“…… Well, it’s been some time since I’ve been out alone like this.”

Right after summer vacation, I was out on the streets by myself.
I was sick of the hot sun as usual, but I had gone out to buy a few things.

“Ah, here it is”

My objective was a recently opened sweets store.
The exterior was white in color, and other pretty designs were visible. There were a good number of customers as it had just opened.

“Let’s go to work!”

Now, if I tell you the reason why I came here alone, it was for Kasumi, of course. Partly to thank her for all the help she has given me, and partly to see her happy face, as she loves sweets.

Besides, there is a reason why Kasumi is not by my side today. Today, Kasumi has been back at her house since this morning. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, but it’s a good idea.

I bought several items that I thought would be good at my discretion and prejudice. Cream puffs, shortcake, strawberry tart, etc. would be totally acceptable.

“…… If I didn’t care about body fat and all that, I’d be tempted to eat the whole thing.”

I was in the mood to eat the white box full of sweets, but I held back. I hurry to Kasumi’s house before it gets too warm because of the hot weather. I know that aunt and uncle are not here today, but I ring the doorbell and enter the house.

Kasumi came down with a patter of footsteps, just as I took off my shoes at the front door.

“Welcome back Kazuki”
“I’m home…..well, I’ll be going soon.”
“Because everyone’s here, right?”
“They’re here. Why?”

Apparently, she is serious about it.
At any rate, the conversation seems to be running parallel at this point, so I decide to say hello to everyone and then go downstairs to kill some time. When I headed to her room with Kasumi, I found the three of them dressed in plain clothes, not in uniform.

“Ah, welcome, Rindou kun.”
“I’m keeping your lovely girlfriend, okay~?”
“It’s refreshing to see you in Kasumi’s house.”

It was a three-way reaction.
But still, they are the pride and joy of the class. Asahina san and Kuramochi san are dressed in rough clothes and their skin is dazzling ……, or in Kuramochi san’s case, I can even see the cleavage of her b****ts. Saeki san is also wearing a rough outfit, but somehow I can see that she’s a sports girl .

“Oya oya. I wonder if Rindou kun is interested in seeing us in our plain clothes?”

Apparently, they knew I was staring at them.
Kuramochi san smirked, but it was Kasumi, of all people, who replied to this question.

“you are all beautiful, so I can’t blame Kazuki for looking at them. But I’m Kazuki’s favorite out of all of you.”
“…… Oooooh.”
“Hyuuuu~she said it”

Kasumi said this with a slight puff of her cheeks.
Well, yes, I do think they are very beautiful and pretty. But for me too, the best is always Kasumi, no matter how far I go.

“I’m the best at everything, from my silky hair to my pouty lips to my big b****s to my flabby belly to my many other parts.”
“Kasumi san, let’s leave it at that!”
“…… still have a lot to say.”

I know it’s a bit of a comic air, but didn’t she say something tremendous?
I took my eyes off of Kasumi and looked at the three of them, and apparently I was right.

“Is Kasumi getting bolder……”
“……What do you mean by [various places?]”
“Well That’s a lot of places, you know!”

…… can we just get that out of the way for now?

“I bought enough for everyone. Have some if you want.”

Saying that, I held out the box with the sweets I had bought.
When Kasumi took it to everyone and opened it, they all shouted with joy.

“Wow, that looks delicious!”
“This is from a new place!”

I’m glad you were pleased.
And, of course, I remember to tell Kasumi.

“I’d like to thank you for all your help and also to thank Kasumi for all the help she’s given me. I know this is not enough to repay you, but thank you Kasumi.”
“Ah…Fufu, Me too”

Yes, she had a pretty smile, I must say.
My piece is …… okay, I guess I’ll just retire downstairs. I turned away and was about to leave the room when I was grabbed by the wrist with a jerk. I thought it might be Kasumi, but I didn’t expect it to be Kuramochi san.

“Wait RIndou kun! I’m glad you bought it for us, but it’s more fun to eat it together.”
“….No but”
“awkward to be in a women-only space?”

I nodded at Asahina- san’s question.
Then Asahina san said this to Kasumi.

“Kasumi, flirt with Rindou kun. Just until we all eat this together.”

I can’t move because Kasumi has hugged me.
Apparently, it was now confirmed that we would be eating sweets together. As it was, I was dragged by Kasumi to the others and made to sit on the floor.

“…..Well, can’t help it”
“Yeah. ♪ Giving up is the key ♪”

Kasumi, who had secured her place next to me, held me in her arms.
Then she skillfully picked up a cream puff in that state and held it close to my mouth. I had to eat at least one of them or I might make them hesitate to eat it. So I opened my mouth wide and bit into it.

The taste of cream spreading through the crispy texture……Yeah, it’s so good.

“I see. So this is what it’s like when it’s just the two of you.”
“Isn’t it the same at school?”
“I think so”

Eh? As expected, I shouldn’t be so defenseless.
I was about to say a few words back when Kasumi noticed that I had apparently gotten some cream on my mouth and brought my face close to hers. She licked it off with her tongue and looked at me with a big smile on her face, saying it was delicious.

“…… Ah, She just flirted with him.”
“Too late you Lucky guyl!”

Naturally, it was natural for Kuramochi sanfor me to be such a lucky guy.
I then left the room and went downstairs to the living room to spend some time with Kasumi, who was looking at me as if she didn’t want to leave me behind.

“…… good grief, you’re still the same in public, Kasumi.”

Well, but such omissions are also really cute.
That’s why I have to make sure I protect Kasumi. Kasumi is strong at her core and also physically, but it’s natural that I can’t leave her alone.

“…..I think I’ll go and get some sleep.”

I fell asleep early, probably due to my recent fatigue.
The next time I woke up, I was kissed by Kasumi and …… well, of course, that was seen perfectly by Asahina san and the others.

“You two are truly amazing.”
“Yeah, yeah. It was a good reference for me when I had a boyfriend too.”
“….. isn’t it weird that Mikoto would do something like that?”
“Isn’t it awful!”

They are really lively friends.

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