Kazuki, who had climbed the ladder of adulthood and gained confidence in many ways, and Kasumi, who radiated sex appeal, were still the center of attention.
The boys were disappointed that they could not win the heart of Kasumi, who was already very popular. Many wanted to have her smile, her love, and her body.

“Kazuki, let’s go home.”
“Aah yeah”

After school, Kasumi called out to him and Kazuki stood up.
The two of them looked really good walking together, and more than anything, Kasumi, who usually does not change her facial expression much, was relaxing her cheeks. It was an expression not seen before, and one that only Kazuki’s presence could bring to the surface.

“It’s impossible…….”

And today, too, one of the boys would chuckle and mutter to himself when he saw them.

They left school and went out on a date in the city, but on the way Kazuki left Kasumi’s side to go to the restroom.

Kasumi was bored and took her phone out of her pocket to pass the time, but the fact that she had attracted stares at school meant that the same could be said of her outside.
There were many eyes watching Kasumi as she touched her phone alone. But none of them spoke to her, glanced at her and left. Perhaps the reason for this is the cold air Kasumi exudes while looking at her phone. The reason is that she doesn’t respond when spoken to, and gives off such an air of annoyance that she doesn’t want to talk to them.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“No, not at all.”

However, such a sharp atmosphere changes to a softer one when Kazuki returns. Kasumi’s face is relaxed, her hands are clasped, and she looks very happy as she gazes at Kazuki’s profile. The two of them are heading home, but their destination is Kasumi’s house.

If she quickly completes her objective, she will head to Kazuki’s house, but that objective is really …….

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

After school, there was an angel in front of me wearing a pure white swimsuit. …… I was so taken with her that I called her an angel. …… Yeah? I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it’s okay, nothing’s wrong.

Summer will be here in a little while, so Kasumi showed me her swimsuit one step ahead of the season. I thought it was too early to show it, but if she was going to show it to me, I wanted to see it, that’s what men do.

“What do you think?”
“It looks good on you. The white swimsuit looks great on your black hair. ……umm”
“Fufu, You don’t have to force yourself to squeeze out words. I’ll be satisfied if you just say, [That looks good on you.]”
“…I see”

Kasumi is wearing a bikini style swimsuit.
I’ve been to the beach and pool with friends, but never with girls my own age. Of course I’ve caught their eyes, but I wasn’t that interested in them, and …… yeah, when Kasumi is in a swimsuit, I’m going to have to look at her.

“Kazuki’s gaze is very naughty♪”

Kasumi then began to strike various poses.
She would strike poses that emphasized her b****s or thrust her buttocks out in front of me in a series of gestures that tested my reason.

“…Ufffuuu~n ♪:”
“It’s a little silly.”
“I thought so, too.”

And she had no expression on her face. But …… still looks great on her
Kasumi herself checks her own appearance in the mirror, and even she looks good.

Kasumi’s black hair and the pure white swimsuit is a very neat and innocent image ……. However, the rich b***s and buttocks that the swimsuit protects are too naughty,…….

“….. I really have an awesome girlfriend, haven’t I ?”

I think it’s really great to be happy to have a beautiful, cute, stylish and attentive …… girl who loves me so much by my side.

“Yeah, I’m a great girl”

I was alone with a lot of thoughts and Kasumi was right in front of me, on all fours.
If I lower my gaze from Kasumi’s face, which is staring at me intently, I am greeted by a cleavage that follows gravity downward. Funny, I’ve never been this much of a b***b fan

“Hey, what do you want me to do in a swimsuit?”

I gulped and spat at those words.
I almost reached out my arm reflexively, but it was yesterday and I stopped myself. Kasumi saw this and instead of attacking me further, she giggled and backed away.

“That reaction alone is enough for me. I heard that this swimsuit properly makes you aware, Kazuki.”
“Of course I’m aware of it. Even I like Kasumi in a swimsuit, right?”

Then, with a boffo sound, Kasumi jumped into my chest.
I hugged Kasumi, touching her skin directly, not over her clothes.

“Well I”
“I like having my skin touched directly like this more than on my clothes.”
“Fufu, Okay, I’m going to get dressed.”

Kasumi took off her swimsuit away from me.
Since we are already dating and in that kind of relationship, I guess she has no qualms about being seen naked. Kasumi did not hide her top or bottom, but began to change in front of me.

“…That was a relief”
“What is it?”

Kasumi continued, clutching her swimsuit to her chest as if it were precious to her.

“This year, it didn’t go to waste.”

My time away from Kasumi has come back to haunt me as an assassin!
Kasumi laughed at me as I made a fist that it was okay and that it wouldn’t come to that.

“Yeah. I’m not worried anymore. I know Kazuki won’t leave me anymore.”

I was caught by her confident words and smiled.
In the end, I really do think that Kasumi knows me better than I do, even though we have been apart for a while. Maybe I’m just easy to understand, but I think being easy to understand is sometimes a good thing.

“Hey, Kazuki, do you want to have dinner over here today?”
“Is it okay?”
“Yeah. My mom was kind of on board with it. I’ll go tell her now.”
“Got it”

As I watched Kasumi leave the room, I saw a freshly removed swimsuit on the table.
I stare at it and then look away as if nothing happened.

“…… Why are my eyes drawn to it? This is terrifying.”

Leaning my back against Kasumi’s bed, I didn’t move my eyes until she came back to me.
Incidentally, Kasumi, seeing my state, put her swimsuit away in the wardrobe and told me to look at her rather than the swimsuit and didn’t move in front of me for a long time.


Well, if that’s the case, it’s a story of kissing.
Kasumi, who seemed to have been caught off guard, immediately had a cheerful expression on her face, but then she was called by aunt to leave the room again, as if she had something to do. She looked very dissatisfied or unhappy when she did so, but I hope she didn’t get into a fight with aunt somehow.

“The timing is already bad!”
“What, were you kissing him?”
“I’m sorry… ♪”

…this is the one that damages me too.
Kissing is a happy act, but I still have to think about the time and place. It was a moment that made me keenly aware of this.

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