us, but at the same time, it was definitely an act that would haunt us for some time.

But for me, it’s still too difficult to see my lover’s cleavage at close range.
I reached into Kasumi’s pajamas and buttoned up the top two buttons. …… Why did I do that? Shouldn’t I have just gone ahead and asked Kasumi to button them up?

“I was so nervous that I thought …… you were going to take my clothes off.”

Somebody kill me eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I couldn’t move my body because Kasumi was hugging me like this, and I would make her sad if I tried to break away from her. I knew that this was the only way to calm down in such a situation, so I hugged Kasumi as hard as I could.

“……, I just have to settle for this one.”
“…Fufu, But my heart is thumping like crazy.”

I don’t know what to do anymore, either.
I’ve been hugging Kasumi like that for a few minutes now, and now she says we’re taking turns and I’m being hugged by her. I can’t even sigh anymore as Kasumi firmly clasps my face into her ample b***s,…… because I’m so happy about this.

“……, you’re getting a little too aggressive……, seriously.”
“Yeah. It is just right to be aggressive. Especially if Kazuki is my partner.”

…… You’re really too Aggressive, aren’t you?
It’s not easy to be in a relationship, and I learned that in a way.

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