“Let’s go, then.”

The holidays are over and it’s a school day.
The morning scene was no different from usual, but it was also the first time Kasumi and I went to school together as lovers.
I walk out of the house and down the street with Kasumi, and as a matter of course, she holds my hand. This is something we decided to do yesterday, a strategy to gradually make people around us realize that we have started dating. If I show them that we are closer than we have ever been, they will decide on their own that we are.

“If they know I’m going out with Kazuki, I won’t get confessed either. I’m not going to follow him even if he calls me out, but if I can reduce those eyes on me, that’s totally fine.”
“I guess. …… I’d be a good checkmate.”

I held her joined hands a little tighter.
I was careful to make sure it never hurt, but Kasumi happily grabbed it back as well.

“Kazuki has become much more aggressive. It’s a good trend.”
“…… aggressive because Kasumi is important to me, okay…….?”
“I know. I’m happy to be thought of that way.”

And so we walk down the street, talking along with Kasumi.
As we approached the school, more and more people came into view, and more and more students were wearing the same uniforms as us. I had never gone to school holding hands like this before, so I felt like I was sure to attract a lot of stares.

“They didn’t have to stare at us like that.”

Well, maybe that’s not possible.
Aside from me, Kasumi is a really popular girl among the second-year students. However, most of them don’t know anything about Kasumi and try to get close to her only because she is beautiful. I feel like it’s a little too late for me to be doing this after being away from Kasumi for a while, but it’s up to me to protect her from those who approach her with that kind of motive.

“What’s wrong?
“No, I’ve been looking at Kazuki’s profile this whole time.”

…..It’s embarrassing that I was being looked at all the time.
Kasumi told me why she was looking at me

“I can’t read Kazuki’s mind, but he had this cool look on his face like he had made up his mind. It was the same look he had when he used to protect me, the crybaby next door.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah. Just like in the past, I fell in love with that look on Kazuki’s face all over again.”

Kasumi really says such embarrassing things without hesitation. Not only in words, but also in attitude and body touch, which increased dramatically before we started going out. Well, there was a lot before we started going out, but it has increased even more.

“Really, that’s the thing Kasumi”
“Yeah. This much will never change. It’s important to show honest favoritism, and at the expense of Kazuki’s embarrassment, I will show it to those around me.”

She then removed her hand and held my arm as a sign of even closer contact.
I felt the elasticity of her arms and around her ample bosom, and I couldn’t help but swim my eyes around. Kasumi giggled when she saw me like that and started to walk away, saying, “Let’s go like this.”

“….This is more to come than I ever imagined.”
“I don’t care, I don’t care. If you’re worried about the way I look at you, just focus on the feel of my b****s.”

Okay I will………..Not that!
In many ways, Kasumi is unreserved, or perhaps I’m just supposed to be intimidated by her fast-paced, aggressive approach.

The closer we got to the school, the more eyes were on us, but then a savior appeared.

“Hello you two!~”

It was Kuramochi san who patted me and Kasumi on the back.
She appeared with her brown hair fluttering and looked at our crossed arms with a wry smile.

“Should I just say congratulations? If your answer is no, then I’ll complain a little.”

Kasumi gave a thumbs up to Kuramochi san’s words with a smug look on her face.

“It’s okay, we’re lovers now.”
“I know, right? Congratulations, Kasumi!”
“Thank you, Mikoto.”

The girls’ friendship unfolding in front of my eyes makes my cheeks loose.
But I had to say something because I met Kuramochi san like this. I placed a firm hand on Mikoto san’s shoulder as we exchanged friendly words.

“?…… Rindou kun? Why do you look like that?”
“No? Sounds like you blew all kinds of stuff into Kasumi, huh?”
“…… Kasumi?”
“I used it perfectly, but he didn’t seem like it.”

How could I possibly like it?
I was not trying to practice what I had been told to do, and I understand that what I said was abnormal. But I wish she would put herself in my shoes when she suddenly said something like that to me.

“….Kasumi is so pure.”
“You understand because she’s pure, right?”
“Well, you know. But there are other ways to play with each other in the world. If your usual lovemaking is getting a little stale, why not give it a try?”
“Kasumi, stop being friends with this girl.”
“If Kazuki says so, I understand. From today on, Mikoto and I are just strangers, not friends, so don’t talk to me, okay?”
“I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!”

Well, I’m kidding, of course.
But I felt much better now that Kuramochi san had joined us. Since we were now together, the three of us decided to move on together from here.

“Tell me you’re joking about quitting your friends, or I’ll cry.”
“Sorry, sorry, I think you’re being a little too naughty”
“…..For that matter, why are you laughing?”
“Because it’s fun to play with Mikoto.”
“It’s wrong that I’m so happy to be played with by Kasumi, who doesn’t usually play with me!”

You really are a lively person, Kuramochi san.
Thinking it might be a little noisy, I changed into my slippers at the shoe box and headed to the classroom. I didn’t cross my arms in school, but we were holding hands.

“Good morning”
“Good morning !”

Kasumi and Kuramochi san greeted each other, and all at once everyone turned to their joined hands to return the words. I let out a sigh at the sight of Kuramochi san’s smirking and laughing amusement and pulled my hand away from Kasumi’s.

“…We can do as much as we want when we get back, okay?”
“Yes…..I understand”

I sat down, away from the extremely disappointed Kasumi.
Then I was tapped on the shoulder with a reasonably strong bang. Of course, the only person who would do that at this point in time was Tomohito

“hello Kazuki…… No way? No way?”
“I don’t know what you expect, but you guessed it.”
“…….Normies huh?”

Don’t be tongue-tied
But, after all, if we go to school holding hands, that’s how we’ll be perceived. That was my goal, but I’m sure my friends, including Tomohito, will ask me about it.

“I’d rather have you guys ask me a lot of questions.”
“An? Ah, so that’s how it is. It could be something like the senpai who tried to take out Shirasagi san before.”
“….We just fell in love with each other and went out, so I’d rather they leave us alone.”
“That’s how famous Shirasagi san is. But, well, if you need anything, just ask me, okay?”
“I know. Thank you.”
“It’s all right.”

You’re really a good, dependable friend

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