“….What is it?”

As soon as I arrived at the school, I was caught by Tomohito
A few other friends were behind, looking down at me with their arms crossed.


Well, I knew this would happen.
Although we walked hand in hand until the halfway point, Kasumi let go of my hand when the number of students started to increase. However, it seemed to bother them that there was a man next to Kasumi, who would normally come to school alone or with a friend.

“You know what we mean, right?”
“It has to do with Kasumi, right?”
“C-Calling each other names…..!?”

Ah, I just called her by name.
However, even if I were to have a conversation with my friends, I probably wouldn’t refer to Kasumi by her last name, Shirasagi, anymore.

[Why don’t you call me… name?]

I guess I don’t have to worry about it as long as I don’t have Kasumi in front of me, but she somehow seems to want me to call her by name anywhere ……. What the heck, I’ve always been sweet when it comes to Kasumi.

“Me and Kasumi–“
“We’ve known each other since childhood.”

I was about to say, “We’ve known each other since childhood,” when a voice like a bell rang out to cover my words.

“Yeah. I’m here.”

She came…
Tomohito seemed surprised by the sudden appearance of Kasumi, but they were more surprised by the term “childhood friend”.

“Childhood friend? Kazuki didn’t say that, did he?”
“I know, but …… things have been happening and we haven’t had a chance to talk. But yesterday I had a chance to talk to her again.”
“I-Is that it…….?”

I told it like it is. ……but Kasumi took over my words.

“That’s what I mean. I’ve been able to talk to Kazuki for the first time in about two years. That’s why I was so happy and we went to school together today.”

I can’t see her expression because Kasumi is standing behind me in the chair and she is behind Tomohito and was blushing. I glanced back at her and Kasumi nodded her head, her cheeks relaxing slightly.

“I think we will have many more opportunities to talk together. So please don’t pry too much into my life like you are doing now. I don’t want to see Kazuki in trouble.”
“I see ……. If that’s the reason, …… No, whatever the reason is, what we did is annoying. Sorry Kazuki.”
“No, no, no, there’s nothing to apologize for.”

I waved my hand and told them there was no need for that.
But it’s rare to see Tomohito apologize like this……. This is…………. something. As the other friends moved away, I thought I saw Tomohito’s glasses glitter.

“By the way, Shirasagi san.”
“What is it?”
“I’d like to hear you say a lot of things about Kazuki. I want to know things about the past that only you would know.”
“Okay. I’ll teach you.”

Smirking, Tomohito laughed.
This guy …… figured out how to handle Kasumi in an instant! I mean, don’t let him create an atmosphere where Kasumi takes the bait and talks about me too!

“Kasumi, you don’t need to say anything else.”
“Why? I want to spread the word about Kazuki’s many good qualities.”

Don’t say missionary with pure eyes.

“Only Kasumi should know about the past. I mean, I don’t want you to talk about anything strange, so please keep it to yourself.”

I don’t know what he would say if it leaked out to the outside world, no matter how young we were, like the fact that we slept together or took a bath …….
It’s embarrassing and I’m seriously going to get…… about what these jealous men will do to me.

“I’ll keep it in my chest ……okay. I will.”
“I’d be happy if you do so ……”

Kasumi san? Why are you sticking behind me so snugly?
She is not hugging me like she does at home, but she is putting her body against the back of my head like she is putting her hands on my shoulders. In other words, Kasumi’s b***s are touching my head.

“What’s wrong, Kazuki?
“What’s wrong?”
“…..No, Nothing”

It’s Kasumi, absolutely unintended.
That’s how I’m chatting with Kasumi with Tomohito. It’s the first time in high school that I’ve talked to Kasumi at school, although I still feel a bit of eye contact. I’m not sure what I’m doing here.

[Why …… why won’t you talk to me?]

Kasumi’s words from yesterday come back to my mind.
Kasumi had always been a lonely girl. Although she had many friends, she was the kind of girl who was always by my side. I don’t see her that way to some extent in junior high school, but still, when I think back to yesterday, I feel that I’ve made her feel lonely for a long time.

“…….Kasumi, I’m really sorry”

I laid my hand on her shoulder and murmured quietly to myself. I thought she would never hear me.

“No, it’s fine. Because you are back to normal like this.”

Huh, Was it that loud?

“When it comes to this, it’s tough for both Kazuki and Shirasagi san. There are the other classes, and even seniors and juniors have a lot of people after her.”
“Really? I certainly get a lot of confessions.”

No, It is normal, Kasumi san

“I’ve wondered for some time….. if Shirasagi san isn’t interested in romance?”
“It’s not that. I turned it down simply because I didn’t find it attractive. …… No, I couldn’t imagine that kind of relationship at all.”

A few of the boys in the class just looked down when Kasumi just said that.
Certainly there must be a good number of boys in this class who have confessed their feelings to Kasumi. In other words, Kasumi’s words were like a knife to all of them.

“Kasumi …… is relentless.”
“Shirasagi san is paralyzing…….”
“Eh? What?”

I can’t see Kasumi’s expression because I still have a peach fuzz on the back of my head, but I’m sure she’s staring at me.

“Oh, yes, Kazuki.”
“What would you like for dinner today?”

I’m not numb to or longing for Kasumi to drop another dynamite-grade bomb after having misled them earlier.

“Later okay, Kasumi.”

The morning class is about to start, but Kasumi has no intention of leaving.

“….I want to be like this longer”
“Go back to your seat. Later, okay?”
“…… yeah.”

Looking dejected, Kasumi returned to her seat.
Even when she sits in her seat, she glances at me. A friend nearby also looked at me and fluttered and waved.

“Hey, Kazuki, it looks like you’re going to have a tough time, huh?”

Hopefully it’s nothing too bad, ….. no?

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