“….What is it?”
“Can’t sleep”
“….. you tell me that.”

I’m usually supposed to sleep alone on the bed, but somehow today Kasumi is next to me, saying she’s going to sleep with me.
Because it is just the two of us, I feel a certain amount of smallness, if not too cramped. I repeatedly asked her to go get a futon, but each time Kasumi insisted that we just sleep together like in the past.

“It’s small.”
“Yes. It is”
“Don’t say tha–…Haaa”
“…..That’s fine, it’s how it used to be.”

Indeed, we used to sleep together more often.
Even in the hot summer months, she was eager to cling to me, and when it came to winter, she hugged me as if to show her steel will to never leave me.

‘Well, we used to be, but now we’ve both grown up.”
“Well yes. Kazuki has grown so much.”

Kasumi, who was lying next to me and staring at my face for a long time, ran her slender fingers along my body. As I felt the tickle of her fingers tracing my face, she even said something like that.

“I’ve grown up too, haven’t I?…. a lot of things has grown right ?”

I really think she’s grown up in a lot of ways, seriously.
Naturally, she’s grown taller and her body has grown,…… because her b****s have expanded to an unmatched level …… since that time.

“Hey, can I get closer?”
“…… get any closer?”
“It’s okay. It’s like it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Kasumi moved her body closer to me, as if she was rubbing against me.
I was so excited to see her big b****s changing shape against my arm, and to be honest, it was heartbreaking to see her legs entwined with mine. I don’t think that I should attack her, devour her ……, but I wonder if she knows that I’m a man.

“Sleepy, aren’t you?”
“Well yeah. I’ve had a lot on my plate today.”
“Why are you apologizing? rather ……”

I leaned over a little and stroked her head as I reached out my hand opposite the arm that was holding her in Kasumi’s arms. Seeing her eyes squinting like a cat really reminded me of the old days. I was reminded that …… nothing has really changed.

“I was glad that Kasumi came to see me today. I didn’t think we’d ever talk again like we used to. Haha, You haven’t changed a bit since the old days when you squint at me like that!”
“Mu……I’m pissed off that I’m seen as childish. But I’m even more pissed off at myself for being …… happy.”

Cats will press their faces against you when you pet them, and it’s similar to that. Still, I wonder how they would look at me if they knew that I was in the same bed as a famous beauty in the school like this.

“Hey….Can I talk to you normally from now on?”
“It’s okay. But I’m a little afraid of what they’ll look at me like.”
“It’s fine. All the girls know.”
“Fufu, goodnight”

Kasumi fell asleep after leaving some worrisome words.
It was only for a moment after she muttered good night, but she was already sleeping regularly. Nothing has changed in this sleeping pattern. After all, I was the one who drew a strange line and distanced myself from Kasumi. Kasumi had always thought of me as a childhood friend, and nothing had changed.

“…… sorry about all this time, Kasumi. Good night.”

No matter how beautiful she is, Kasumi is a childhood friend. It was as if something that had never been there before had returned.

A little after Kazuki was completely asleep, Kasumi’s eyelids slowly lifted. She was not asleep at that time, but was waiting for Kazuki to fall asleep. She smiled at the sight of him sleeping peacefully in Kasumi’s arms.

“I’m so happy ……Fufu, to be able to sleep together like this again.”

Kasumi spent today as if she were making up for the time she had lost with Kazuki, with whom she had not been able to talk at all for some time.
It’s not that she didn’t think anything of it when she heard why he had left her, why he stopped talking to her. But now that She knew the reason, She was sure, if not completely, that the rift had been bridged.

“Do you know how much I missed you? Do you know how much I wanted to shred every day that I couldn’t talk to Kazuki, every day that Kazuki wasn’t by my side?”

Even if she asks that question, Kazuki is in a dream and will never answer.
Just staring at Kazuki’s sleeping face makes her heart beat faster. When She take his hand and press it against her chest, her ample b***s distort their shape.


Comfortable, it feels so good to have his hands on a symbol of womanhood.
However, even though he is sleeping, Kazuki’s finger sinks down further as she puts a little more pressure on it, as if he is feeling something.

“Kazuki, did you enjoy the food? I practiced a lot.”

To tell the truth, Kasumi was not a good cook. However, her mother taught her a lot because she wanted him to eat delicious food.

“Kazuki, you like a ladylike girl, don’t you? I’ve got this hair, I’ve got this quiet appearance, I’ve got it all.”

Her black hair, reminiscent of a Yamato Nadeshiko, and quiet demeanor came naturally to her. She wanted to be his ideal, thinking about Kazuki. Well, She has been spinning her wheels a bit, and Kazuki seems to think that she is not smiling as much as she used to.

“Kazuki, you like girls with big b****s, don’t you? I did my best to give it a massage and all.”

I have heard him talking about it with his friends. I willingly took in nourishing food for my body, and I also watched videos and tried things like lymphatic massages. Although there are individual differences, my current body shape was definitely the fruit of my efforts.

“Hey Kazuki, you told me I was beautiful like that, didn’t you?”

She was tempted to complain about the reason for their separation, but when she was told that she looked beautiful, she felt her efforts were rewarded. She had worked long and hard to get closer to Kazuki’s liking, and her efforts had been affirmed by Kazuki’s own words. It was impossible not to be happy, for her heart trembled with joy to know that Kazuki had recognized her.

“Hey Kazuki, but we’re still …… regular childhood friends, aren’t we?”

She knows that today’s series of interactions have made him aware of her to some extent. She also understands that he is thrilled with Kasumi as a woman. But it’s not enough, Kazuki still thinks of Kasumi only as an important childhood friend.

She is glad to hear that.
But Kasumi seeks beyond. Because it’s not enough, and she wants to go further and further.

“Plain compared to me? What are you talking about? Kazuki is cool too.”

Kazuki is certainly not good-looking in the eyes of the world, and he is ordinary to all intents and purposes. However, Kasumi thinks Kazuki is cooler than anyone else. It’s something she has accumulated over the years, something she has held onto since she was a child.

[I will definitely, definitely turn him around]
Kasumi vowed that she would make him fall in love with her, even if it meant using everything she had.


Kasumi was wrapped in a slightly gloomy feeling, but her thoughts were stopped when Kazuki, who was sleepwalking, hugged her.

“…… munchy munchy.”

Kazuki embraces Kasumi as if she were a pillow, a scene that once existed when she was a child.

“Nothing….Has changed”

Kasumi pressed her face against Kazuki’s chest.
The smell of the grown-up Kazuki makes her head spin. Something is gradually seeping into her mind. Kasumi falls asleep with Kazuki’s scent all over her.

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