Recently, various applications have been developed in line with the widespread use of smartphones.
Some have achieved a quality level comparable to that of video games, and others, on the contrary, have been criticized so harshly that one wonders why they were released at such a level.

“What are you doing?”

I was lying on my bed, playing a game with my phone in my hand, when Kasumi spoke to me.
She was lying down in the same position as me, with her body in a similar position and her shoulders attached to mine, staring at my phone screen.


Yeah, now I was playing Mahjong on an app on my phone.
I am not interested in betting on pachinko or horse racing, but mahjong is something that can be easily played on a smartphone these days. I got into mahjong a little after reading a manga about high school students fighting in the game.

“I see…undress mahjong.”
“Not that”

Well, surely there are mahjong games …… where you have to take off the girl’s clothes every time you win. However, I want to play mahjong itself, and I am not interested in such things.

“Aren’t you into that sort of thing?”
“I don’t think so. I mean, not so long ago I thought two-dimensional girls were cute,…… and I still do, but there is an even prettier girl next to me”

In an instant, Kasumi’s cheeks turned red and she pressed her face against the blanket, flapping her feet. It’s naturally cute when your own girlfriend makes such a gesture next to you, and it makes you feel naughty to try to attack her more, but there’s a chance she’ll strike back more than that…..But that’s fine

“Kasumi said it would be just fine if I came at you with a little more aggression before, right?”
“Maybe I should swing my stats a little more toward defense?”

Kasumi then got up as if miffed.
I wondered what she was going to do, and then she leaned over so that she was on my back. I felt a weight on my back, but it was a soft feeling that I felt more than that.

“You have a lot of nerve making fun of me. You should work out like this for a while.”
“I can feel your breasts and smell your nice scent, so isn’t that a treat?”
“Ts………Kazuki is strong”

Of course, I’m still a bit of a slacker myself. But after all that body touching and kissing, it’s good to be a little stronger.
I patted Kasumi’s head and concentrated on the game. Kasumi rests her chin on my shoulder and watches the game screen without saying a word. She didn’t say anything, partly because she was just watching and partly because she simply didn’t know how to play mahjong.

“All right, that’s it.”
“Did you win?”
“Ah, yeah. See, I have more points than the other three.”

I had a pretty good pull today, so I was able to finish with a high score.
Maybe it’s thanks to the goddess of victory named Kasumi? I thought about it, but if I make fun of her any more, she might really come back at me.

“Hey Hey”
“How about I take off one piece for every one Kazuki wins?”
“….Excuse me?”
“Won’t it burn you?”

…… because under that shirt is a bra. …… huh?


…… No, I don’t know if that’s okay.
Because even though she takes them off one by one, it’s like seeing Kasumi in her underwear over and over again, and even if she’s naked, she can still assault me in the bath. …… Well, but mahjong is better than not a game I can’t win.

“All right, got it. Let’s do it then.”
“Yeah …… I’m thrilled ♪”
“Don’t worry. There are many things I can’t win at mahjong.”

You may need a certain amount of ability, but what you need more than that is luck. If luck is a factor in this game of Kasumi’s clothes, then God must be a very dirty

“Kazuki, win and peel me.”
“…… strikeback fast?”
“Fufu ♪ Come on, come on, it’s starting.”

Oh no, it looks like Kasumi is completely on the offensive.
Well, but as I’ve said many times, the odds of Kasumi taking off her clothes are too low because it’s meaningless if I don’t win. I looked at the tiles I was dealt to see if I could do it without thinking too much about it …… Oh?

一二四1白白白發發發中中中 2 (I Don’t know what this is so I’m just gonna put it here 🙂 )

“It’s kind of full of Chinese characters. Are these strong?”

I’m a strong demon. …… God, do you really want to see such a dirty picture?
Kasumi, who has no idea what she is talking about, is saying that there are a lot of kanji characters in the game. Incidentally, this tile arrangement is probably a surprise to someone who has played mahjong before, and then can’t stop grinning.

“……cut two for now.”

2 is unnecessary and will be discarded.

“Oh no, really?”
“I don’t understand. ……”

By the way, I didn’t say “seriously?” in response to Kasumi’s weak bite, but rather to the fact that yakuman had been confirmed at this point.
In Mahjong, the highest score is called yaku-man, and there are many different kinds of yaku-man, but in my case, it is called daisangen, which is a yaku-man that is determined by having three white cards, three paddles, and three medium cards in the same hand.

To be honest, at this point, it’s all been overshadowed by the anticipation of being able to get up the yakuza rather than the undressing of Kasumi. I could hear my heart pounding as if it were this one.

一二四1白白白發發發中中中 三

The next Tsumo is three, so …… oh.

I cut the 二三四1白白白發發發中中中となった。

The rest of the time, when the tsutsuko, or round one, comes, I’m agarashi. If I were to get agarare with this, the three people I was playing against would probably throw their phones in the air. The opponent to my left cut his first hand, which was ……1.

The choice of Ron or Skip appeared unceremoniously, and of course I took Ron.

“I won.”

I’m sorry to anyone who played against me, especially those who hit a yakuman.
From the beginning, I had 25,000 points. The Yakuman hit on top of that, and all the points I had were thrown out.

“If it goes negative, it jumps and it’s forced to end.”
“…… but seriously, Yakuman, awesome!”

No, this kind of thing excites me more.
For Kasumi, the greatness of the current role is naturally not understood, so she simply understands it as a high point.

“Well, but Kazuki won, didn’t he?”
“Then I’ll undress.”

Without showing any confusion, Kasumi took off her shirt.
She was dressed in a rough outfit, as she was staying home for the day, but as I expected, she was wearing black lace underwear, which …… was very sexy underwear.


Then she lay on my back again in the same way and kept her body close to mine.
…… This must be a terrific sight to see from the side. Well, I have no intention of showing Kasumi’s underwear to anyone else.

“…… are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes, Oh, there’s no penalty if Kazuki loses. Even if you keep losing, if you win somewhere else, I will take this bra. c’mon, let’s continue.”
“….I won’t”

I put down my phone and got up.
I take the shirt and hand it to Kasumi.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. It’s very naughty and …… it’s not that I don’t feel that way. But it’s still in order. ……”
“…Fufu. I know. Maybe I’m making too much fun.”
“I knew you were making fun of me!”
“Of course, Kazuki’s reaction was so cute.”

I ruffled Kasumi’s hair as hard as I could. Even so, Kasumi was not averse to my actions and kept accepting them.

“……God is dirty, in my opinion.”
“No, it wasn’t. Kazuki is the one who attracted the luck after all. Kazuki just attracted the naughty and luxurious luck.”
“……I thought my luck had run out when I ended up dating Kasumi.”
“Is it?”
“Ah….Well, but I’m tired. Heal me, Kasumi.”
“I get it. Come, I’ll spoil you♪”

After all, spending a day off like this with Kasumi is the best way to spend it.
…… Ah, the smell of Kasumi is soothing.

(TL/N : Really sorry but everything about mahjong is MTL’ed, I don’t know anything about it lmao)

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